Salmon DNA Application

Salmon DNA Application

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Salmon DNA treatment is a skin rejuvenation method in which molecules obtained from salmon sperm and pure hyaluronic acid are used for cell renewal in the skin. Salmon DNA treatment, also known as youth vaccine, is frequently preferred due to its effect of rapidly revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin.

What is Salmon DNA Application?

The serum used in salmon DNA application is a composition obtained from the sperm and pure hyaluronic acids of salmon fish. Injecting the serum obtained from this composition into the body is Salmon DNA Treatment. Salmon DNA Serum helps cells to regenerate.

What are The Benefits of Salmon DNA For The Skin?

One of the most beneficial properties of Salmon DNA is its ability to moisturize the skin extra. The hyaluronic acid contained in it helps moisturize the skin. Another beneficial feature of salmon DNA serum is that it makes the skin vibrant and radiant. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained in salmon DNA serum, the skin looks more vibrant and radiant. Another important benefit is that it makes the skin firm and plump. The DNA of salmon is the most similar DNA structure to human DNA. When the serum containing salmon fish DNA is injected into the person, it strongly stimulates collagen production by affecting the DNA structure of the person and thus collagen loss is reduced. In this way, wrinkles, especially around the eyes, are reduced and the skin structure is strengthened.

How is Salmon DNA Treatment Performed?

In the first stage of salmon treatment, the moisture molecules lost by the body are restored to the skin with hyaluronic acid and the desired moisture rate is achieved in the skin. In the second stage, protein supplementation is applied to the skin with the DNA serum given. After these procedures, the tightened skin begins to repair itself rapidly.

How Many Sessions Does DNA Treatment Take?

Salmon DNA application usually takes 4-5 sessions, 1 every 14 days. However, sessions can be increased according to the skin and age status of the individual.

In Which Cases is Salmon DNA Treatment Needed?

Salmon is a treatment method applied to eliminate many skin problems. Individuals with deterioration in skin structure prefer Salmon treatment to eliminate these problems.


What are The Advantages of Salmon DNA Treatment?

The advantages of Salmon DNA Treatment can be listed as follows: 

Re-moisturizes dry skin over time,

Removes the scars left on the skin by acne and blackheads,

Provides improvement of skin quality that deteriorates as a result of bad habits such as smoking and alcohol, 

It removes sagging in the arms and knees, 

Improves the appearance of damaged hands, 

It removes wrinkles and bruises in and around the eyes, 

It treats skin quality deteriorated as a result of side effects of medications, 

Improves the deteriorating skin quality of menopausal women,

Removes wrinkles caused by aging,

Salmon DNA treatment can be used in many cases such as brightening the skin that has lost its vitality and has a dull appearance.

dna salmon

Things to Consider Before Salmon Application

There are situations that should be considered before Salmon Treatment. Individuals should not consume alcohol before the application, should immediately stop blood thinners, should not use creams containing glycolic acid, should protect the application area from sunlight, and should not apply make-up on the day of application.

Who is Not Suitable for Salmon DNA Treatment?

Salmon application, which can be applied to every skin type in every season, is not suitable for some individuals. These individuals can be listed as those with heart disease, those with blood clotting problems, pregnant and breastfeeding women, those with vascular occlusion, those who have had a stroke, those under the age of 18, and diabetic patients.

When Does Salmon DNA Application Show Its Effect?

The treatment usually starts to show its effect after the 3rd or 4thion. In order to increase the permanence of the effects, the individual can repeat the application at regular intervals, 1 in 6 months.

What Should Be Considered After Salmon DNA Application?

After the treatment, the treated area should not be in direct contact with the sun.
Sports should not be practiced for the first 24 hours.
Drink plenty of water and avoid high temperatures.
The treated area should not be washed on the first 1 day after the application.

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