Laminate Veneer in Turkey

Laminate Veneer

Laminate veneer is also defined as porcelain shell. Laminate veneer treatment maximizes the aesthetic concept. Laminate are among the most commonly used methods in recent years. In order to attach the porcelain coating, the size of the tooth is reduced and the enamel tissue is removed. While the laminate maintains its leading position among conservative methods, it is also the leading approach among the most conservative methods.

Laminate veneers eliminate the need for preparation and take a very short time. You can have your laminate veneers done in two or three visits to your dentist and get positive and positive results. Laminate coatings are translucent. This treatment method, known for its natural appearance, is bonded using bonding resin. Your new laminate will allow you to have teeth in the color, size and shape you want. A special model is prepared for laminate veneers. Laminate are made of robust materials and are very resistant to abrasion and breakage factors. The laminate is bonded to the tooth in a very short time and removed with a diamond mill.

Laminate can be used to eliminate discoloration, join separate teeth, restore worn teeth or treat deformed filling. While laminate allow you to get positive and positive results in a short time, they also allow the correction of crooked teeth and uneven teeth. It is considered as a cosmetic alternative and can be used for many years. Laminate have superior properties compared to adhesive systems and are also very resistant to abrasion and discoloration problems. If you want to extend the life of your laminate veneers, you should take good care of your laminate veneers. After gluing your laminate veneers, you should avoid biting nails and eating hard foods. Laminate allow a natural appearance with minor interventions and are produced from durable and robust materials. Your laminate allow you to have an aesthetic appearance as soon as possible.Laminate Veneer

It is very important for the dentist to determine the standard case for laminate use. If the patient’s jaw closure is inappropriate, he may be at risk of fracture. The dentist must be educated in order to obtain positive and positive results. There is no need to reduce the size of the teeth. Laminate veneers minimize the formation of tartar and can provide you with a perfect smile.

Laminate Veneer Steps

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that cover the front surface of your teeth. Besides crowns, veneers are considered the best restoration method with many advantages:

* A very small amount of enamel will be removed for veneers.

* Porcelain coatings are resistant to stains. So you can enjoy a bright white smile without having to worry about recurring problem in the future.

* Improve your appearance without altering your bite. Coatings can help with cosmetic defects, including: Cracked teeth / Notched teeth / Tooth discoloration / Gaps between teeth / Poorly shaped or sized teeth.

The Laminate procedure is similar to crowns. You can fix your teeth with porcelain veneers in just 2 visits.

The visit is for examination, consultation and preparation of teeth.

The visit is for sticking.

If you have time, a follow-up visit will be arranged for a final check 1 or 7 days after pasting to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

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