Hair loss is one of the reasons for the emergence of personal self-confidence and psychological problems. Hair, which makes people more attractive, contributes to making both men and women look more beautiful. Today, many aesthetic methods are used to achieve a healthy and well-groomed hair structure and to prevent hair loss. However, it should not be forgotten that there are some options before choosing these methods.

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Causes of Hair Loss

Among the causes of hair loss; genetic factors, negative reactions to weather changes, irregular and unhealthy nutrition.

Vitamin and protein deficiencies are also among the problems that trigger hair loss.

Hormonal disorders suffered by the patient can also trigger hair loss. Apart from all these, UV rays from the sun and problems caused by internal diseases also increase hair loss.

Treatment Methods for Hair Loss

It is necessary to make sure that the treatment methods for hair loss are modern and healthy. Today, methods such as PRP, Mesotherapy, AGF-39 are preferred to prevent this problem. These methods, which are applied according to the needs of the hair, provide vitamin and protein supplementation. AGF-39, which stands out for strengthening hair, is one of the most ideal options among treatment methods. Thanks to this method, which is applied between 6 and 10 sessions with AGF solutions, the patient can get a visible result.

Ingredients in AGF-39 Treatment

Multiple beneficial substances are involved in the treatment of AGF-39. These substances, which provide protein production, also affect energy metabolism. The substances involved in AGF-39 treatment can be listed as vitamins, minerals, coenzyme A and amino acids. Thanks to this method, which includes substances such as SOD and ATP, hair follicles are protected from oxidative stress and metabolism affecting hair growth is regulated.

Treatment at Lygos Clinic

At Lygos Clinic, hair treatments are applied in the most accurate way. This clinic, which offers its patients multiple options to prevent hair loss, also recommends the AGF-39 FORTE method. This treatment option, which is a strengthened version of the classic AGF-39, is applied by dermatologists or hair specialists at the hair transplant center. After successfully completing the first treatment, the patient can continue to apply the AGF-39 FORTE kit at home. After 6 to 10 sessions, the patient can have healthy and lush hair.

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

A: AGF-39 is an effective method used in the treatment of patients with hair loss or thinning hair follicles.

A: The substances involved in AGF-39 treatment can be listed as vitamins, minerals, coenzyme A and amino acids. Substances such as SOD and ATP are also used in these processes.

A: AGF-39 treatment has more than one purpose. Thanks to its ingredients, hair follicles are protected from oxidative stress and the metabolism that affects hair growth is regulated. In this way, weak hair follicles are strengthened and hair loss is minimized.

A: AGF-39 treatment should be applied by specialists. The patient who has successfully survived the first treatment can continue to apply the next procedures at home.

A: AGF-39 treatment, which strengthens hair follicles and stops hair loss, is applied between 6 and 10 sessions on average. The number of sessions may vary depending on the reaction of the area.

A: AGF-39 costs vary according to the quality of the substances used. In addition, the hospital where the procedure will take place and the experience of the specialist who will apply the treatment can also affect the cost.