Zirconium Veneer

Due to the materials used in dental veneer methods, there are two main groups: those containing metal and those without metal. Zirconium Veneer appears as a method with a dioxide structure within these two groups. This dental veneer method, which is porcelain, is produced from high-quality ingredients.

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Zirconium Tooth Veneer

Zirconium tooth veneer attracts attention with its special production technique. Zirconium, which is prepared in specially prepared furnaces, combines with oxygen and gains a solid structure. Veneers, which are made ready to be applied to the patient, are usually produced from ceramic. The production stage, which requires a lot of labour and detail, also finds its reward in aesthetic treatments.

Zirconium tooth veneer is one of the most ideal options in terms of both aesthetics and health. This method, which is generally preferred by people with decay in their teeth to have a unique smile, can be applied for missing teeth.

One of the most important points to be considered in coating methods is that it is compatible with gum health. Zirconium coating prevents possible problems thanks to its compatibility with the gums. However, veneers should be approached hygienically, just like natural teeth. If cleaning is not given importance, problems may arise in teeth and veneers.

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The zirconium veneer, prepared in special furnaces, is combined with oxygen. Thus, zirconium, transformed into ceramic, is prepared for dental veneer to be applied to the patient. Zirconium veneer, a result of high-quality workmanship, stands out as one of the ideal options in aesthetic dental treatments.

Among the primary reasons for a patient choosing zirconium veneer are tooth decay or the desire for a white smile. This veneer method is generally preferred for front teeth. The common use on front teeth does not mean it is not suitable for other teeth.

Zirconium veneer applied on the tooth surface can also be preferred for areas with missing teeth. This veneer method, which attracts attention with its compatibility with the gums, requires care and hygiene, just like natural teeth.

What is Zirconium Veneer?

Dental aesthetics have multiple effects not only on health but also psychologically. Dental aesthetics, which positively or negatively influences a person's self-confidence, has a greater impact than anticipated. Therefore, the interest in smile designs is increasing day by day. Aesthetic dental treatment methods like zirconium veneer, which continuously improves itself with the use of digital technology, arouse great curiosity among people. So, what is zirconium veneer? Here's the answer...

Zirconium veneer is generally preferred in cases of severe tooth decay, tooth fractures, increased yellowness in teeth, and color abnormalities in teeth. In this type of veneer applied to eliminate these problems, zirconia material, especially Yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (Y-TZP) crystal, which is the most commonly used biomaterial, is preferred.

Zirconium coating applied to patients with porcelain coating feature holds significant importance in dental aesthetics. With its fragile structure, zirconium, which requires delicate and meticulous care, has taken a leap forward in transparency, especially with the monolithic forms produced in recent years.

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Thus, when applied to tooth surfaces or in place of missing teeth, it ensures that naturalness is not lost.

Zirconium coating keeps itself constantly updated and maintains its popularity through various dental coating options such as metal, porcelain, ceramic. The coating, which has increased durability in recent years, also provides serious solutions to its shortcomings.

For example, zirconium coating can be applied in the treatment of damage caused by habits such as teeth grinding and clenching, which many people develop for certain reasons.

In cases such as discomfort caused by not closing the mouth properly and damage to the teeth while chewing hard foods, this coating method can be preferred to prevent shape distortions of the teeth.

Zirconium coating, made to fit the teeth of a patient with healthy and compatible gums, prevents decay, paving the way for a healthy and long-lasting usage.

What is Zirconium Veneer
How is Zirconium Veneer Done

How is Zirconium Veneer Done?

In this method that should be applied by a highly specialized dentist, the first step is to identify the problem in the tooth. For this purpose, a detailed examination is performed on the patient. This way, it is determined whether the person to undergo zirconium veneer has any health issues.

The dentist, engaging in constant mutual discussions with the patient, strives to achieve the most positive outcome. During these discussions, the color selection of the desired teeth by the patient is also made using a color scale. At the beginning of the treatment, sedation is applied to the patient to prevent pain and sensitivity.

Then, the stage of reducing the size of the teeth is initiated. When the level of the reduced teeth reaches the desired level for veneer, the process moves on to the next stage. The dentist takes measurements using soft materials or digital methods to prevent damage to the reduced teeth.

Temporary teeth are attached to the patient waiting for the preparation of zirconium coatings to ensure that the patient's teeth are not damaged, attention is paid to sensitivity, and the aesthetic appearance does not deteriorate.

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The meticulously prepared zirconium coating is first presented to the patient for approval. After approval by the person undergoing the treatment, temporary teeth are removed. Following the removal process, the dentist attaches the zirconium coatings.

A special adhesive with transparent content is used to ensure that the coating adheres to the teeth healthily. A patient who has zirconium coating on their teeth should refrain from eating anything for about half an hour after the treatment. To maintain the zirconium coating on the teeth in a healthy way, you should not neglect the controls determined by the dentist and be careful to follow the rules.

Reasons for
Zirconium Veneer

A person deciding to have zirconium veneer done may have various reasons. They may want to improve the health of their teeth while also aiming for a more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful appearance. The reasons for zirconium veneer, which has numerous advantages, can be listed as follows:


For individuals with a weak and cracked tooth structure, there is a potential health issue. The patient, aiming to prevent this condition that can lead to tooth breakage, can opt for zirconium veneer to not only get rid of poor tooth structure but also achieve a healthier tooth structure.


Zirconium veneer also provides a solution for moving teeth, preventing the widening of gaps between teeth that occurs more and more each day, thus averting potential issues.


Individuals experiencing difficulty in performing basic functions such as chewing can also undergo zirconium veneer. The purpose is to enhance and correct the patient's chewing ability through the veneer. This way, the patient, who regains their existing features, can continue with their normal life without experiencing difficulties.


Zirconium veneer, offering a solution to health problems, also has a significant impact on psychological issues. The smile design applied through veneer helps individuals who shy away from smiling and speaking due to dental problems regain personal confidence.


Patients bothered by the color of their teeth can put an end to their troubles through zirconium veneer. The veneer, which makes the teeth even whiter, requires care and hygiene just like natural teeth.


Due to serious discomfort with their teeth, patients may undergo significant fillings, dental implants, and root canal procedures. To prevent damage to weakened teeth from these treatments, the zirconium veneer treatment method can be preferred.

Zirconium Veneer
Tooth Leakage

After the veneers applied to the teeth, pain may be experienced for a few days. This process, which is extremely normal, may last longer or shorter in some cases. These are shown as the causes of zirconium veneer tooth leakage:

  • During the zirconium veneer process, the enamel layer is made ready for coating. The enamel layer prepared by the surgeon entering the operation may be close to the dental nerves, which may cause leakage.
  • After the patient's tooth measurements are taken, they are sent to the laboratory. Until the special coating prepared for the patient is ready, a temporary coating is attached to prevent damage to the teeth. In some cases, these veneers can put pressure on the gums. Therefore, zirconium veneer tooth leakage may occur.
  • The fact that each person has a different tooth structure makes the effects of the veneer different. Therefore, aches and pains may occur. Cracks or fractures in the main teeth of the veneer can also trigger whining.
  • Zirconium veneer tooth leakage can be experienced by consuming very hot or very cold products. Since these veneers have hot and cold sensitivity, they require attention in some cases.
  • The patient to be veneered may have gum problems. A person with gum disease may feel zirconium veneer tooth leakage. It would be a healthier decision for the patient to deal with these problems before veneering.
  • Veneers applied by a doctor without experience and expertise may cause leakage. Especially the zirconium coating made in the wrong dimensions does not fit the teeth properly, causing problems. Therefore, you should be sure of the experience and expertise of the doctor who will apply the veneer.

It is necessary to pay attention to many stages in order not to experience zirconium veneer tooth leakage. You can choose Lygos Clinic for a healthy coating and a successful result. Lygos Clinic, which constantly makes its support felt with its expert team, informs individuals about zirconium coating in the most accurate way.

Zirkonyum Kaplama Diş Eti Çekilmesi

Zirconium Veneer
Gum Recession

The fact that the surfaces at the root of the teeth are covered with gum makes it difficult for the patient to recognise gingival recession. This problem is determined as a result of the examination performed by the dentist.

Gingival recession is usually understood by the fact that normal teeth are more yellowish in colour and seen on the root surfaces. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold and sensitivity to acidic foods are also among the symptoms of gingival recession in people who do not have any decay in their teeth.

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Despite all these details, zirconium veneers can also be applied to people with receding gums. This coating method plays a critical role as it is highly compatible with gum tissue. However, treating gum recession, which is not expected to cause any problems for the coating, will be a healthier decision for zirconium. Therefore, the coating process is started after the gum problems are treated.

Zirconium coating does not cause any bruising after combining with the gum. Incorrect tooth brushing, irregular care and habits that damage the gums can cause the problem of recession. This does not harm the aesthetic appearance of the zirconium coating.

If gingival recession progresses, it must be stopped and treated to prevent possible health problems. Therefore, with a detailed examination and the right doctor selection, you can prevent the problem of zirconium veneer gum recession.

Zirconium Veneer Gum Bruising

Zirconium veneers do not cause gum bruising. However, it may not be a healthy and correct decision for a person with bruised gums to choose the coating method without solving this problem. Gum disorders usually progress slowly. Therefore, the patient may not immediately realise the discomfort he/she is experiencing.

Conditions such as bleeding, bad taste, bad odour and itching between the teeth can be interpreted as symptoms of gum disorders. It is very difficult for a person experiencing these symptoms to spontaneously understand whether they have gum disease or not. It should be ensured that the zirconium coating is a quality brand.

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It is also critical that it is compatible with the gums. Otherwise, unwanted symptoms may occur in patients such as zirconium veneer gingival bruising. With the right choice of doctor, you can avoid all these possibilities and have healthy and impressive smiles.

If the patient has disorders due to genetic reasons, he/she may experience gingival bruising. In people without genetic problems, bruising is seen in certain areas. Healthy gum colour is pink and has a tight form, which can lead to a bad appearance with the emergence of disorders such as bruising.

Gingival bruising, which is generally seen in individuals with impaired vascular structures, is experienced by insufficient blood supply to soft tissues. Zirconium veneer gum bruising is not a desired and expected situation. The biggest reason for this is that healthy and pink-coloured gums have a more aesthetic and healthier appearance with the coating.

These problems are not only due to the patient's health problems. People who do not pay enough attention to oral care may also experience gum problems. As a result, you can eliminate possibilities such as zirconium veneer gum bruising with the right doctor selection and regular oral care.

Zirkonyum Kaplama Diş Eti Morarması
Zirkonyum Ön Diş Kaplama

Zirconium Front Tooth Veneer

Zirconium coating provides the patient with a different appearance by applying it to the tooth surfaces. This coating method is generally preferred for the restoration of decayed teeth. Zirconium front tooth veneer is one of the most ideal options for having an aesthetic smile and white teeth.

With the natural appearance of zirconium, it does not prevent the patient from smiling. A person does not want the veneers applied to his front teeth to be easily damaged. Here zirconium coating plays a critical role. Zirconium, which is highly resistant to fracture and cracking, has very suitable properties for front teeth.

Its high resistance to corrosion and abrasion both paves the way for long-term use and prevents the formation of a bad appearance on the front teeth.

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Zirconium front tooth veneer, which is in harmony with the main teeth, passes light comfortably thanks to its translucency. Therefore, the front teeth have a healthier structure. This coating option, which is also used in the back teeth, attracts attention with its durability.

Zirconium Veneer Advantages

Zirconium, as the name suggests, is a veneer method that exhibits ceramic properties. Zirconium is a useful type of veneer applied to both upper and lower teeth, and it is generally preferred for durability in posterior teeth and for aesthetic appearance in anterior teeth.

Within zirconium veneer advantages, there are numerous privileges. The advantages of zirconium, which is among the most preferred methods among veneer options, include the following:

  • The most striking advantage of zirconium veneer, which is combined with oxygen and treated with a special baking technique, is that its structure is very robust.
  • The zirconium veneer, which turns into ceramic thanks to its preparation technique, is prepared in suitable sizes for the tooth veneer to be applied to the patient, making the treatment easier and more practical.
Zirconium Veneer Advantages
  • Zirconium veneer, which has a robust structure; It paves the way for long-term use by showing resistance to breakage, cracking and abrasion.
  • It has a high level of resistance to the risk of oxidation of metal or metal alloys that are corroded by chemical effects.
  • It is similar to natural tooth structure. In this way, it prevents damage to tooth enamel by making it a light-permeable structure.
  • Another advantage of light transmission is that it provides the patient with a natural white-looking tooth structure.
  • Although veneer methods seem to be applied to the teeth, they must be harmonised with the gums. A veneer method that cannot adapt to the gums cannot be expected to be healthy and long-lasting. The presence of gum harmony among the advantages of zirconium veneers draws attention in terms of gum health.
  • The zirconium veneer, which has a robust structure and a healthy harmony with the gums, has the privilege of being used reliably for many years.
  • It is also not possible for the zirconium veneer with low heat permeability to cause sensitivity. Therefore, a person who prefers the veneer method does not experience an intense feeling against hot and cold measurements.
  • Thanks to the content used in the veneer, zirconium, which does not leave a bad taste in the mouth, provides the taste of food and drink. Thanks to this feature, the method, which ensures that the person's appetite does not close, also prevents possible health problems.
  • Zirconium veneer, which prevents bad odours that may occur in the mouth thanks to its harmony with the gums, aims to make patients happy, not regret.
  • It eliminates the possibility of leaving dark colour in the gums. It is extremely usual that the advantages of zirconium veneer, which pays attention to the gum area as much as the teeth, are also high.
  • This veneer method, with its similarity to the natural tooth structure, reduces the possibility of discolouration to very low levels.
  • Thanks to its ingredients, its surface has a shiny and smooth structure. The advantage of this structure is that it does not cause plaque accumulation.
  • Another privilege that makes zirconium veneer an ideal method is that it has an applicable structure.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, the absence of any additives in zirconium veneer is one of the most important points that people who want to have their teeth coated.
What is the Lifetime of Zirconium Veneer

What is the Lifetime of Zirconium Veneer?

The lifespan of zirconium veneer is among the most curious topics of people who want to apply this method. In order for the duration of the zirconium veneer, which is stated to have a lifespan of at least 5 to 10 years, to be even longer, the patient should pay attention to his personal health.

It is known that some people who pay attention to the rules use it for life. These patients, who come to dentist examinations regularly, pay attention to dental health. Therefore, the life of the zirconium veneer increases and the efficiency to be obtained is maximised.

Another important factor that ensures the longevity of the veneer is that the treatments are performed in a clinical environment. The life of a treatment that is not performed in a clinical environment is expected to be short. Apart from being short, the possibility of the person undergoing treatment to experience health problems is also quite high.

Therefore, a patient who decides to have a zirconium veneer should prefer a clinic that attracts attention with its technological equipment and hygiene.

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Not only that, he/she should be sure that a dentist who is an expert in his/her field will perform the procedure. Otherwise, the desired result cannot be obtained from the treatment and the life of the zirconium veneer may be shorter than expected.

The operations carried out by a well-equipped dentist aim to provide the patient with a healthy and aesthetic smile. For this purpose, physicians who eliminate the visual and stylistic defects in the teeth complete the procedure by taking into account the opinions of their patients. During the operation process and after the procedure is completed, the zirconium crown of a patient who strictly follows the recommendations given by the dentist will be long-lasting.

Zirconium Tooth Veneer Costs

There are multiple factors affecting zirconium tooth veneer costs. The treatment process is one of these factors. The preliminary examination of the patient's health status by the doctor, the determination of the treatment plan and the patient's demands directly affect the costs. Since the needs and health status of each patient are different from each other, zirconium tooth veneer costs vary individually.

The number of teeth to be zirconised is another factor affecting the costs. The cost of the coating to be applied to a single tooth and more than one tooth will be different. The most striking part is in which country the zirconium coating will be applied. In countries such as Turkey, where the cost performance is at high levels of cost performance, it is known that the coating costs are offered in quite affordable budgets.

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Zirconium veneer costs vary according to the amount of tooth to be applied and the area to be applied. Depending on the quality of the materials it contains, it may be more expensive than other veneer options.

Especially in recent years, the zirconium tooth veneer method, which is highly preferred, shows that it is a price performance product.

It would be a better decision to apply to dental clinics to get detailed and clear information about zirconium veneer costs. This method, which will enable a person who wants to get a cost for the operation to make a logical decision, will also prevent misperceptions.

The knowledge of the doctor who will perform the procedure can also affect the cost of treatment. If a physician is a specialist and experienced, the price he will demand will vary depending on these situations. It should not be forgotten that the cost of a quality treatment process may vary.

Especially in methods that need to be applied in a sensitive and meticulous manner such as zirconium coating, this situation is even more clearly understood. Finally, zirconium tooth veneer prices also vary according to the quality of the material used.

If the coating applied is of high quality, the cost of the operation is determined accordingly. High quality means more natural results. Due to all these factors, it would be a healthier decision to ask the expert teams of hospitals to get the clearest and most accurate answer about zirconium tooth veneer costs.

Zirconium Veneer Costs

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