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Regional Slimming


When the summer comes a lot of people start to notice that they may have gained some weight in some specific areas of the body. Sometimes sports and diet are not enough to lose the fat in some areas that is why most people choose regional slimming for it is not a surgical procedure. Regional slimming helps you lose weight by using a special device.

What is regional slimming?

Regional slimming is a nonsurgical procedure that makes you lose weight in specific areas like the arms, the abdominal area, tights, or hips. With the help of diet and sports, your doctor will use a radiofrequency device to target the areas where you want to lose weight.

Who can have the regional slimming?

For anyone who has difficulties in losing weight in some areas despite following a diet and practicing sports; regional slimming is the perfect solution for him, or her.

What is the regional slimming procedure?

First, you will have a doctor consultation then we will take pictures and measure the area wanted. Then, the physician will decide how many minutes you need but it takes around 30 to 45 minutes normally. Regional slimming is basically using a radiofrequency device that applies pressure and heats at the targeted areas with waves to kill the fat cells in 2 to 4 weeks which gives a final result of losing around 4cm in the targeted area.

What is the recovery time and are there any risks or side effects of the regional slimming?

Regional slimming is a nonsurgical procedure so it has no risks or side effects and you can go back to your normal activities on the same day.

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