Autologous Biostimulant Filler

Autologous Biostimulant Filler is one of the leading natural and chemical-free products. This filling, which is adjusted individually, is produced from fibrinogen and growth factors. Biostimulant Filler with rich plasma blood cells is applied in a practical way. This product, which does not only act as a filler on the skin, also provides skin renewal and rejuvenation. You can find the details of Autologous Biostimulant Filler treatment, which should not be confused with PRP, in our article.

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What is Autologous Biostimulant Filler?

Filling material produced from natural and chemical-free materials is called Autologous Biostimulant Filler. As with many fillers, this product is treated with plasma taken from the person’s own blood. Biostimulant Filler treatment applied on the skin has multiple benefits to the area.

This method, which gives fullness to the skin, also provides rejuvenation and healing. Autologous Biostimulant Filler, which is more preferred today, attracts attention especially thanks to its natural structure. This filler, which provides recovery of more than one area on the skin; It can also eliminate symptoms such as volume loss, fine and deep lines.

Autologous Biostimulant Filler is generally not used for lip and nose areas. However, this does not apply to detention problems. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor before using the filler.

How is Autologous Biostimulant Filler Done?

Before autologous biostimulant filler, a meeting is held between the patient and the doctor. It should not be forgotten that since everyone’s needs are different, the planning will also be different. In this meeting, the patient’s demands are taken into consideration and the doctor’s recommendations are also taken into consideration. After the necessary planning is done, the patient is examined.

If there is no problem for the treatment, the procedure is started. Anesthesia method can be applied so that the patient does not feel pain during the filling procedure. It is aimed to avoid any problems during the procedure, which is completed in about 1 hour.

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The blood taken to be used in Autologous Biostimulant Filler treatment is subjected to a special process. The platelets and growth factors in the blood are separated to ensure successful results of the treatment. A gel-like filling material is obtained from these separated factors. This filling material is applied to the targeted area with the help of micro-tipped needles or cannula. A slight pain may be felt while the filler is injected.

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Who is Autologous Biostimulant Filler Suitable for?

Autologous Biostimulant Filler is suitable for anyone who has completed the age of 18 and is in good general health. However, if a person who has not completed body development undergoes filler treatment, it may cause undesirable results. The reasons for this situation; vitamins, moisture and collagen bonds can be shown as strong. Therefore, the decrease in collagen and connective tissues is a critical detail for the treatment.

As a result, Autologous Biostimulant Filler can be applied for anyone with decreased collagen and connective tissues. Apart from this decrease, which usually occurs in the 30s and later, filling can also be performed when necessary. Therefore, you should consult a specialist doctor and find out if you are suitable for treatment.

Who Is Autologous Biostimulant Filler Not Suitable For?

Anyone who has completed body development and is healthy can have Autologous Biostimulant Filler treatment. However, this may not be the case for some people. In particular, certain stages can make the filling process unsuccessful. So, for who is Autologous Biostimulant Filler not suitable for?
  • Autologous Biostimulant Filler treatment may not be recommended for cancer patients.
  • People who have problems with blood clotting may not be recommended to have a filling procedure.
  • It may be risky for patients with active infection problems to have fillers.
  • Processes such as pregnancy or breastfeeding can make filling procedures unsuccessful.
  • People who are allergic to the substances in the filling may not be treated correctly.
  • People with diseases such as autoimmune diseases may not be recommended to have Autologous Biostimulant Filler treatment.
There is also a possibility that the details above may not be valid after the doctor’s control. As a result, possible problems are detected and necessary precautions are taken with the pre-treatment examination.

Benefits of Autologous Biostimulant Filler

The benefits of Autologous Biostimulant Filler are quite high when compared to other methods. Especially the fact that the substances in it are natural makes this treatment stand out. Here are the benefits of Autologous Biostimulant Filler:
  • Thanks to the natural materials in it, the result is also more natural.
  • The effects of filling treatment last longer.
  • Less side effects occur in filling treatments where chemical products are not used.
  • Preferring both plasma from the person's own blood and natural products minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Otolog Biostimulant Filler is easily accepted by the body.

Autologous Biostimulant Filler Side Effects

The fact that incision or surgery methods are not preferred in Autologous Biostimulant Filler treatments ensures that there is no risk. However, some side effects may occur in this treatment method, just like in other filling procedures. Here are the side effects of Autologous Biostimulant Filler:

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It should not be forgotten that the above-mentioned side effects will disappear spontaneously in a short time. Therefore, you should not worry and take care to use the medication prescribed by your doctor after treatment.
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Before and After Autologous Biostimulant Filler

Rejuvenation is one of the main differences experienced before and after Autologous Biostimulant Filler. This filling method, which allows the skin to regenerate, is also good for wrinkles and has many effects in terms of both health and aesthetics. Especially those who are worried about methods such as surgery and incisions before treatment can easily achieve the appearance they desire with this filling method.

The natural products in the filler make the result before and after Autologous Biostimulant Filler natural. Therefore, the change experienced by patients who prefer the procedure is pleasing in many ways.

Autologous Biostimulant Filler Costs

Autologous Biostimulant Filler costs vary depending on more than one situation. If the amount of injection to be applied to a person is different, the cost is expected to be different. In addition, the quality of the filler to be applied can also affect the increase in cost. Filling costs may also vary depending on the quality of the hospital and which city it is located in. However, the experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure also makes the costs uncertain.

It would be the best decision to call the hospital where you will be treated to get accurate and detailed information on the subject. If you want to get up-to-date and clear information about Autologous Biostimulant Filler costs, you can contact Lygos Clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Autologous Biostimulant Filler

Autologous Biostimulant Filler is not permanent. With its very long-lasting effect, it enables patients to change aesthetically.
Autologous Biostimulant Filling treatment; Plastic, Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery Specialists and Dermatology specialists can perform.
Giving clear information about the best Autologous Biostimulant Filler brand can be misleading. Especially since the needs of each patient are different from each other, using the same brand products may cause some problems.
Autologous Biostimulant Filler lasting time varies from person to person. This filler, which has a long-term effect, has a durability of approximately 1 to 2 years.