Hand Rejuvenation Aesthetics

One of our limbs where aging is most evident is our hands. Primarily due to the effects of aging, alcohol and smoking, irregular and unhealthy diet, and lack of proper hand care, hands lose their plump volume and lose their youthful appearance. In addition, hands are also affected by the loss of elasticity of the skin over time. At this point, many people resort to hand rejuvenation aesthetics to eliminate this deformation on the hands.

Hand Rejuvenation

What is Hand Rejuvenation Aesthetics?

Hand rejuvenation aesthetics; It refers to all of the procedures performed to restore the deformed hands to their former form and to increase the quality of the skin tissue on the hands. Hand rejuvenation aesthetics applied with many different types of procedures provides everything our hands need. In other words, it provides the moisture it needs, removes stains that occur over time, and repairs subcutaneous tissue loss.

Who is Hand Rejuvenation Aesthetics Applied to?

Hand rejuvenation is a procedure that can be applied to all men and women who have spots, wrinkles and blemishes due to aging, wear, thinning and tissue loss in the hand tissue, and whose current health status is favorable. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not recommended to undergo this procedure. People with conditions such as chronic heart disease and diabetes should have the necessary tests and examinations and get a doctor’s approval.

Methods Applied in Hand Rejuvenation Aesthetics

Hand rejuvenation aesthetics is applied with different methods depending on the type of deformation. The methods applied are briefly; It is performed to increase the skin quality again, to remove the spots caused by age progression, and to compensate for the losses in the subcutaneous tissue.

Skin Moisturizing Procedure: Pure hyaluronic acid is injected every two weeks for 4 sessions in order to restore moisture to the skin of the hands that is susceptible to dryness due to contact with chemicals, bad weather conditions or genetics. With the application of hyaluronic acid, cracked and dry hands are moisturized, and the thinned skin structure regains a dynamic and youthful appearance.

Chemical Peeling: In this hand rejuvenation treatment, creams or lotions containing dilute acid are applied to the back of the hand, which has deformed over time, under the supervision of a doctor, and wrinkles and blemishes on the hand surface are peeled off. The number of sessions of this application varies from person to person depending on the deformation level of the hand.

Tissue Reinforcement: In tissue reinforcement application, fat tissues taken from certain parts of the body are injected under the skin of the hands. It is applied in 6-7 monthly intermittent sessions. The stem cells in the fat tissues repair and regenerate the deformed tissues. It is normal to see bruising and swelling in the hand for a few days after this procedure and it is a temporary condition.

PRP Treatment: In PRP treatment, an amount of the patient’s own blood is taken and separated in a centrifuge and the useful part is separated and applied to the patient again. In PRP treatment applied in hand rejuvenation aesthetics, growth hormones contained in PRP are injected under the skin. This method increases collagen production and skin quality, making it possible to achieve younger and fresher looking hands, while at the same time removing blemishes on the skin. Although the number of sessions varies from person to person, it is recommended to apply 2 or 4 sessions per month. PRP applications are applied both alone and in combination with hyaluronic acid treatment.

Gold Needle Application: Gold needle application gives excellent results when applied in combination with PRP treatment. Gold needle treatment activates the basic cells of connective tissue (fibroblast). Fibroblast is responsible for collagen and elastin production. Thus, the skin gains shine and elasticity.

Skin Renewal with Laser:
In CO2 fractional laser treatment, vaporization is performed by applying heat to the upper layer of the hand skin with laser. It is one of the procedures that gives the best results for the removal of wrinkles on the hands and spot treatment. It takes approximately 35-45 minutes. It is recommended to apply 1,2 sessions at intervals of 1, 1.5 months.

Hand Rejuvenation

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Is Hand Rejuvenation Aesthetics Permanent?

The permanence of hand rejuvenation aesthetics varies according to the type of procedure performed. Hyaluronic acid is a temporary substance, so the methods applied with hyaluronic acid should be repeated every year.
Fat injection into the tissue eliminates the deformation of the skin for a long time. However, it is not possible to prevent the formation of wrinkles and spots again due to advancing age. After spot treatments, the hand area should be protected from the sun. Otherwise, the spots may recur. As a result; In order for hand aesthetics to be permanent, the people who will have the procedure should also pay attention.

Hand Rejuvenation Aesthetics Prices

In hand rejuvenation aesthetics, different treatment methods are applied according to the type of deformation. The price scale also varies according to the type of treatment applied and the price policy of the clinic where the procedure will be performed. For this reason, people who want to have hand aesthetics should have a detailed examination in a clinic they find suitable for them. You can learn everything you wonder about hand rejuvenation aesthetics, treatment methods and current prices of 2023 hand rejuvenation aesthetics by contacting the expert staff of Lygos Clinic.

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