Breast Reduction

As the name suggests, breast reduction surgery is preferred for breasts that are larger and saggy than normal. In addition, people with medical problems can also undergo this procedure. The reduction procedure, which is a technique similar to breast lift surgery, removes a portion of the glands, fat and skin in the breast. It is a critical detail that the reduction procedure, which has many privileges, can be applied both aesthetically and medically.

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What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most ideal options for individuals with genetically large breasts and breasts that sag after breastfeeding. Especially people with large breast structures may experience back and shoulder pain.

Therefore, problems such as wounds and infections under the breast may also occur. This method, also known as reduction is mammoplasty, offers patients a comfortable life by eliminating aesthetic concerns and medical problems. Breast reduction surgery is generally used for reasons such as sagging, having an aesthetically effective appearance, eliminating asymmetrical appearance, and finding a solution to the problem of clothing.

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Large breasts can make it difficult to perform daily physical activities. It should not be thought that large breasts can only be caused by genetic influences. Lifestyle and certain habits can also lead to enlargement and deformity of the area.

Excessive weight gain, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal imbalance and certain conditions that have negative effects on the area can also lead to enlarged breasts. Breast reduction surgery provides a solution to these problems.

In the surgery performed within the patient's expectation; It is aimed to achieve an equal size, symmetrical and aesthetic appearance of the area. You can contact Lygos Clinic's expert team and ask what you wonder about the subject.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Before breast reduction surgery, the patient's health status is examined. At this stage, where the patient's demands are also evaluated, the necessary plans are created. Patients who have completed their body development or who do not have any obstacles in the examination are among the suitable candidates for breast reduction surgery.

After the examination and requests are specified, the surgery phase begins. In the procedure performed under general anesthesia, local anesthesia can also be applied. In this way, the patient's pain and pain sensation is minimized.

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In breast reduction surgeries; lollipop incision and inverted T incision methods are used. The operation process, which is shaped according to breast size, is completed between 2 and 4 hours on average.

In order to determine the most appropriate technique during surgery, attention is usually paid to points such as breast size, breast curve, position of the nipple, breast tissue, skin structure, and the distance between the region and the shoulders and hips.

In the technique called lollipop, the nipple circumference is cut circularly. In this way, the excess skin tissue is easily removed along with the breast tissue. Since the physical structure of each patient is different, the nipple can be moved upwards in some people.

Especially for breastfeeding mothers, it is a very critical detail not to damage the milk ducts. Therefore, the skin is closed and the blood accumulated in the breast is drained out to accelerate healing. The blood is drained out with a drain to ensure that the breast reduction surgery is performed smoothly.

In the inverted T incision method in breast surgery, an incision resembling an inverted letter T is made under the breast. In this way, excess breast tissue and skin can be removed. The test T method, which is similar to the lollipop technique except for the incision shape, ends in the same way.

Some patients may need to be hospitalized after the procedure. This period, which usually lasts one day, ends with the removal of the drain and dressing. After the breast reduction surgery is completed, it is very important that the patient does not miss the controls and follows the doctor's recommendations.

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Suitable Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery becomes suitable for many candidates with the privileges it offers aesthetically and medically. It is known that people with sagging and breast size are more suitable for this method.

Back and shoulder pains that occur due to breast size can also be resolved after reduction operations. Wounds and infections may occur under the breast. Breast reduction surgery can also be applied to eliminate these problems.

The bra straps used by some people can cause pressure on the shoulders. This situation, which restricts physical activities, can end with breast reduction surgery.

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In addition, the fact that breast reduction surgery also has effects in terms of appearance comes to the forefront for individuals who feel uncomfortable only with appearance.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned details summarize suitable candidates for breast reduction surgery. If you are wondering whether the operation is the right decision, you can consult Lygos Clinic, which serves with its expert team.

How Long Does Breast Reduction Surgery Take?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed with more than one method. Different methods such as lollipop incision and inverted T incision have their own privileges. Therefore, how long does breast reduction surgery take? There is no clear answer to the question. However, any breast reduction surgery is completed in an average of 2 to 4 hours.

Factors such as breast size, the position of the nipple depending on the breast curve, the distance between the nipple and the shoulder and hip, breast tissue, skin structure can also increase or decrease the duration of breast reduction surgery.

The experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure and the hospital having sufficient equipment for the operation also directly affect the duration of the operation.

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Is There a Scar After Breast Reduction Surgery?

There is a possibility of scarring after breast reduction surgery. However, this may occur after all operations. The size of the scar on the skin varies according to the technique preferred during the procedure and the experience of the doctor. In techniques with few incisions, such as the lollipop method, the risk of scarring after surgery is minimized. It is a very critical detail that the incisions made should be around the nipple. In this way, the scar is not noticeable because of the color difference.

In the inverted T-type surgery type, which is one of the known methods, the possibility of scarring is higher. If the incisions downwards from the nipple are not made by a specialized surgeon, possible problems may arise.

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Scars that disappear over time by gaining skin color may become prominent with a wrong intervention. It is difficult to recognize the scars that exist at the fold point in the area.

As a result, there may be a risk of scarring after breast reduction surgery depending on the choice of the wrong doctor and the difficulty level of the operation. If a well-equipped doctor performs the operation, the risk of scarring is minimized.

Things to Consider After Breast Reduction Surgery

Things to be considered after breast reduction surgery determine the patient's recovery process. After the treatment is completed, the patient is expected to rest at home for 3 to 7 days. This period determined by the doctor may vary depending on the general health condition of the patient. After the procedure, the patient may feel pain and soreness.

Therefore, it is very important for the patient to take the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by the doctor regularly. The area should be protected from pressure and impacts for a certain period of time. The patient, who should not put pressure on the breasts, is recommended to use a sports bra to prevent shaking.

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The sports bra not only prevents shaking, but also helps to reduce the pain threshold and shape the breast. One of the points to be considered after breast reduction surgery is the dressing days. These days, determined by the physician, reduce the risk of possible infection. In this way, the patient can recover faster and healthier.

It is recommended not to carry heavy loads and not to perform heavy movements for the first 4 weeks. Patients who participate in sports should take a break from movements that can damage the area such as pushing and pulling. It is recommended to start light exercises at the end of the first month.

After the breast surgery is completed, edema and swelling may appear in the area. These symptoms, which should not cause any concern, decrease spontaneously after about 3 to 4 weeks. It takes an average of one year for the breasts to regain their natural appearance.

The patient should be very sensitive and careful after the procedure. It plays a critical role for people who want the tissue and scars to disappear quickly to stop smoking and alcohol consumption. These habits, which are generally recommended to be quit for a month, also have negative effects on surgical scars.

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Can I Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breasts may sag due to pregnancy. Therefore, breast reduction surgery comes to the fore for patients looking for a solution. However, can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery? The question causes some concerns. During the procedure, doctors who take into account the situation experienced by breastfeeding people perform the treatment by protecting the milk-producing glands. In this way, the problems that nursing mothers will experience are eliminated.

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cause Breast Cancer?

Breast reduction surgery does not cause breast cancer. It should not be forgotten that patients whose breast tissue and skin structure are examined before the operation are operated. In addition, the possibility of cancer risk decreases in breast reduction surgeries where tissue removal is performed. However, it cannot be said that this is based on scientific data. As a result, patients who want to reduce their breasts can choose this method with peace of mind.

What are the Side Effects of Breast Reduction Surgery?

As with every surgery option, breast reduction also has side effects. However, this situation may vary according to the attention of both the patient and the doctor. The side effects of breast reduction surgery can be explained as follows:

Choosing the wrong doctor and performing breast reduction surgery in a non-sterile environment can cause multiple health problems.

Some parts of the area may be negatively affected after breast reduction surgery.

Infection and bleeding may occur after some procedures, although not in all surgeries.

There is a risk that an incorrect breast reduction procedure may damage the milk ducts. This can reduce the breast's potential to produce milk.

In conclusion, the side effects of breast reduction surgery depend on many circumstances. If the patient does not follow the medication and advice given by her doctor during the recovery process, side effects may occur. In addition, the failure of a specialized physician to manage the process can also pose potential risks.

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Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

Breast reduction surgery costs are determined according to the quality of the material to be used. Along with the quality of the material to be used during the procedure, the quality of the doctor who will apply it may also cause the cost to increase. In addition, the hospital where the operation will take place is also an important detail.

There is more than one method in breast reduction surgery. Therefore, different methods can be applied for each patient. These methods, which are determined according to the general health status and the patient's demands, also affect the costs.

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In order to get the clearest and most accurate information about costs, the patient must be examined. In this way, the patient's needs and what can be done can be planned in a healthier way. If you want to learn the costs of breast reduction surgery, you can consult the expert teams of Lygos Clinic. With the support and attention shown during the process, Lygos Clinic is one of the most ideal options.

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