Jaw Aesthetics

One of the most determining parameters of aesthetic appearance in the facial area is the chin structure. The shape and size of everyone’s chin may not be compatible with the whole face. While this is sometimes related to congenital development, sometimes it may be a condition that occurs later due to external factors.

One of the most important criteria for the chin to be proportional to the face is that the ideal chin tip should be above the base of the nose and the line of the forehead root when viewed from the side profile.

This situation is completely related to the development process of the face. In some people, the chin tip may be positioned too far back or too far forward during this development process. In recent years, many people have resorted to chin aesthetics to have sharper and more distinct facial features.

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What is Jaw Aesthetics?

Chin aesthetics is a procedure applied both as aesthetic surgery and medical aesthetics in order to change the appearance of the chin of people in cases where the chin tip is asymmetrically too large, small, in front or behind, to make it more harmonious with their faces and to provide them with prominent facial features. The procedure to be applied is determined by the patient’s chin structure, what kind of appearance is desired to be obtained at the end of the procedure and the surgeon’s recommendations.

Who is Suitable for Chin Aesthetics?

Chin aesthetics can be performed on anyone whose chin appearance is too small, too large, positioned in front or behind according to facial development, and whose chin angle is narrow or wide. In order to undergo chin aesthetics, people must have completed facial development. For this reason, the age limit is considered appropriate by experts as 17-18 years for women and 18-19 years for men.

People who are affected by general anesthesia or who have chronic diseases must get a doctor’s approval after having the necessary tests. In order to treat asymmetrical jaw structure, orthodontic treatment can be applied at a younger age. Orthodontic treatment is one of the treatment methods that give positive results in jaw structure disorders.

Things to Consider Before Chin Aesthetics

If the patient has any dental problems before the jaw surgery, they should have them treated before the surgery. As with any surgical operation, alcohol and smoking should be stopped about 3-4 weeks before jaw surgery. Blood thinners, which are generally used for chronic heart diseases, should be stopped under the supervision of a doctor during this period. Antibiotic drugs, supplements, herbal teas and fruits with blood thinning effect should not be consumed.

The surgeon who will perform the surgery should be informed transparently about chronic diseases and previous operations, if any. Since anesthesia will be used during the operation, the patient should stop eating and drinking 6-7 hours before the operation.

How is Jaw Aesthetics Performed?

In chin aesthetics, the process is first examined whether the patient is suitable for the operation by passing the necessary tests and examinations. If the surgeon decides that the person is suitable for the operation, the facial anatomy of the person is examined and a special treatment plan is drawn up. The type of treatment to be applied varies according to the problem in the patient’s jaw structure. According to this

Jaw Prosthesis: The chin prosthesis procedure is applied to people whose chin is small compared to the facial structure. It is a type of treatment frequently applied to enlarge and lengthen the chin. Small incisions of 2-3 cm are made inside the mouth or under the chin. Materials such as medpor and silicone are placed into these incisions and the incision is closed with disappearing stitches. A very long chin creates a masculine look in women. For this reason, it is necessary not to overdo it in chin prosthesis aesthetics.

Chin Tip Aesthetics: Chin tip aesthetics is applied in two ways, closed and open. In closed chin tip aesthetics, the jaw tip bone is added or reduced. In closed chin tip aesthetics, after correction of the teeth, the appearance is improved by intervening in the facial structure with aesthetic surgery procedures. With open chin tip aesthetics, the shape of the chin tip is harmonized with the whole face by removing the excess or low jaw tip by cutting or adding to the bone at the tip of the jaw.

Other common problems with the chin tip are that it is developed too far back or too far forward. In cases where the chin tip is too far forward, it can be pushed back with the necessary interventions. In cases where it is too far back, it can be moved forward. In cases with excess jawbone, excess bone tissue is removed and rasping is performed.

Jaw Tip Filing: If the chin tip develops too far forward or backward, it is positioned forward or backward with surgical intervention. Another method is the filing method. With this method, the chin structure gains a harmonious appearance with the whole face. In cases where the chin tip is too far back, the aesthetic appearance is improved by lengthening the chin structure with prosthetic screws. These prosthetic screws are lifelong and harmless. It is a procedure that takes approximately 1-2 hours under sedation, general or local anesthesia depending on the general health status of the patient.

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Things to Consider and Recovery Process After Chin Aesthetics

Since anesthesia is used after jaw surgery, patients are usually hospitalized for 1 night. Especially in the first 2 days, patients should be fed with solid liquid foods. Antibiotics should be used with the doctor’s approval to reduce the risk of infection. After the operation, the head should be kept as high as possible and movements that will strain the jaw area should be avoided. Alcohol, smoking, blood thinners or herbal teas, foods and antibiotics with blood thinning effects should not be consumed.

Although the completion of the healing process after chin aesthetics varies from person to person, the effort made by the patients in this process is also important. Not ignoring the doctor’s recommendations and applying everything that should or should not be done will positively affect the healing process. Edema and swelling after the procedure are normal and temporary conditions as part of the process. The pain and soreness that may occur can be alleviated with painkillers given with the doctor’s advice.

Chin Aesthetic Prices

The shape of the chin is one of the variables that most affect the aesthetic appearance of the face. Chin aesthetics is applied with different procedures according to the problems in the jaw. The price scale varies according to the procedure applied first and then the pricing policy of the clinic where the procedure will be performed. For this reason, it would be best for people who will have chin aesthetics to get detailed examination and price information in the clinic they find suitable for themselves.

Performing aesthetic surgery procedures in places called under the stairs because they are cheap can lead to irreversible negative consequences. When it comes to health, the clinic to be preferred should be qualified and reliable, and the surgeon should be an expert in his job. You can learn everything you want to learn about chin aesthetics and 2023 chin aesthetics prices by contacting the expert staff of Lygos Clinic.

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