Hair Transplant Turkey Before After

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Hair Transplant Turkey Before & After

Before & after photos are one of the most curious topics in hair transplant procedures. We take photos of our patients before the operation so that they can see the change in their hair more clearly after hair transplant. Our patients share their photos with us after the 5th-6th month when the results of hair transplant are revealed. It is very proud for us to see the final state of our patients’ hair and the happiness on their faces. Our patients are amazed and happy to see the change in themselves by seeing the photos before & after hair transplants. Seeing happy and satisfied customers with the results of hair transplantation in our Lygos Clinic are priceless comment for us. So how do we achieve these results? What is our working principle at Lygos Clinic? Read on to get answers to these questions.

Great Hair Transplant Results with VIP Service

At Lygos Clinic, we offer VIP service to our patients. In our private aesthetic and hair transplant clinic, instead of providing hair transplant services to a large number of patients in 1 day, we take a limited number of patients where we can deal with each of our patients one-on-one and privately. In this way, our patients can receive personalized, VIP service from the meticulous work of hair transplant specialists.

In our hair transplant clinic, we use Sapphire FUE and DHI transplantation methods, which are among the latest hair transplantation methods. In the Sapphire FUE method, which is applied by inserting sapphire-tipped pens, the capillaries in the scalp of the patients are less damaged. In this respect, the wounds heal more quickly after transplant and the healing period ends in a shorter time.
Sapphire is among the precious stones and its soft and durable structure allows gentle penetration into the scalp. Sapphire FUE method is a very good option to achieve natural, risk-free, and healthy results in hair transplantation. In addition, the FUE Sapphire method allows for more frequent and intensive hair transplants.

One of the popular hair transplant methods today is DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). With the DHI method, which is applied with special implanter pens called Choi pens, hair transplant is performed without opening the canal. With its thin structure compatible with the scalp, hair follicles collected from the donor area are transplanted one by one into the balding skin. The advantage of this method is that a direct hair transplant can be performed without the need to open a canal. In this sense, smaller entrances and exits are provided to the scalp. In this respect, the recovery period is shorter. Since the incision area will be less in the DHI transplantation method, bleeding will be less common.

Why Should You Apply for Hair Transplant Treatment for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a problem that causes hair loss or thinning in the front or top part of the hair of people, which seriously affects appearance. Although hair loss is seen in both men and women, it is a problem that affects men more. Due to genetically caused hair loss in men, hair loss or thinning of hair begins from the age of 20-25. As a result of this bad appearance, people whose appearance changes significantly begin to look for solutions for hair loss over time. People whose hair loss problem increases significantly resort to methods such as shampoos, medicines, laser treatments, and natural cures that are good for hair loss to find a solution to this problem.However, most of these methods have a temporary effect. Some of them have side effects that need to be used continuously, and when you stop using them, hair loss accelerates more than before.In this respect, among the medical methods developed today for hair loss, hair transplantation is the best. With hair transplantation methods, you can enjoy your permanent hair for a lifetime.

Things You Need to Do for Natural Hair Transplant Results

The first thing you need to do to achieve natural hair transplant results is to choose a quality clinic with experience in the field. It is important to perform your hair transplant procedures in hair transplant clinics approved by the Ministry of Health. In our Lygos hair transplant and aesthetic clinic, which has been operating for 9 years, we have achieved thousands of patient satisfaction and positive hair transplant results to date. For this reason, you can safely have your hair transplant operations performed in our clinic. You can access our Instagram account to see more hair transplant before & after photos and process videos.

Another important thing to do for natural hair transplant results is to make the drawings before hair transplantation properly. Before hair transplantation, the front hair ends of the patients are drawn with special pens. This process, which is done in accordance with the patient’s face type, is very important to obtain a natural and aesthetic hair transplant result. In the remaining stages, hair transplantation is performed with one of the DHI or Sapphire FUE methods.

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