Gynecomastia is seen in one out of every 3 people. Gynecomastia, defined as benign, excessive breast development, occurs during infancy, old age and adolescence. This condition, which damages the functions of body integrity, disrupts the balance of the biological system. Gynecomastia, which is usually caused by the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones, may occur in one breast of some people and in both breasts of some patients. In particular, the fact that both breasts are irregularly affected and reach different sizes from each other also affects aesthetically. So, what is gynecomastia? Here is the answer!

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What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, which occurs in many people, becomes a subject of curiosity. Answers to questions such as "what is gynecomastia", "how gynecomastia surgery is performed", "gynecomastia prices" are being researched. Gynecomastia does not cause any harm to health.

However, this condition has negative effects both aesthetically and psychologically. It should be known that gynecomastia in the region for a long time cannot regress spontaneously. Otherwise, the patient may have to constantly try different formulas.

This condition, which requires medical treatment or even surgical intervention in many patients, should be applied by a specialist doctor.

How to Recognize Gynecomastia?

Growth in a person's breast area can occur due to many reasons. However, this problem can also occur as false gynecomastia. Therefore, many people are curious about the question "How to recognize gynecomastia?". In order for a patient to understand that he has gynecomastia, he should be examined by a doctor. Otherwise, he may make wrong decisions. Manual examination of both breasts by a specialist doctor provides the most accurate analysis of the problem.

A hard and walnut-sized mass felt behind the nipple may indicate a gynecomastia problem. However, USG is performed to confirm the existing problem. Together with the examination, USG reveals whether the patient has gynecomastia or not.

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What Causes Gynecomastia (Breast Enlargement) in Men?

Men can attach great importance to their appearance in terms of both aesthetics and naturalness. Experiencing certain problems can affect people psychologically. Especially the growth in the chest area has a negative effect in many respects. Therefore, the question "Why does gynecomastia (breast enlargement) occur in men?" is frequently researched.

Irregular and unbalanced functioning of estrogen and testosterone hormones causes gynecomastia. Apart from the increase and decrease of testosterone and estrogen values in the body, many hormonal causes can cause breast enlargement. Gynecomastia, which occurs in one in every 3 men, can be caused by natural causes or other medical problems.

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The hormones that control the sex characteristics of humans are known as testosterone and estrogen. Effects such as muscle mass and body hair come from testosterone, while features such as breast growth come from estrogen. If testosterone is synthesized unbalanced with estrogen hormone, which is synthesized in small amounts in men, gynecomastia problem may occur.

Who is at Risk of Gynecomastia?

Female breast enlargement can occur for more than one reason. This situation experienced by many people makes the question "who is at risk of gynecomastia?" curious. People with the possibility of breast enlargement are as follows:
1. Risk of Gynecomastia in Infants

From newborn babies to elderly individuals, different disorders can occur in each person. Especially some babies are at risk of gynecomastia. Estrogen passed from mothers to babies can cause birth with large breasts. The swollen breast tissue is expected to disappear within an average of two to three weeks after birth.

2. Risk of Gynecomastia in Adolescence

The risk of gynecomastia during puberty is quite high. During this period when body functions change, hormone irregularities may occur. Therefore, breast enlargement may occur. Gynecomastia in adolescence usually resolves between six months and two years.

3. Risk of Gynecomastia in Adults

Individuals who have completed their development are also at risk of gynecomastia. It is stated that breast growth, which is noticed to increase again in people between the ages of 50 and 69, is experienced in one out of every 4 men.

Is Gynecomastia Surgery Permanent?

In order for gynecomastia surgery to be permanent, the patient should pay attention to more than one point. It should not be forgotten that the process carried out by a specialist doctor will reveal the most permanent results.

The reasons for this are that the doctor both performs a detailed examination and determines the most accurate method for patients with gynecomastia problem.

The fact that there are many types of gynecomastia such as glandular type gynecomastia, mixed type gynecomastia and fatty type gynecomastia causes different classifications. In addition, the patient's negative recovery process after surgery may also affect the permanence.

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How is Gynecomastia Surgery Performed?

First of all, it should be made sure that the patient has gynecomastia. For this, the patient is examined both in terms of health and aesthetics. In this process carried out by the doctor, the patient's demands are also taken into consideration. After the necessary interventions are made, the final condition and stage of gynecomastia are determined. Since the breast will be given a normal and natural appearance, determining the correct surgical method and technique plays a critical role.

Gynecomastia surgery is usually performed by surgical methods or liposuction. After the level of the problem in the patient's area is measured, it is decided which of these methods will be applied. Liposuction may be preferred for low or moderate sagging.

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Incisions are made with an average of half a centimeter. The procedure is applied with a cannula or needle according to the patient's body structure and the doctor's decisions. Careful and meticulous work should be carried out in the operation where fat is removed.

Surgical intervention may be necessary if the patient's tissue under the nipple is above a certain size. In addition, progressive sagging is also included in these interventions. In gynecomastia surgery, an incision of approximately 1 to 1.5 centimeters is made under the breast.

It must be ensured that this incision is made meticulously to remove breast tissue. Otherwise, permanent scarring may occur. Depending on the size of the breast tissue removed, the skin around the nipple can also be removed. In this way, the treatment is completed by removing all breast tissue.

The problem can be eliminated by applying liposuction to patients with excess fat tissue in the breast. This method, which has a very low risk of scarring after gynecomastia surgery, also has a short recovery period.

Liposuction method can also be performed with laser. This technique, which is preferred by many patients, heats the skin layer with the help of laser after fat removal. Therefore, laser liposuction creates a tightening effect on the skin.

Liposuction may not have sufficient effect in cases where the breast tissue is excessive and not the fat tissue. In patients who experience this situation, semicircular incisions are made in a small size from the nipples together with liposuction. The surgery is completed after the breast tissue is removed.

Excess skin also affects gynecomastia surgeries. In patients approaching the breast size of women, excess skin usually becomes very prominent. For these problems, the open surgery method comes to the fore. In open surgery, the lollipop or inverted T technique, which is also applied to women, may be preferred.

In the liposuction method or small incision procedures, a drain is inserted according to the patient's condition. However, drain placement can be expected in all open surgeries. You can ask the expert team of Lygos Clinic what you wonder about gynecomastia surgery.

Does Gynecomastia Surgery Hurt?

Gynecomastia surgery provides effective results by applying the right technique and choosing a specialist surgeon. However, the question "does gynecomastia surgery hurt?" is wondered by many patients.

Sedation is applied so that the patient does not feel any pain and pain during the operation. In procedures performed under general anesthesia, local anesthesia can also be added for patients who are sensitive to pain. Mild pain may be experienced after gynecomastia surgery. However, these pains can be relieved with prescription medications given by the doctor.

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What are Gynecomastia Treatment Options?

Among the gynecomastia treatment options, it is very critical to choose the right one for the patient. The ideal method is determined for the patient who is examined in detail. During this process carried out by a specialist doctor, it is checked whether the patient has a hormonal disorder. If the patient wants to be treated for gynecomastia, he/she can first consult an endrocrinologist.

Gynecomastia treatment options may vary according to the age range of the person experiencing the problem. The solution to the growth that occurs in infants, adolescents and adults may not be the same. Therefore, determining the treatment option without looking at the type of gynecomastia may lead to a wrong conclusion. The area measured by the classification called Nydick looks at the size of the tissue under the brown ring in the nipple. In this way, the type of gynecomastia is revealed.

What Happens If Gynecomastia Is Not Treated?

Not every person with gynecomastia needs surgery. In fact, it may be a better decision to wait for breast enlargements of less than 4 centimeters in adolescents to disappear spontaneously. The question "what happens if gynecomastia is not treated?" takes place in the minds of these people who are informed by the doctor. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist before treatment.

If a patient's gynecomastia problem has been present for more than 4 years or if the doctor's examinations about the patient's discomfort indicate surgery, it may need to be treated. Patients with discs between 4 and 6 cm are usually known to resort to medical means. Therefore, many people with discs larger than 6 cm are recommended to have surgery.

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It should not be forgotten that medical treatments depend on more than one factor. Many conditions of the patient to be treated such as age, hormonal level, underlying problem are evaluated. Drug treatment is applied to these people who are deemed suitable for medical treatment.

The effect of the treatment, which is applied carefully and meticulously, is seen within an average of two weeks. Monitoring the use of medication ensures a positive outcome of the process. Therefore, patients using medication are closely examined every month.

However, it is very difficult for patients with gynecomastia for more than a year to find a solution with medication. If you want to learn more detailed information about gynecomastia treatments, you can reach Lygos Clinic, which provides 24/7 service with its expert team.

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What is Pseudo Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is when the male breast tissue is larger than normal size. Unbalanced secretion of estrogen and testosterone hormones in the body paves the way for growth. However, it is not possible for every breast enlargement known by the public to be gynecomastia.

This condition, which occurs as bilateral growth, may not be caused by breast tissue. The growth that occurs as a result of the storage of fat tissue is called pseudo gynecomastia.

Therefore, many people who apply to hospitals are mistaken by the effect of false growth. By coming to Lygos Clinic, you can learn whether breast enlargement is pseudo gynecomastia in the most accurate way.

Gynecomastia Surgery Costs

Gynecomastia surgery is an operation option where more than one technique comes to the fore. The doctor decides which method will be suitable for the patient. However, it should not be forgotten that every method and every decision will affect the costs of gynecomastia surgery.

Therefore, giving any cost before the examination may mislead the patient. In addition, the equipment adequacy of the hospital and the experience of the doctor who will perform the surgery also affect the cost.

If you want to learn detailed information about gynecomastia surgery costs, you can contact Lygos Clinic's expert team.

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