Laminate Veneer

Laminate veneer is also known as leaf porcelain. This option, which is one of the most ideal options among the smile aesthetics methods, has more than one effect. Laminate veneer can be applied to all patients with crooked, discolored, broken or missing teeth. This treatment method, which eliminates the situations that negatively affect people's smile, is a remarkable type of coating. Laminate veneer, which makes the teeth stand out not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health, has become more preferred especially in recent years.

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What is Laminate Veneer

What is Laminate Veneer?

Laminate veneer, one of the aesthetic dentistry procedures, is a method applied in terms of healthy teeth and gums. This method, which positively changes the aesthetic appearance along with health, is preferred as a general treatment as a whole.

Laminate veneer applied by dentists offers two important issues together by ensuring that the teeth are healthy and have a beautiful appearance. By eliminating these two problems, it brings the patient to the desired point both psychologically and physically.

Laminate veneers, also known as sheet porcelain because of its very thin structure, are usually bonded to the front teeth. It should be noted that the content of this method, which is thought to have a fragile structure due to its thinness, is quite robust. This type of veneer, which eliminates aesthetic concerns with an elegant design, prevents patients from experiencing difficulties thanks to its unchanging shape and natural appearance.

Laminate veneering generally involves the use of two different materials. Enriching the porcelain or composite veneer with various options creates a privileged environment for the patient.

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The patient, who can choose one of the two options according to the problems they experience, can have a more comfortable process after the operation. Laminate veneer, which eliminates small gaps between the teeth, also treats small distortions. Apart from these cases where composite materials are sufficient, it can also be preferred in more detailed operations. Leaf porcelains produced with great care in the laboratory aim for the best possible result.

Who is Laminate Veneer Applied to?

Dental aesthetics, which have become very popular today, are used for many problems. Who is laminate veneer applied to? The answer to the question also includes the solution of these problems. This coating method can be preferred for tooth discoloration, which is one of the most prominent problems. Laminate veneer, which is an ideal method especially for patients with very bad tooth color, can eliminate problems that cannot be corrected.

This method, which is also preferred by patients with crooked teeth, can correct bad structure and irregular shapes. Therefore, laminate veneers can be preferred for many problematic tooth structures.

The reasons for applying laminate veneers include excessive space between teeth and broken teeth. Patients who are extremely uncomfortable with such situations can improve both their psychology and health by applying aesthetic dental surgery procedure.

Laminate veneer, which attracts attention with its leaf-like design, is also known as leaf porcelain. The fact that it has a very robust material structure eliminates concerns. In this way, you can maximize the overall dental appearance with an elegant design.

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Apart from a beautiful appearance, laminate veener is also used to restore basic functions. A person who loses functions such as chewing and cutting experiences difficulties in daily life. The fact that there is more than one reason for the dental aesthetic procedure applied to restore these functions and similar functions increases the demand of patients.

This method, which can also be preferred by people who hesitate because they are uncomfortable with their smile in mirrors or photographs, restores both the poses and self-confidence of the patients by redesigning the smile of the patients.

Laminate veener, which is also suitable for a person who is uncomfortable with tooth color, provides permanent teeth whitening. However, it is very difficult for a person who does not follow the dentist's recommendations and does not regularly maintain his/her teeth to have a long-lasting veneer.

Who is Laminate Veneer Applied to
Who is not Laminate Veneer Applied to

Who is not Laminate Veneer Applied to?

As with any treatment, it is necessary to be suitable for laminate veneers. Each person may have discoloration or deformation in their teeth, but this does not mean that laminate veneers can be applied to every person. The answer to the question of who laminate veneers cannot be applied to is as follows:


It is very difficult for the laminate veneer procedure applied to patients whose lower jaw in the mouth is more prominent than the upper jaw to give a positive result. The biggest reason for this is that it is not possible to straighten the closure.


Patients whose teeth are not properly placed on their bones and people with diagnosed facial irregularities may have advanced problems. It may not be a logical decision to apply leaf porcelain treatment to people with such advanced orthodontic disorders. It may be more possible to eliminate teeth with extreme disorders with other treatment methods.


Patients who have habits or tics that can damage their teeth may find that laminate veneers cause discomfort in this area. In particular, people who have aggressive teeth clenching habits during sleep or daily activities should consider this treatment option.


It is very difficult for the laminate veneer procedure applied to patients whose lower jaw in the mouth is more prominent than the upper jaw to give a positive result. The biggest reason for this is that it is not possible to straighten the closure.


Patients whose teeth are not properly aligned with their bones and who are diagnosed with facial irregularities may have advanced problems. It may not be a logical decision to apply porcelain veneers to people with such advanced orthodontic problems.


For patients who have certain habits or tics that can damage their teeth, laminate veneers may cause discomfort to the area. In particular, people who have aggressive teeth clenching habits in their sleep or daily life should think about this treatment method.

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  • Problems such as tooth decay due to irregular care or other reasons, tooth fractures caused by impact can make it difficult to apply laminate veneers. During the treatment, the lack of sufficient space for leaf porcelain may cause the procedure to be unsuccessful.
  • Multiple problems can occur in the teeth. In some of these problems, laminate veneers may not give the right result. Diseases such as fluorosis that cause white lines, gray spots, advanced pits or black spots on the teeth can make the treatment difficult.
  • Another point to be considered when applying aesthetic smile designs is the health status of the tooth enamel. People with an unhealthy tooth enamel that does not have sufficient resistance and structure should also be analyzed before the operation is performed.
  • A person who has a problem called dental fluorosis has a situation where the leaf porcelain does not adhere to the teeth. In such cases, it will become difficult to apply the laminate veneer method.

Sonuç olarak lamine diş kaplama yöntemi uygulanmadan önce hastaya analiz yapılması gerekmetedir. Yukarıda bulunan sorunlardan herhangi birini yaşayan hastanın sağlık durumunun incelendiği ön muayenelerde, lamine diş kaplama için uygun olup olmadığı anlaşılacaktır.

How is Laminate Veneer Made?

In laminate veneer treatment, it is first examined whether the patient is suitable for the procedure. The patient is examined by the dentist and necessary analyzes are performed. During this process, in which all the necessary information about the person is learned, mutual exchanges of ideas are also carried out. In this way, more emphasis can be placed on the issues that the patient complains about.

If the problem can be eliminated with laminate veneers, the dentist may decide to proceed with the treatment. Before starting the operation, the dentist takes the necessary impressions of the patient's teeth. Since the MocUp procedure will be performed, these measurements put an end to possible doubts.

The patient, who has not yet started the treatment, gets an idea about how it will look after the procedure, which also affects the patient's perspective on the laminate veneer method. Thanks to this stage, the path to be taken is made easier.

The patient is given a suitable day for a rehearsal appointment and temporary teeth are inserted to prevent damage to the mouth area. Considering the possibility of these teeth to cause problems, the physicians create a design by taking into account the measurements taken.

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Some decisions are made during the interviews with the patient. These decisions include the patient's expectations, tooth color and smile line. These decisions, which are evaluated as a whole, are evaluated in the rehearsal stages.

At this stage, where all situations are open to intervention, tooth lengths, color and form become clear. Then, with the help of special adhesives used for laminate veneers, leaf porcelains are bonded to the tooth surfaces.

Laminate veneer application ends with the completion of the final examinations to be applied for the patient. The procedure, which is completed in an average of 3 to 10 days, may take even shorter or longer depending on the patient's health status.

How is Laminate Veneer Made
Laminate Veneer Lifespan

Laminate Veneer Lifespan

Another issue that patients who will undergo dental aesthetic treatment wonder is whether the veneers are long-lasting. There are more than one important point in these procedures, which should not disrupt the natural structure of the teeth. The laminate veneer lifespan of a patient who does not pay attention to these points may be shorter than expected. So, how long is laminate veneer lifespan? Here is the answer...

Laminate veneers lifespan depends on the patient's oral care and health status. For a person whose teeth start to decay after treatment, the life of the veneer may not last very long. If this happens, the leaf porcelain may need to be replaced again.

Therefore, teeth should be brushed regularly. You should clean the areas where the toothbrush cannot reach with dental floss and prevent bacteria that may form in the mouth.

A patient who is not sensitive to food and drink and does not follow the dentist's suggestions may have a short laminate life. With this type of veneer, where hard-shelled foods pose a risk, you may prefer to or slice a food rather than bite into it.

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You should show the same sensitivity about drinks and be careful not to consume varieties that will wear out the teeth. Otherwise, you may damage your teeth and shorten the service life of the leaf porcelain.

Apart from all these warnings, you should take care to check the health status of the veneer, teeth and gums every 6 months on average. In this way, you can detect potential problems early and solve the problem before it grows.

As a result, laminate veneer lifespan of a patient who follows the rules, does not interrupt the examination and takes care of his health lasts an average of 15 years. A well-protected and regularly maintained veneer can last up to 20 years.

Laminate Veneer Advantages

Laminate veneer, which is one of the most ideal options for eliminating some negative conditions in the teeth, attracts attention with its advantages. The advantages of this coating method, which makes the teeth look more beautiful and aesthetic, are as follows:

  • Laminate veneer, also known as leaf porcelain because it has a thin and elegant structure, makes the patient's teeth look more elegant and beautiful aesthetically.
  • Its thin structure does not mean that it is weak and fragile. On the contrary, laminate veneer, which is a reliable coating method with its teeth-protecting feature, increases its durability with the materials used in it.
  • Laminate veneer advantages include changing the color and appearance of the teeth. Leaf porcelain, which is one of the most popular types of veneers in terms of similarity to natural teeth, ensures that its patients do not feel foreignness. It is very difficult for a person looking at the teeth of patients who prefer natural colors to understand that the veneer is artificial.
  • People who think that a separate care and a separate effort is required because the teeth will be treated negatively against the veneer. Contrary to this point of view, a person who prefers the laminate veneer coating method can repeat the procedure applied to their natural teeth for maintenance.
  • Laminate veneer, which has a resistant structure thanks to the materials used in its content, gives confidence to patients who doubt about wear.
  • During the operation, adhesives provide chemical bonding between the tooth and the glass ceramic structure, making the process easy and practical.
  • People who consume beverages that can damage tooth color, such as tea, coffee and acidic drinks, can continue to consume them easily after the veneer procedure is completed.
  • The MockUp procedure performed on the patient before starting laminate veneer treatment provides a great convenience and privilege. Thanks to this procedure, the patient can get an idea about the veneer by seeing a sample of the patient after the operation.

Laminate Veneer Costs

Saying a clear range for laminate veneer costs may mislead the patient. It is necessary to know that each of the veneer method, which has more than one option, has a different price range.

There are many treatment options including composite laminate restoration, laminate veneer composite, laminate veneer (acrylic and ceramic), composite laminate and porcelain veneer. As each of these methods involves different procedures, the fees will vary.

Apart from all these situations, the equipment of the hospital to be visited for treatment, the level of technological equipment, the level of hygiene affect the costs.

The level of knowledge and experience of the dentist preferred by the patient also causes the cost to vary.

Laminate veneer dental treatment carried out by a specialist physician in a quality hospital will not have the same cost and success rate as the veneer applied by an inexperienced dentist in a second-class hospital.

Laminate Veneer Costs
Laminate Veneer Before and After

Laminate Veneer
Before and After

There are separate points to be considered before and after laminate veneer. Before the leaf porcelain procedure, the patient is first examined in detail. The examination, which is necessary to ensure that the patient does not have any problems during the procedure, also allows decisions to be made about possible health problems.

If the patient has a problem that is not suitable for the operation, this situation is detected in advance and the growth of the problem is prevented.

After the analysis, the patient and the physician, who is deemed suitable for the coating method, make a joint decision by sharing their mutual opinions. MockUp is also performed during this process, which is important for determining the patient's demands and the procedure.

The measurements taken by the dentist from the patient reveal what kind of smile design will be obtained after the laminate veneer. In this way, the patient, who is curious about how the design will look on him, can reach the answer to his questions early on.

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It is ensured that the person who should pay attention to the rules specified by the dentist does not have any problems before the operation. It may be recommended to take a break from smoking, alcohol and foods and beverages that are likely to damage the teeth for a certain period of time. Therefore, by following the rules, you can prevent damages that will cause problems before and after laminate veneer.

In the operation, which is acted according to the needs of the teeth, teeth cleaning is performed according to the situation. Necessary measurements are taken from the teeth during the process where millimeter level abrasion is performed. After this procedure, which is easily handled with the effect of advanced technology, the measurements are sent to the laboratory.

It is necessary to wait for a certain period of time for the laminate veneer to arrive. Temporary veneers are applied to prevent damage to the patient's teeth during this period of several days. After the veneers are prepared and delivered, they are applied to the patient.

The laminate veneer process, which is bonded to the teeth with specially developed adhesives, ends after some small details are completed.

A person who does not neglect the things to be considered after laminate veneer can use the veneer for a long time. Some of the points to be considered in order not to wear and damage this method are as follows:

Care must be taken with the food eaten after laminate veneer. Care should be taken not to consume foods with hard shells. Otherwise, the veneers may be damaged and become unusable.

If a patient has tics or habits (such as clenching their teeth), they should use a night plate while sleeping.

The patient should remember not to bite or tear elastic and pliable foods when consuming them. A person who wants to eat foods with these features can slice them.

Laminate veneers require the same regular care as natural teeth. Patients should brush their teeth regularly. Dental floss can be used to clean areas that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush.

You should not neglect your check-ups with your dentist, which are usually scheduled every 6 months, and you can prevent dental problems from getting worse by diagnosing them early.

Parafunctional habits such as pens, hairpins and pins that are bitten absentmindedly or intentionally should be abandoned.

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