Almond Eye Surgery

What is Almond Eye Surgery?

Almond eye surgery, known as ‘fox eyes’ in Hollywood, is a plastic surgery procedure that can be applied to everyone, regardless of gender, both men and women. It is a type of procedure that aims to achieve a more vibrant, healthy and more attractive appearance in and around the eyes. In addition, it helps to achieve a younger appearance by removing deformations that develop around the eyes and around the eyes due to advancing age and gravity. In almond eye surgery, the surgeon decides which technique to use according to the face shape and the size of the deformation.

To Whom Can It Be Made?

Almond eye surgery, which aims to achieve more slanted and attractive looks by correcting the deformations around the eyes of the people, can be applied to anyone who has disproportion between the eyes, has problems with the lower or upper eyelids, has small eyes or faint gaze, has sagging and wrinkles around the eyes due to advancing age, has droopy eyelids, and has a general health condition who wants to have more attractive and slanted eyes.

How is Performed?

In almond eye surgery, a small incision is made on the outer part of the eye under local or general anesthesia depending on the general health condition of the patient and pulled upwards with special surgical threads. The threads pulled upwards are fixed to the bone membrane. It is a painless and painless procedure lasting approximately 1 hour. Dissolving stitches are used in almond eye aesthetics. Therefore, there is no stitch removal after the operation. Patients can return to their daily life in a short time.

Recovery Process After Almond Eye Aesthetics

Although the healing process after Bade eye surgery varies from person to person, it takes place in a short time. It is normal to see edema and bruising as a natural part of the process. Edema and bruises disappear within 4-7 days. Patients can take a shower 1 day after the operation. For 15 days, the operation area should not be touched or contacted with chemicals. Patients should not go to places with high risk of infection such as baths, saunas, seas and pools. The medications given by the surgeon should be taken without interruption and his/her recommendations should not be ignored. After the operation, you should lie on your back with a double pillow for 2 days. Heavy sports should not be practiced during this period. After the operation, patients are advised to perform ice massage on the face area at 30 minute intervals.

How Long Does Almond Eye Take?

Almond eye surgery takes between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Are there any risks of almond eye aesthetics?

It can be said that surgery is a risk-free operation. However, in some cases, temporary bruising, redness, and mild pain may occur after surgery. In rare cases, the infection may occur in the procedure area.

There is no change in the quality of vision after almond eye surgery. Because there is no contact with the eye during surgery. In addition, there is no change in facial movements and facial expressions after surgery.
Since the almond eye aesthetic is a short operation, it can be performed together with other aesthetic interventions.

Is Almond Eye Surgery Permanent?

Almond eye aesthetics has a long-lasting effect. However, sagging and loosening around the eyes may occur due to the loss of elasticity of the skin tissues due to advancing age and gravity. This is an unavoidable situation. More permanent results are obtained when almond eye surgery and eyelid surgery are performed in combination.

Aesthetics at Lygos Clinic

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Aesthetic Prices in Turkey

The factors that affect almond eye surgery include the procedures to be performed around the patient’s eyes, whether another procedure will be performed simultaneously with the almond eye surgery, the price policy of the clinic where the procedure will be performed and the experience of the surgeon. The best way to get accurate information about prices is to have a detailed examination at a clinic that is suitable for you. You can learn everything you wonder about almond eye surgery and 2023 almond eye surgery prices by contacting the expert staff of Lygos Clinic.

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