Breast Augmentation in Turkey

breast augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation; Mammaplasty is an aesthetic operation performed with the aim of obtaining a standard and aesthetic appearance by shaping the existing problems due to congenital or acquired size, smallness, or deformity in the breast tissue according to the anatomical structure of the person.

What are Methods of Mammaplasty?

Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics) is performed to correct the proportion and asymmetrical appearance that the person complains about in the breast tissue, and it also plays an important role in terms of general health. These methods are
– Breast Augmentation
– Breast Reduction
– Breast Lift(Breast Lift)
can be applied as 3 different methods and their combinations.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast Augmentation is performed under general anesthesia with regional localization. The prosthesis, which is decided depending on the breast tissue analysis before the operation, is placed under the muscle or above the muscle by making an incision under the breast, armpit, or nipple. While the sutured tissue after Breast Augmentation heals within 2 – 3 weeks, in some cases, fat cells taken with a combination of liposuction support the prosthesis.

What is the Age Limit for Mammaplasty?

Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics) can be applied to every individual aged 18 and above who has completed their physical development. Experts recommend +18 years of age for Breast Reduction surgery and +21 years of age for Breast Augmentation surgery.

breast augmentation

What is the Recovery Process After Mammaplasty?

After Mammaplasty, the person’s general health condition requires 1 or 2 days of hospitalization. 4 days after discharge, the person can take a shower after the first dressing. Brisk and heavy work should be avoided and the breast tissue should be protected from possible traumatic situations. Correct and regular use of the corset recommended by your doctor after surgery is also important for the success of the operation. Recovery after Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics) varies depending on the person, but on average it takes between 7 and 15 days. With the onset of healing, the person can return to her/his daily life, but she/he should also be cautious and protected. Stitches are usually aesthetic sutures, that fall off spontaneously nand heal within 2 to 4 weeks.

Things to Consider After the Operation

After Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics);
– It is necessary to lie upright and on your back.
– The chest should be protected from compression and possible trauma.
– Ice complex should be applied to minimize edema and swelling.
– Avoid places such as pool, sea, Turkish bath, sauna for at least 1-2 months after the operation.
– Sports should be started after a minimum of 2-3 months under the supervision of a doctor.
– The prescription given by your doctor should be used correctly and without exception.
– Consumption of substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and hookah should be stopped.
– Dressing and wound care should be given importance in terms of sterility.
– You can take a bath 4 days after the operation.
– Aspirin and similar foods with blood thinning effect should not be consumed

What Should Be Known Before Mammaplasty?

Before Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics);
– Before the operation, consumption of blood thinners and similar foods should be stopped.
– Eating and drinking should be stopped 12 hours before the operation.
– Before the operation, the correct clinical story should be told to the doctor and nurse, and the anamnesis history should be completely transferred.
– Smoking, alcohol, etc. should be stopped for a minimum of 2 weeks before and after the operation.
– Before the operation, mammography, ultrasound, etc. examinations should be performed depending on your doctor’s request.
– Before the operation, chronic and continuously used medications should be continued or discontinued under the supervision of a doctor.
– Before the operation, the consumption of tablets containing zinc and vitamin E should be stopped 1 week before the operation.
– During the operation, nail polish should not be applied and make-up should not be applied for sterility.
– You should consult with your doctor before the operation and the method should be decided with the existing problems.

Breast Augmentation Aesthetic Results in Turkey

After breast augmentation aesthetics, in parallel with the experience of the surgeon performing the operation and the quality of the implant placed, it is possible to obtain natural and implant-free results when viewed from the outside. In the first weeks after the operation, the breasts may stand upright. This is a temporary process. It takes about 2 months for the implanted silicones to fit properly and to achieve a natural appearance.

breast augmentation

How to Choose a Doctor in Mammaplasty Operation?

Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics) allows the person to improve their mental as well as physical state. Mammaplasty, which plays an important role in eliminating the existing problems caused by birth, weight gain, and loss of pregnancy, will give a perfect result in the hands of a successful doctor. For this reason, the first reference for choosing a doctor should be his/her operations and successes in this field. Providing the necessary follow-up before and after the operation, sterility/hygiene, and the method to be decided in accordance with the existing problems of the person should be considered while choosing the right doctor for this process. The person who decides to have a Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics) should prefer a doctor whom he/she trusts and who can characterize with proven success regardless of the price.

Breast augmentation - göğüs kaldırma - mammaplastie

Mammaplasty Costs in Turkey?

Mammaplasty is a series of operations. Mammaplasty (Breast Aesthetics) pricing is shaped by the physical examination of the person, which method is suitable for the operation, the suitability of the operation and the recommendations of your doctor. The main priority should be to decide on a specialist and competent doctor and a center that complies with the directives of the Ministry of Health. Otherwise, postoperative risks and complications are inevitable. You can learn everything you want to learn about breast aesthetics and 2023 breast aesthetic prices by contacting the expert staff of Lygos Clinic.

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