Masseter Botox Turkey

Masseter Botox Turkey

Masseter Botoks

What is the Masseter Muscle?

The Masseter Muscle is the muscle located in the jaw part of the human anatomy, which enables chewing movement to take place.

What is Masseter Muscle Enlargement ?

The Masseter Muscle is the muscle located in the jaw part, which is used to perform the chewing movement. Some personal habits can lead to the growth and enlargement of the Masseter muscle. These habits can be listed as excessive gum chewing and excessive consumption of hard foods, clenching teeth especially at night, grinding teeth and genetically hyperactive muscle.

Disadvantages of Masseter Muscle Enlargement

Masseter muscle can grow due to some habits. If these growths are abnormal, it causes the ovalness of the face to disappear and therefore a harder and masculine appearance occurs on the face. Masseter muscle enlargement can cause discomfort not only aesthetically but also functionally. Excessive growth of the masseter muscle causes problems such as headaches, teeth clenching and teeth grinding.

Masseter Botox

It is not a surgical procedure, but it should be performed by competent physicians. Masseter Botox is an aesthetic procedure in which the Masseter Muscle, which grows for various reasons, is thinned. With Massetter Botox, deformities in the lower part of the jaw are corrected and functional problems are treated.
People face teeth grinding and clenching problems during periods of intense stress, especially while sleeping at night. In addition to these, situations such as hard foods consumed daily, excessive chewing gum cause the Masseter muscles to overgrow and disrupt the oval of the face. For this reason, the aesthetics of the face and chin deteriorate. Masseter Botox is a procedure performed to eliminate such aesthetic deterioration and functional problems.

How is Masseter performed?

Before starting Masseter Botox, the area to be treated is meticulously cleaned and the necessary sterilization is completed. Anesthetic cream is then applied to the area. Since the area where the anesthetic cream is applied is numb, the patient does not feel pain and pain during the procedure. In the procedure, which will end in about 10 minutes, Botox is injected directly into the jaw muscle, that is, the masseter muscle. Botox should not be injected into the laughing muscles during the procedure. Masseter Botox is a short and easy procedure and does not interfere with daily life.

Things to Consider After Masseter Procedure

After Masseter Botox, especially in the first 1 week, high temperature environments (hammam, sauna, very steamy bath) should be avoided and the treated area should not be massaged.

When are the effects of Masseter Botox seen?

The effects of Masseter Botox begin to be seen within an average of 1 week after the procedure. It takes about 15 days to see the full effect.

How long do the effects of Masseter Botox last?

The effects of Masseter Botox last for 3 to 4 months, but the permanence will be much longer in people who have Masseter Botox at regular intervals.

What are the side effects of Masseter Botox?Masseter Botoks

Masseter botox does not cause any side effects if it is applied in accordance with the procedures. However, bruising and redness may rarely be seen in the treated area after the application. These bruises and redness disappear spontaneously in a short time.

Who Cannot Have Masseter Botox?

Masseter Botox can be applied to most people who are aesthetically and functionally dissatisfied with their chin, but it cannot be applied to pregnant and nursing mothers.

Masseter Botox at Lygos Clinic

As Lygos Clinic serving in Istanbul, we perform our procedures with our specialist esthetician, highly hygienic application rooms and sterile equipment. We first examine our patients who apply to us for Massetter Botox procedure and determine whether there is an obstacle to the procedure. We apply the procedure with great care to our patients who we determine that there is no obstacle to the procedure. After the procedure, we inform our patients about the issues that they should pay attention to and we continue to follow up our patients after the procedure.

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