J-Plasma Therapy

Regardless of gender, due to factors such as advancing age, constant weight gain and loss, sagging and loosening of some parts of the skin occur. Especially in women after pregnancy and during menopause, the rate of body fat increases, the skin loses its elasticity and loosening of the skin tissue occurs. In recent years, many people have resorted to the j plasma method to eliminate these deformations in the skin tissue and tighten their skin.


What is J Plasma?

J plasma is an aesthetic surgical procedure that allows the deformed skin and skin to be tightened, tightened and rejuvenated by applying j plasma energy under the skin. J plasma energy is a combination of helium gas and radiofrequency energy. Contrary to popular belief, J plasma treatment is not a cellulite treatment alone. This treatment allows the body to take shape by tightening and tightening the skin while removing excess tissues. J plasma treatment is sometimes applied in combination with some aesthetic surgical procedures such as vaser liposuction and arm lift. After the excess fat tissue is removed with vaser liposuction, the skin is tightened with J plasma.

Who is Suitable for J Plasma?

The lower and upper age limit for J plasma application varies according to which part of the body it will be performed. Accordingly; It is applied to people between the ages of 35-80 for the face area and between the ages of 25-70 for the whole body. Apart from this, it is a procedure that can be applied to anyone with mild to moderate loosening and sagging in the body and for any skin type,regardless of gender. Finally, people with mild and moderate deformation of the skin are suitable for J plasma application.

People with severe sagging and loosening are usually referred to liposuction treatment. Patients undergoing cancer treatment, people with conditions such as eczema and diabetes are not suitable for this procedure. Of course, whether or not they are suitable for this procedure at the last stage depends on the opinion of the physician who will perform the procedure as a result of the examinations to be performed.

Which Areas Is J Plasma Therapy Applied?

– Back and chest area
– Inside-outside leg
– Knee and arm area
– Upper and lower layer of skin over the whole body
– Abdomen-waist-leg-basin area
– Face-neck-jowl area
– It is a type of procedure that can be applied to all areas with cellulite.

How is J Plasma Treatment Applied?

If the people who decide on J plasma treatment are found suitable as a result of the necessary examinations and examinations, a treatment plan is made. Very small surgical procedures are used for this procedure, which takes place under general or local anesthesia. The tissues under the skin are tightened with plasma energy. The procedure takes 1-2 hours, depending on the area. The coldness of the plasma energy prevents burns on the skin.

Recovery Process After J Plasma Treatment

Although it varies from person to person, depending on the reaction of the skin to healing, they generally return to their routine lives within 6-7 days. In the first two days, there may be pain that can be controlled with mild painkillers. Likewise, the skin may become dry. For this dryness, moisturizing creams can be used as recommended by the doctor. From the first month, the results of the treatment are noticeable. Swelling decreases. The full result of the treatment is obtained between 4-6 months.

Advantages of Body Contouring with J Plasma

– It is a safe application.
– It is a procedure that can be applied to the neck and face as well as the body.
– It does not cause burning in the lower tissue of the skin.
– As a result of the treatment, a natural, bright and dynamic skin appearance is achieved.
– Sagging and loosening caused by frequent weight gain and loss, pregnancy and menopause are eliminated.
– Blemishes on the skin are eliminated.
– Since there is no intervention in the skin tissue in the area where the procedure will be performed, it does not leave large incisions and stitch marks.
– The healing process is comfortable and fast.
– Being a non-surgical procedure eliminates the risk of complications such as bleeding and infection.


Is J Plasma Treatment Permanent?

J plasma treatment results are usually permanent. The fact that the results are effective and permanent is also related to the improvement of the living conditions of the people. Paying attention to the diet, consuming plenty of water, doing regular sports, taking care not to gain weight, taking care of personal care will positively affect the permanence of J plasma treatment.

Combining J Plasma with Other Treatments

Many of the aesthetic procedures can be applied together with other aesthetic interventions within the plan or with intermittent sessions in order to get more successful results from the treatment. J plasma treatment can sometimes be applied together with procedures such as liposuction,

BBL with Plasma Therapy

Plasma therapy allows you to achieve the Brazilian butt appearance, which is defined as a tight buttocks, by proportionally recovering the fat tissues in the buttocks area. It is an ideal method especially for people who have genetically flat and flat buttocks or who have sagging and loosening in their buttocks due to advancing age, frequent weight gain and loss.

Liposuction and Plasma Therapy

Liposuction and J plasma treatments both aim to achieve a firmer and tauter appearance by cleansing the body of excess fat tissues. It is one of the most applied applications in combination in recent years. After removing excess fat cells with liposuction, it is supported with j plasma; the path to the result is shortened, the success rate to be obtained from the procedure increases, and a firmer, taut and youthful appearance is obtained in a short period of 1 month.
Arm Lift with J Plasma

The loose and saggy appearance that occurs in the area of the arm, also called biceps, is not a desired situation in terms of aesthetic appearance, especially in the summer season. For people who want to eliminate this appearance but want a non-surgical solution, J plasma technology makes it possible to achieve tight and fit arms without incisions and stitch marks in this area. In this way, the scars and stitch marks that may occur after surgical treatments are also eliminated.

Leg Lift with J Plasma

Due to genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyle, frequent weight gain and loss, fat accumulation in the legs, especially in the inner legs, sagging and loosening of the skin structure occur. This situation leaves people in a difficult situation when choosing clothes, especially in summer. As in the whole body, fat deposits in the leg area also negatively affect self-confidence. J plasma technology allows you to get rid of excess fat tissues and have firmer and tauter legs without leaving incisions and stitch marks, especially for young people and people who still have skin elasticity.

J Plasma Renuvion Treatment Prices

J plasma renuvion therapy is a procedure performed on various parts of the body. For this reason, the prices of J plasma treatment vary according to the area to be applied and the size of this area, whether a combined treatment will be applied with J plasma and the price policy of the clinic where the treatment will be performed. You can learn everything you want to learn about J plasma renuvion and 2023 J plasma renuvion prices by contacting the expert staff of Lygos Clinic.

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