Leg Lift in Turkey

Leg Lift

Due to excessive weight gain and loss and advancing age, deformations such as sagging and loosening of the legs, especially the inner legs, occur. This sagging and loosening of the legs is not aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it is inevitable that the inner legs rub against each other, especially in summer and when wearing skirts. This causes rash and redness on the inner legs. Leg lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure applied to eliminate all these problems.

Leg Lift Aesthtetic Methods in Turkey

Upper Stretching Method: In upper lift surgery, the incision is made at the junction of the inner part of the leg and the groin. During this procedure, the skin’s excess fat can also be removed with liposuction.

Inner Leg Lift Method: In the inner leg lift surgery, surgical incisions start from the groin and are made towards the knee. Excess fat and skin tissues are removed to achieve a fit and taut appearance.

Mini Stretching Method: Mini leg lift operation is applied to people with very small deformations such as sagging and loosening in their legs. Small surgical incisions are made in the groin area and excess fat and skin tissue are removed.

Why is Leg Lift Surgery Performed?

One of the most prone areas of the body to weight gain and sagging is the thighs of the legs. There are many conditions that trigger adiposity and deformity in the inner leg muscles. Some of these are

– Hormonal and genetic disorders
– After the pregnancy period
– Too much weight gain and loss
– Irregular and unhealthy diet
– Not playing sports
– Gradual reduction of subcutaneous fat tissues
– Loss of skin elasticity due to advancing age

Who is Suitable for Leg Lift Surgery?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has sagging and loosening in their legs, who has not lost skin elasticity, who has an ideal body weight, whose general health condition is suitable for the operation, regardless of gender, can have leg lift aesthetics. Patients with chronic diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease should get surgeon approval for leg lift surgery.

Leg Lift Surgery Process in Turkey

In leg lift aesthetics, first of all, certain tests and examinations are performed to determine whether the patient is suitable for the operation. If the patient is suitable for treatment, the operation is performed. Leg lift surgery takes an average of 2 hours, although it varies according to the deformation in the legs of people under general anesthesia. In this operation, the plastic surgeon makes small surgical incisions and removes excess skin tissues from above the groin line to the inner side of the leg. Afterwards, the skin is stretched above the groin line and then sutured. Sometimes excess fat tissues can also be removed from the body with liposuction method together with the leg lift operation. With the combined application of these two procedures, a taut and tight appearance free of excess fat is obtained.

Things to Consider After Leg Lift Surgery

As in all aesthetic surgical operations, alcohol and smoking should be avoided after the leg lift operation in order not to negatively affect the healing process. Patients who have to use blood thinners should stop these medications for a while under the supervision of a doctor. In order to reduce the risk of infection, the operation area should be kept clean and patients should ensure the sterilization of the environment. After the operation, the medical corset taken with the advice of the surgeon should be worn as instructed and its use should not be interrupted.

Recovery Process After Leg Lift Aesthetics

After leg lift surgery, patients can be hospitalized for 1 night to be kept under observation. Using compression stockings for a while during this process will positively affect the healing process. The completion of the healing process may vary from person to person, depending on the body’s response to healing and the things done to contribute to this process (not drinking alcohol and smoking, eating a vitamin and mineral-based diet). However, it is generally possible to return to routine life within 1 week, provided that you do not do heavy sports and exercise and do not damage the operation area. During this period, the surgeon’s approval is required to take a shower.

Are There Scars After Leg Lift Surgery?

In leg lift aesthetics, scars extend from the groin area downwards to the leg area. The size of the scars depends on the technique used by the surgeon who will perform the operation. The degree to which the scars lose their visibility varies from person to person and skin structure. It is not completely temporary. However, it is possible to lose its prominence over time. There are some methods to remove scars after the operation. These are microdermabrasion and laser treatment. In addition, creams that have a preventive effect against scar formation can be used.

Leg Lift Aesthetic Results in Turkey

As a result of leg lift aesthetics, problems such as friction and rash are prevented by eliminating excess skin and fat tissue in the leg area that cannot be melted with sports and exercise, and an image that will satisfy the patient in terms of aesthetic appearance is obtained. In leg lift surgery, which is a very low risk procedure, small surgical incisions are made. This means that the scars are very small and not visible. Thanks to the fats removed by liposuction method in leg lift aesthetics, circulatory disorders and problems in the lymphatic system are also eliminated.

Leg Lift Aesthetic Prices in Turkey

Whether other procedures will be performed in combination with leg lift surgery, the size of the deformation in the legs, the quality and price policy of the clinic where the procedure will be performed are some of the parameters that affect the prices of leg lift surgery. For this reason, in order to get the clearest answer on this subject, people should undergo a detailed examination in a clinic they find suitable for them. In order to prevent possible complications in such aesthetic surgical procedures, the operation should be performed by expert plastic surgeons and sterilized clinics. You can learn everything you want to learn about leg lift aesthetics and 2023 leg lift aesthetics by contacting the expert staff of Lygos Clinic.

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