Forehead Lift

Forehead lift aesthetics is a plastic surgery procedure applied to eliminate the tired, sad or grumpy appearance caused by sagging or lowering of the eyebrows. This surgical intervention offers an important solution for individuals who are negatively affected both aesthetically and psychologically.

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Forehead Lift Aesthetics

Forehead lift aesthetics is a procedure applied to lift the eyebrows and rejuvenate the forehead area. This method, which should be applied by a professional surgeon, stands out with its anti-aging.

Frown lines around the eyebrows and horizontal wrinkles in the forehead area, which are the leading signs of aging, cause the patient to apply for aesthetic surgery. Sagging skin over the eyes and excess adipose tissue also make the patient in search of aesthetic methods.

In addition, the temple area may also show signs of aging due to many effects. Apart from aging, the patient may have noticeable expressions such as tired, sad or angry. Therefore, forehead lift aesthetics is one of the most ideal options.

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Forehead lift is a method preferred not only by people with signs of aging, but also by people who get rid of obese disease and experience sagging skin. This aesthetic operation offers a very important privilege by being applied together with other methods. A person who undergoes the operation improves not only aesthetically but also psychologically and changes his/her perspective on life.

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What is Forehead Lift?

Deep horizontal wrinkles in the forehead area, lines between the eyebrows or sagging skin problems around the eyes are successfully corrected with forehead lift aesthetics.

This procedure provides a younger, vigorous and vibrant appearance by balancing facial contours.

The forehead lift method is one of the most ideal options for those who want to cope with the effects of aging and achieve balance in aesthetic beauty.

Am I Suitable for a Forehead Lift?

A forehead lift is an effective cosmetic surgery procedure used to reduce the signs of aging and correct sagging and wrinkles in the forehead area. However, there are some important factors to consider to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Suitable candidates for the surgical procedure include people who do not have additional health problems or chronic diseases, who are in good physical and mental health, and who do not smoke or take a break.

Patients with these conditions may also be suitable for a forehead lift as a result of the examination. Therefore, detailed analyzes are carried out to determine whether each patient who wants to undergo the operation is suitable or not.

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This procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, is considered more accurate in terms of patient comfort and procedural success. For this reason, the doctor and his team evaluate the patient's health status in detail before surgery. There is a detailed discussion about your medical history, the medications or herbal supplements you use and how the surgical procedure will proceed.

It is important to prepare before the surgery in order to better explain and understand the results you expect. Necessary tests may be requested after the anesthesia examination with your doctor before the surgery. In addition, coming to the examination by writing down the questions you are curious about will help you communicate more effectively with your doctor.

In conclusion, forehead lift surgery offers an effective and safe aesthetic solution for the right candidates. However, if you are considering having this procedure, you should take your doctor's recommendations into consideration and take care to follow the pre- and post-operative care instructions. Thus, you can achieve the youthful and natural look you want.

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When is a Forehead Lift Necessary?

Forehead lift brow lift applications raise the eyebrows to a more youthful and awake position. In this way, patients achieve an even more aesthetic appearance. Forehead lift applications can solve many problems in the long term.

This method, which allows you to achieve a happier, friendlier appearance with a friendly expression, has a greater effect than expected. However, choosing the right forehead lift technique is critical for the results. For this reason, you should go to an experienced and specialized doctor and have your condition examined in detail.

Considering your health condition and demands, you should take care to act with the most appropriate solution suggestions offered by your doctor. When is a forehead lift necessary? The clearest answer to the question is found in the following symptoms:

Sagging Outer Eyebrows
The outer part of the eyebrow may sag and cause a sad expression. In this case, forehead lift can be considered.
Sagging down the middle part of the eyebrow
The sagging down of the middle part of the eyebrow can also create an angry expression. In this process, which is similar to the situation experienced in the outer part of the eyebrows, stretching can be considered.
Constantly Frowning Eyebrows
If the eyebrows create a constantly frowning appearance, it will attract the attention of the individual and those around him/her. Therefore, forehead lift aesthetics can be considered.
Sagging Upper Eyelid
Due to sagging in the upper eyelid, there may be difficulty in applying makeup. Since progressive sagging will make the process even more difficult, forehead lift can be considered.
People with Good
General Health Status
All patients with good general health and realistic expectations can be considered as suitable candidates for forehead lift aesthetics.

Forehead lift procedure can be considered in cases where one or more of the above conditions are present. However, it should not be forgotten that each patient has different characteristics. Therefore, it is important to make a decision in line with your doctor's assessment and recommendations.

Forehead Lift Techniques

In operations where more than one technique is applied, different methods such as bicornal and endoscopic may be preferred. One of the most important factors in the selection of forehead lift techniques is the hairline position.

The hairline is the point where the scalp and the balding forehead skin meet. If the hairline is too far forward, an open method using an incision called bicoronal may be preferred. In this method, the entire forehead is stretched through the hair.

Another option is the technique known as endoscopic. In this method, the forehead is stretched by entering 3 or 5 points in the scalp.

Both methods have different advantages. The best choice is determined according to the needs and expectations of the patient.

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Advantages of
Open Technique (Bicoronal)

  • One of the main advantages of the open technique is the homogeneous stretching of the forehead. In this way, the forehead moves as a whole with values close to each other.
  • The application of the forehead lift incision along the hairline is a very important detail, especially for patients with a wide forehead. In this way, the patient's forehead does not widen further and the result is successful.

Advantages of
Closed Technique (Endoscopic)

  • The detail that stands out in the advantages of the closed technique is that fewer incisions are made. In this way, the patient can recover faster and more easily and return to social life in a short time.
  • The endoscopic technique is one of the most ideal options for patients who prefer forehead lift treatment due to a mild condition.
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Forehead and Temple
Lift Surgery

It is preferred for the forehead and temples in the face area to have a line-free appearance. Although it is generally demanded by women, it is seen that the number of male patients is increasing day by day. In forehead and temple lift surgery, the temples are stretched and the lines on the forehead are removed.

This surgical method, which eliminates the vertical lines between the eyebrows, aims to make the soft tissue and muscle structure original. This aesthetic surgical procedure is applied with tiny needles and filling materials.

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In forehead lift surgery, lines and wrinkles may not completely disappear. It should not be forgotten that the temple area on the forehead will also be affected by wrinkles. Therefore, it may be necessary to stretch the temples. Forehead and temple lift surgery, which should be applied carefully and meticulously, is one of the most ideal options for solving all of these problems.

Forehead Lift Before After

A person who sees the differences forehead lift before after experiences the happiness of the right decision. Especially, people who look at their old pictures realise this situation more clearly.

Before and after pictures, which are a source of self-confidence for people who are hesitant about forehead lift surgery, are a very critical detail.

In the pictures, people who see the happiness of patients who prefer aesthetic surgery decide that this method is the most ideal option.

If you complain of forehead wrinkles, signs of aging and sagging skin, you can apply to Lygos Clinic. Lygos Clinic, which offers the best treatment methods with its expert team, constantly informs you forehead lift before after.

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Things to Consider
Before and After Forehead Lift

A person who successfully completes the things to be considered before and after forehead lift can easily achieve the desired appearance. Certain procedures play a critical role for this. The person who has any problem before the operation should definitely inform his/her doctor about this situation. Otherwise, the aesthetic decision may lead to regret, not happiness.

The patient is given a detailed examination by a specialist surgeon before the procedure. In the examination, where the patient's requests are also taken, the methods required for the procedure and the habits that should be left until the operation are emphasised. Smoking and blood thinners are the main ones. It is generally recommended to take a break for 1 week. If there is a medication that a patient needs to use continuously, he/she should definitely consult his/her doctor.

A person who pays attention to these points before forehead lift should also be meticulous afterwards. Although the postoperative period is comfortable, the patient may have swelling and bruising around the forehead and eyes. This situation, which is extremely normal, should not cause any tension, stress and psychological problems. In addition to swelling and bruising, which pass between 1 and 2 weeks on average, headache may also be felt. In such cases, you can use the medication prescribed by your doctor.

After the surgery is completed, the tampons placed in the area can be left open after 3 to 4 days and the patient can be allowed to wash his/her hair. After the forehead lift surgery is completed, you can prevent oedema formation by taking care not to exert excessive effort for the first 3 weeks.

It is necessary to protect the treated area from sunlight and external impacts for a certain period of time. In the absence of any problems, the stitches in the forehead lift surgery are removed after 8 or 9 days.

The patient, who overcomes the things to be considered before and after forehead lift without any problems, can use the procedure performed on the forehead area in a lifelong, happy and peaceful way.

Forehead Lift Methods

There are many effective methods for those who want to realize their forehead lift aesthetic goals without surgical intervention. Non-surgical forehead lift methods attract attention thanks to their practicality and offer the opportunity to choose between the methods listed below. In this way, patients are offered a great privilege.
1. Fibrocell Fibroblast Therapy

The most important detail in fibrocell fibroblast therapy is the removal of a small piece of skin from the patient's own body. This skin is processed and reproduced in a laboratory environment. The skin obtained is then injected into the skin, providing facial rejuvenation and renewal. In this method, the use of the patient's own tissues eliminates the risk of allergy. Fibrocell fibroblast therapy, which serves aesthetic purposes, has become increasingly widespread in recent years in Turkey.

2. Fractional Radiofrequency
(Golden Needle) Skin Resurfacing

In fractional radiofrequency skin resurfacing method, radio waves are sent under the skin. Since fractional laser technique is used in this procedure, the skin surface is not damaged. Radio waves sent directly to the lower layer of the skin increase collagen production. This results in a healthier skin appearance. This technique, which is a highly effective solution against skin damage caused by aging, is one of the most ideal options.

3. Collagen Filling

Collagen filler is among the indispensable options of non-surgical forehead lift applications. The filler, which is used to restore or increase the amount of collagen that decreases during the aging process, increases the elasticity of the skin and provides a young and vibrant appearance.

4. Spider Web Method

In the spider web method, which stands out among the thread forehead lift techniques, skin-compatible threads are used. In this way, stretching the skin structure becomes easier and more practical. This method, which offers a practical solution by not requiring surgery, provides a natural rejuvenation by tightening the skin.

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Forehead Lift Costs

Non-surgical forehead lift costs vary depending on your facial features, aesthetic preferences and the method to be applied. Non-surgical forehead lift aims to provide a comfortable experience as well as achieving beautiful and natural results.

The prices of the non-surgical forehead lift method, which has become more popular in Turkey in recent years, vary according to the patient's condition, the nature of the procedure to be applied and the materials to be used.

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It should not be forgotten that since the skin structure of each patient is different, their needs will also be different.Therefore, the individual situation analysis made to the patient who prefers a well-equipped doctor in a hospital with state-of-the-art equipment also affects the costs.

In the forehead lift method where more than one technique is applied, the techniques and materials to be preferred may cause an increase or decrease in costs. Methods such as Fibrocell Fibroblast Treatment, Fractional Radiofrequency, Collagen Filling are offered to patients at different costs.

As a result, non-surgical forehead lift prices are an investment to get the right and quality service. Since everyone's understanding of beauty is different from each other, an individual planning and evaluation process is required for each person who will apply a forehead lift.

For more information on the subject, you can reach Lygos Clinic and ask any questions you wish to the consultants who are experts in their field.

Forehead Lift Costs

Forehead lift costs vary according to the difference in the method applied to the patient. In these operations where many methods are applied, it should not be forgotten that each patient has his/her own problems.

Therefore, the doctor who talks to the patient before the operation acts according to the demands and the examination performed.

If a patient's health condition is not suitable for the desired method, another procedure can be determined. It is also very likely that this whole process will have an effect on costs.

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Another important factor that directly affects forehead lift costs is the experience and knowledge level of the doctor. The cost ranges to be paid to a surgeon who does not know much about forehead lift will not be the same with a specialist and experienced doctor in the field.

In addition, the hospital where the operation will take place also affects the costs. Forehead lift costs will be different in a hospital with state-of-the-art equipment and a specialized team. Therefore, giving a clear cost may mislead the patient. You can have clear information about the subject by contacting the expert team of Lygos Clinic.

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