woman hair transplant

Woman Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is the process of transplanting hair follicles taken from the donor area to the area where hair loss and baldness occur. Although men are the first to come to mind when it comes to hair transplantation, women can also undergo hair transplant today.

FUE Hair Transplant in Women

Hair Transplant in Women is done according to the person’s request as mentioned above. If the person wants to have her hair transplanted with the FUE method, the hair in the nape area is collected one by one and transplanted to the balding area. As a result of hair transplantation, an aesthetic and natural appearance is obtained.

Since local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted and the donor area, no pain or ache is felt during the procedure. Hair transplantation in women takes approximately 6 to 8 hours.

After the hair transplant procedure is completed, the patient is sent home with the necessary dressings. One day after hair transplantation in women, the patient is called for the first wash. Other washing procedures are continued by the patient. During this time, crusts may appear in the transplanted area.

However, the crusts will mostly fall off after the 10th day of washing. As long as the patient does not perform heavy exercises or strenuous sports, he/she can return to his/her daily life the day after the operation. Sudden hair loss called shock hair loss may occur between 1 and 3 months after the operation. This condition is completely temporary.

When the shock hair loss period ends, natural hair will start to grow and become more prominent. Approximately 6 months after the operation, the person will have his/her own hair.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

There are many causes of hair loss in women. Genetic factors, malnutrition, skin problems, frequent coloring, pregnancy and breastfeeding, hormonal changes, stress and anxiety are among the main ones.

Hair loss in women can damage one’s self-confidence as it significantly affects the appearance. As an alternative to this, false hair, hairpieces and hair extensions can damage the hair structure as well as being a temporary solution. 

Hair Transplant for Women is a treatment method that has emerged to eliminate such problems. Although hair loss is different in every person, some women may experience male pattern hair loss. In male pattern hair loss, the hairline recedes in the forehead area and openings are seen at the crown. Male pattern hair loss, which is also seen in women, can be solved with hair transplantation treatment.

How is hair transplant performed in women?

Hair Transplant in women is basically the same as hair transplant in men. However, unlike men, women prefer unshaven hair transplant more. Unshaven hair transplant, which both men and women can prefer, is performed without the need for a haircut.

woman hair transplant

Unshaved Hair Transplant For Women

The majority of women who decide to have a hair transplant prefer unshaven hair transplant. In unshaven hair transplant, the area to be transplanted is not shaved, the donor area to be harvested is slightly shaved. In this method, tightening is done between sparse areas.

However, in unshaven hair transplant, there is a risk of damaging other follicles when the hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted between the long hair. For this reason, shaved hair transplant is recommended for women by experts.

After Hair Transplantation in Women

After the hair transplantation procedure is completed in women, the person should take into account the recommendations given. They should not interrupt their washing and protect the transplantation area from irritation.

The patient should not do heavy work for 3 days after hair transplantation and should not use products other than the hair care products given to her for at least 15 days. Women should not put pressure on the hair transplantation area and should not wear hats and similar accessories. After hair transplantation, direct sun exposure, alcohol and smoking should be stopped.


Hair Transplantation and Forehead Narrowing in Women

One of the biggest reasons why women prefer hair transplant is their desire to narrow their forehead area. The majority of women with a wide forehead are uncomfortable with this situation. Since an abnormally wide forehead disrupts the balance of the face, it also affects the aesthetic appearance. It is possible to narrow the forehead area with hair transplant in women.

Is Hair Coloring Procedure Performed After Hair Transplant in Women?

Hair coloring is not recommended for women immediately after hair transplant to prevent damage to newly transplanted hair grafts. However, after the hair starts to grow, coloring can be done as desired.

 When Can Hair Be Dyed After Hair Transplant? 

Women who want to dye their hair after hair transplant should wait at least 3 months. According to the opinion of experts, hair grows rapidly between 6 months and 1 year after hair transplantation, although it varies from person to person. It is generally not recommended to dye the hair immediately after hair transplantation.

The risk of contact of the newly transplanted hair grafts with chemicals will delay the dyeing process. However, people who want to dye their hair after hair transplantation can dye their hair after waiting at least 3 months.

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