Shoulder Surgery

shoulder surgery

Shoulder Surgery

What is Shoulder Aesthetics?

Shoulders are one of the most important complementary parts of the body for everyone, regardless of gender. Shoulders, which are important for a strong and masculine impression for men, are the symbol of a self-confident stance for women. Especially in the selection of clothes with back and shoulder decollete, the steep and shaped back and waist structure is very impressive for aesthetic appearance.

According to experts, for the ideal shoulder size; the width between the shoulders should be ¼ of everyone’s height. This measure varies from person to person. Some people’s shoulders have a narrow structure according to this ratio, while some people’s shoulders are wider than they should be. Shoulder aesthetics is an aesthetic surgical procedure performed depending on the preference of the person to achieve this ideal ratio, orthopedic problems in the shoulder and conditions such as shoulder drooping.

Who Can Have Shoulder Aesthetics?

Shoulder aesthetics can be performed on anyone who wants to achieve the ideal size between the two shoulders, has a low shoulder or has orthopedic discomfort in the shoulder and is in good general health. People with conditions such as chronic heart disease and diabetes should get approval from a specialist doctor to have this procedure.

How is Shoulder Aesthetics Performed?

In shoulder aesthetics, shoulders are widened by tissue injection to people with narrower shoulders than they should be according to their body. In cases where the shoulders are larger than they should be, the shoulders are reduced by removing excess fat tissues using liposuction method.

Both procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s health status. Generally, it is not a procedure that requires hospitalization like other aesthetic interventions, but the final decision in this regard, of course, belongs to the surgeon performing the procedure. It is a procedure that takes an average of 1 hour. Return to routine life can be achieved within 6-7 days.

Shoulder Aesthetics for Orthopedic Problems

For people with orthopedic problems in their shoulders, shoulder aesthetic surgery is performed to solve a health problem beyond aesthetic concerns. In such cases, fat stem cells are transferred to the shoulders of people with meticulous work. Afterwards, prosthesis is used to lift the shoulders. In this way, low shoulders are eliminated, the required ratio between the two shoulders is achieved and an upright appearance is obtained.

shoulder surgery

Things to Consider Before and After Shoulder Aesthetics

Since it positively affects the success of the operation, alcohol, smoking and blood thinners should be stopped for 3-4 weeks before the shoulder aesthetics. Afterwards, this restriction should be continued for 1 month in the same way. During the recovery period after shoulder aesthetics, movements and heavy exercises that will strain the shoulders should be avoided. You can minimize the risk factors that may occur by strictly following the recommendations of the surgeon who performed the procedure without ignoring them.

Shoulder Aesthetics Prices

Shoulder aesthetic prices vary from person to person, according to the procedure to be performed and the current pricing policy of the clinic where the procedure will be performed. In order to get a clear price, it is best for everyone to have a detailed examination in a clinic that is suitable for them. You can learn everything you wonder about shoulder aesthetics and shoulder aesthetics 2023 current prices by contacting Lygos Clinic’s expert staff.

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