Aqua Shine

Skin can be affected by many conditions such as environmental factors and aging. Wrinkles and sagging skin may lose its shine and take on a paler and dull appearance. Therefore, aqua shine method can be preferred. This application, which combines the effects of mesotherapy, skin filling and botulinum toxin, makes the skin look younger and brighter. At the same time, aqua shine, which reduces the aging effect, also restores skin elasticity and elasticity. So, what is aqua shine? How to apply aqua shine?

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What is Aqua Shine?

Aqua shine is one of the leading non-surgical face lift methods. This application, which rejuvenates the skin, attracts attention with its rich content. With 8 types of peptides, 8 types of minerals and coenzyme A, 14 types of vitamins and 24 types of amino acids and antioxidants, it acts according to the needs of the skin.

Thanks to the preference of hyaluronic acid, which is also found in the body, during the application, the risk of allergies is minimized. In this way, it solves many skin problems. It is also good for signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Moisturizing the skin, aqua shine uses the effects of dermal filler, mesotherapy and botulinum toxin together. The effects of these methods used together make a big difference on the skin.

How does the Aquashine Treatment Work?

Before aqua shine, a meeting is held between the patient and the doctor. Planning is made by taking into account the patient’s demands and needs. It should not be forgotten that the needs of each patient are different from each other.

After planning, the patient is taken to aqua shine treatment. Anesthesia can be applied to prevent any pain. After the area is numb, injections are given to the determined points. The amount of injection applied with ice is a very critical detail. It is important to determine the amount required for the patient and act accordingly.

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After the aqua shine is injected under the skin, the treatment is completed. This application, which usually shows its effect within 2 to 3 days, can be performed between 1 to 4 sessions depending on the needs of the patient.
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Who Can Receive Aqua Shine Treatment?

Aqua shine treatment can be applied to anyone who has completed their development and is healthy. This method, which reduces the signs of aging, can be recommended for people who are uncomfortable with conditions such as wrinkles. You can easily find out whether you are the right candidate for aqua shine, which has many benefits, by consulting a specialist. So, who can receive aqua shine treatment?
  • Aqua shine treatment provides skin restructuring and rejuvenation.
  • This method is applied for patients who want to lighten their skin color.
  • It also corrects sagging in the chin area.
  • It improves wrinkles and bruises under the eyes.
  • It reduces symptoms such as horizontal lines and crow's feet in the forehead area.
  • It removes wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows.
  • It is performed for wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area.
  • Volume loss in the face area is corrected with aqua shine treatment.

What Does Aqua Shine Contain?

Aqua shine contains many useful substances. The substances determined according to the needs of the skin minimize the possibility of allergic reactions. Here are the substances contained in aqua shine:

What are The Side Effects of Aquashine BTX (elixir of youth)?

Aquashine BTX (youth elixir) has no side effects. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid in its content, this application, which prevents possible allergic reactions, produces a natural result. However, in some patients, symptoms such as redness, bruising, mild edema and tenderness may occur due to injection. These effects, which heal spontaneously in a short time, should not cause any concern.
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Aqua Shine Skin Care Considerations

Attention should be paid to the content of the injection administered during Aqua shine skin care. If the patient has any allergies, he/she should definitely inform his/her doctor. Otherwise, undesirable results may occur during treatment. In addition, the patient should be interviewed before the application and attention should be paid to these points during skin care.

Another factor to be considered during Aqua shine skin care is the sterility of the treatment environment. The products used for injection must be clean and sterilized before the application. Otherwise, the patient may be at increased risk of infection or the desired result may not be obtained from skin care.

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Choosing a doctor is also among the things to be considered. If a person is going to have aqua shine treatment, they should take care to consult a specialist. A person with experience in treatment is expected to respond better to the needs of patients. However, a doctor who is an expert in his field knows better what to pay attention to aqua shine skin care.

As a result, what needs to be considered during the application is usually the patient's concern. It is important that people who will be rewarded for their own decisions and measures to be taken make better decisions.

Benefits of Aqua Shine Youth Vaccine

The benefits of Aqua shine youth vaccine manifest themselves in many areas. This anti-aging vaccine reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look younger and more aesthetic. It is a very critical detail that the aqua shine youth vaccine, which has more than one benefit, is applied for everyone who is healthy and has completed their development. Here are the benefits of aqua shine youth vaccine:
  • Provides skin rejuvenation.
  • Corrects facial contours.
  • Reduces scars such as acne and acne.
  • It helps in the deep structuring of the skin.
  • It is good for wrinkles thanks to its anti-aging properties.
  • Treats wrinkles that occur between the forehead, around the eyes, lips and eyebrows.
  • It removes the scars that occur in a person who has undergone surgery.
  • It prevents skin moisture loss and stain formation.
  • It gives the skin a brighter appearance.
  • It provides tightening of the skin.
  • It corrects bruises, wrinkles, pale, dull and tired appearance under the eyes.

Aquashine Users

Aquashine users has a radiant skin for those who have it done. Skin disorders, especially in winter months, make this situation even more important. Thanks to the substances in Aquashine, patients who take precautions against aging are mostly satisfied. This situation is easily understood when looking at the comments of those who have Aquashine.

Apart from the details above, those who have aquashine also get rid of the scars on their skin. Scars such as acne and acne have not only aesthetic but also psychological effects. Therefore, they recover both aesthetically and psychologically with non-surgical facelift treatment. This application, which has an effect for a certain period of time, relaxes those who have aquashine. In this way, patients who are not satisfied with the result after the treatment can return to their old appearance.

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Aqua Shine Before and After

Skin problems experienced before aqua shine can reach unbearable points. Symptoms such as wrinkles, scars and bruises can affect people aesthetically. In addition, patients who are afraid of surgery may feel helpless. This is where the non-surgical facelift method aqua shine, which comes into play, makes you feel the difference before and after.

The improvement of the problems experienced before the treatment can be easily noticed shortly after the application. Therefore, patients are generally satisfied with the change before and after aqua shine. Especially in a well-equipped hospital, aqua shine applied by a specialist doctor shows its effect more.

If you want to see the change before and after aqua shine in more detail and get information about the treatment, you can contact the expert team of Lygos Clinic.

Aqua Shine Costs

Aqua shine costs vary according to the quality of the injection applied. It should not be forgotten that the cost of quality materials will also be higher. In addition, the region where the procedure will take place also affects the costs. It may be thought that low-priced aqua shine applications are of poor quality. However, having any opinion without research can be misleading.

Another factor that determines aqua shine costs is the quality of the hospital. In a hospital equipped with the latest technological products, the costs of the application can be expected to increase. The hospital, which directly affects the result to be obtained, is a situation that people who will be treated should pay attention to.

The specialty of the doctor also affects the costs. The success of an experienced and specialized doctor in the field is reflected in the costs. If you want to learn more detailed information about aqua shine costs, you can contact Lygos Clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Aqua Shine

Aqua shine treatment can be applied in multiple conditions such as aging, wrinkles, bruising and scars. It can also be preferred to increase skin elasticity and elasticity and to give the skin a bright and vibrant appearance.
The results of the Aqua shine application occur in approximately 2 to 3 days. Depending on the needs of the patient, the number of sessions may also increase the duration of the effects.
A single session may be sufficient for Aquashine BTX. Generally, the number of sessions determined according to the needs of the patient varies between 1 and 4 sessions.
Aquashine BTX is applied in 2 ml. There may be changes in the amount of ml according to the needs of some patients.
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