Nose Filling in Istanbul

Nose Filling

The nose is one of the most important parts of the aesthetic appearance because it is in the center of the face. People who are not satisfied with the shape of their own nose and general appearance have sometimes observed problems such as loss of self-confidence. Nose filling is a medical aesthetic procedure that has emerged to eliminate such problems.

The nasal tip filling procedure, which makes it possible to give an upturned appearance to the tip of the nose with the filling method, is a non-surgical nose job. Filling can be applied not only to the tip of the nose, but also from the area where the arch is located to the eyebrows in case of an arch. This procedure is painless and painless and gives visible results immediately.

The filling procedure has recently started to be frequently preferred by people who are not aesthetic from their nose and who are afraid of surgical operations. This painless and very easy procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes. This procedure functions as non-surgical nose job. In addition to correcting the nasal arch and asymmetries in the nose, the filler can also be applied to lift the tip of the nose. This procedure, which is much simpler and easier than surgical rhinoplasty surgery, is also very suitable in terms of price compared to surgical operation.

How is Non-Surgical Nose Job applied?

The nasal tip filling procedure can be applied to many different nasal anatomies. Patients who want to have nasal tip filling are first subjected to a general examination of the nose. Aesthetic distortions that cause complaints are detected in this way. The areas to be treated are determined and anesthetic cream is applied to these areas. After this cream is applied, the nose becomes numb within 15 minutes. After this stage, injections containing hyaluronic-based filling materials are applied to the unsatisfied areas without any incision. With the injection method, deformities are corrected and the tip of the nose is lifted if necessary. This procedure does not cause any complications. The redness that occurs at the needle entries disappears spontaneously within 24 hours. Although rare, some patients may experience mild bruising as a result of filling. The bruising that may occur is completely temporary and will disappear spontaneously in about 3 days. On the day of the operation, the person can return to his daily life immediately, but the person should not massage his nose for 3 days.

How Permanent is Nose Filling?Nose Filling

The nose is one of the immobile organs in the body. Fillers are also more permanent in immobile areas compared to mobile areas. It is sufficient for the person to consume plenty of water after nasal filling in order for the nose to reach the desired volume and remain stable. However, environments such as Turkish bath, sauna, solarium negatively affect the permanence of nasal filling. In addition, massaging the nose can also reduce the permanence of the nasal filling. The permanence of the nasal tip filling is 1 year on average. However, this period may vary from person to person.

Advantages of Nose Filling

Since the nose is located in the middle of the face, it is one of the most important parts of the body in the aesthetic field. Thanks to the filling, the deformities in the nose are easily corrected. In this way, this procedure increases the self-confidence of people. In addition, nasal filling is a very practical and easy aesthetic application for patients who are afraid of surgical operations and can be reversed in case of dissatisfaction. Its prices are also more affordable than surgical operations.

Disadvantages of Nose Filling

Nose filling is a method that removes deformities in the nose of people. Functional problems such as deviation and breathing cannot be eliminated with nasal filling. This procedure is a temporary application. Its permanence is 1 year on average. The procedure can also be applied to people who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery. If there are problems such as tissue loss and volume loss after rhinoplasty surgery, these problems can be easily eliminated with this procedure.

Non- Surgical Nose Job Before and After 

If you bother by your nose shape and you don’t want to have a surgical operation to fix your nose, a non-surgical nose job is up to you. Non- Surgical nose job ensures you the nose that you wanted even without having surgery. Non-surgical nose job is applied using filler in order to reorganize the bridge, tip, and dorsal humps. The procedure generally performs one hour but the injections themselves only take 15-20 minutes. In our Lygos Clinic, we’re performed non-surgical nose jobs with our medical estheticians. You can look at our before and after gallery to see the results and for all questions, you can reach our specialist consultants via Whatsapp or phone.

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