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Some people may experience wrinkles on the face due to excessive use of facial expressions. In addition, genetic reasons and advancing age are effective in the formation of wrinkles. In a very short time, they can become evident around the eyes, between the eyebrows, at the root of the nose and on the forehead. Therefore, by choosing to apply botox, existing problems can be eliminated in a very practical way. The application of botox treatment by a specialist doctor in the field prevents negative expressions that may occur on the face. In this way, you can achieve a youthful and impressive appearance.

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What is Botox?

The type of toxin obtained from the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum is called botox. Botox, which acts on nerve endings, prevents the release of substances by providing conduction. This method, which is a bridge between the nerves and the organs reached by the nerves, emphasizes its effect by stopping the conduction. Thanks to the lack of nerve conduction, the functionality of the organ is minimized. It may even disappear completely. Botox, which is one of the most remarkable aesthetic operations, plays a critical role by acting on multiple points. The movement of the mimic muscles causes facial wrinkles to appear.

People who think that these wrinkles create a bad appearance on the face want to reduce wrinkles and prevent their formation. Wrinkles that disappear completely with Botox provide patients with a different appearance both psychologically and aesthetically. This treatment method also affects excessive sweating areas and chronic migraine.

In Which Situations Is Botox Applied?

Botox is applied in many cases. In which situations is Botox applied? The answers to the question are as follows:


If a patient's mimic muscles have been actively working for years, the likelihood of wrinkles is also increasing. These folds, which become prominent on the skin, cause the loss of dynamism on the face. Wrinkles, which also affect the forehead and the corners of the eyes, reveal an aged appearance. Apart from an aged appearance, the lines between the eyebrows also cause an angry expression, which can lead to false impressions in mutual conversations. Therefore, botox treatment can be applied. Botox applied to the mimic muscles limits the movement of the muscles. Since the weakened muscles will move less, the skin on them is expected to decrease. In this way, you can get rid of wrinkles and express yourself more clearly.

Face Shaping

Thanks to the injection applied in Botox operations, the tails of the eyebrows are lifted. If the middle part of the eyebrow is high, it may cause an expression of surprise. In this case, the height is lowered, providing a natural appearance and shaping the face. The appearance of the upper gum while laughing can create an unpleasant appearance. This image, which is solved thanks to Botox, is corrected with the application of the injection.

Chewing Muscle

Botox is also applied to the chewing muscle. However, this situation has nothing to do with wrinkles. The chewing muscle, also known as the masseter, may experience disease. The square face appearance, which is usually seen in hypertrophied patients, can be softened by botox and transformed into an oval shape. People who have a more naive facial appearance from a harsh appearance can transform into a different personality with the face shape they have achieved.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating also occurs in every person. Especially some people may feel uncomfortable due to excessive sweating. Botox, which can also be applied to sweat glands, stops the transmission between nerve endings. In this way, it reduces the functioning of sweat glands and prevents excessive sweating. Sweating, which is more noticeable on the palms and under the arms, can cause extreme discomfort when combined with odor. Botox, which comes into play here, is one of the most ideal options. A test is performed before the procedure and excessive sweating areas are determined. However, it should not be forgotten that the effect of botox will last about 6 months.


The presence of 31 injection points in botox treatments applied to 7 regions makes the operations more practical. Botox treatments applied with needles that are even thinner than the known needle tips are planned specifically for each person. In this way, a different procedure is determined for people with migraine pain. The patient is examined by a specialist neurologist and the painful areas are determined. After the areas are determined, botox injections can be applied with additional doses. In this way, people with migraine have a healthier structure.

How is Botox Applied?

Botox is applied in a very practical way with the development of today's technology. Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned and made ready for injection. In this treatment method, which attracts attention with the fact that it is not a painful procedure, anesthesia is not needed. Since only a slight pain is felt at the time of injection, creams containing local anesthesia can be used in some cases.

The operation process, which is determined according to the patient's demands and general health status, should be carried out by a specialist doctor. In this way, the injection sites can be determined in a healthier and easier way.

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If a patient wants to reduce the movements of the mimic muscles, injections are applied into the mimic muscles. People who experience excessive sweating are injected into the skin. The botox procedure, which takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes, may cause slight redness or swelling in the area. These short-term symptoms disappear completely after a few days.

In some patients, cooling treatment may be preferred to reduce the swelling and bruising expected to occur in the area after botox injections are applied.

The effect of Botox may vary from person to person. However, the effect of the injection is expected to start 3 or 4 days after the injection. The effect of Botox is fully established in the first week after the operation. Botox, which has a 4 to 6-month effect period, may need to be applied again.

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Things to Consider After Botox

Botox is not expected to have serious side effects on health due to the detailed analysis performed on the patient before the operation. However, after the procedure; swelling, bruising and rarely droopy eyelids may occur. These short-term symptoms should not cause any concern. Since the things to be considered after Botox are specified by the doctor, these situations are met more consciously.

After Botox treatment is successfully completed, there is no need to wait for a return to daily life. It is a critical detail that it does not interfere with social life. However, this does not mean that there are no points to be considered after Botox.

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If the patient, who should stay away from movements and jobs that require bending for a long time, exercises the facial muscles, it may cause problems. The patient, who should consider this situation for a certain period of time, should keep his/her head elevated for an average of 4 hours after the treatment is completed. In addition, the patient should be careful not to tilt his/her head forward or lie down for 4 hours.

It is critical that the face does not come into contact with water for the first 8 hours after the Botox injection is completed. The patient who survives this period without any problems can use warm water in a way that does not harm the face. No pressure should be applied to the face with scrubs, washcloths and hands. You can take a shower by paying attention to these rules. It is recommended to use cold water when washing the face in daily life.

Botox Brands

There is more than one brand that stands out among Botox brands. There are brands such as Myobloc, Xeomin, Lantox, Prosigne, Jeaveau (Evolus), Azzalure and Neuronox worldwide. In Turkey, the most well-known and demanded brands are known as Botox and Dysport. The details to be known for the two brands are as follows:
onabotulinumtoxinA injection


It is one of the two preferred brands especially in Turkey.

The Botox brand, produced by the Allergan company, is used reliably.

Clostridium botulinum Type A Toxin


Dysport, produced by Galderma, is one of the brands used legally in Turkey.

There is not much difference between the two botox brands.

What are the Side Effects of Botox?

Although Botox does not have side effects, symptoms may occur in patients due to genetic reasons and incorrect applications. After Botox injection, mild bruising, redness and swelling may occur on the patient's skin. These symptoms, which are quite normal, will disappear spontaneously after a few days. What are the side effects of Botox? These can be given as an answer to the question:
  • Mild and short-term headache
  • Itching of the skin
  • Formation of bumps on the skin
  • Bleeding under the skin
  • Asymmetry around the mouth
  • Eyebrow twitching, also known as myokymia
  • Asymmetry around the mouth
  • Eyebrow and eyelid drooping called ptosis or difficult closing of the eyelid
  • The appearance of an asymmetrical smile
  • Inability to make some sounds or difficulty in speaking
  • Patient's difficulty in swallowing
  • Occurrence of disorders such as double or blurred vision
  • Weakening of the neck muscles

The side effects mentioned above are very rare. Side effects that occur for more than one reason are usually seen in treatments applied by inexperienced doctors. Injection that is not adjusted correctly and not used in appropriate sizes may reveal the risk of negative results of botox. Side effects of Botox can occur immediately after the procedure or a few weeks later. Therefore, you should be careful to follow the doctor's advice and consult about possible problems.

What is Permanent Botox?

Permanent botox procedure comes to the fore in solving wrinkles, preventing excessive sweating, preventing migraine and shaping the face. It is wondered how long the lifespan of this method, which has more than one advantage, is. Since it prevents aging by immobilizing the muscles, it is frequently asked whether this situation is permanent. Therefore, the question "Is botox permanent?" comes to the fore.

Is Botox Treatment Permanent?

Unfortunately, Botox treatment is not permanent. The botox procedure, which has a very long-lasting effect, can only be applied at certain intervals to maintain the permanent effect. If it is not repeated periodically, it may lose its permanence.

Repeating Botox injections every 3 to 6 months has given rise to the name permanent Botox. The time interval for the injection process varies from person to person. As a result, performing a procedure regularly ensures that its effect lasts for a long time.

Botox treatment shows its effect longer if it is preferred at an early age. However, it should not be forgotten that since more than one point is injected, the effect will vary according to the regions. The effect lasting between 3 and 6 months on average may vary depending on the health and genetic status of the patient.

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How Long Does Botox Effect Last?

The health status, the area where the injection is applied and genetic factors determine the duration of the Botox effect. However, there is a certain duration of effect for each patient. Botox effect, which is expected to last between 3 and 6 months, may be short if it is done for the first time.

This situation, which is likely to last between 2 and 3 months for the first time, can be extended by repeating. Botox treatment, which prevents aging thanks to the connections cut between nerves and muscles, can be damaged by habits that accelerate metabolism such as smoking and alcohol.

Frequent massages especially on the face, frowning, raising eyebrows and smiling can also lead to negative results. Therefore, by following the recommendations given by the doctor, the botox effect can be ensured to be long-lasting.

Permanent Botox Costs

Permanent botox costs vary due to the fact that the procedure is repeated at certain intervals. The fact that the injection process is performed every 6 months on average and different amounts are needed for each patient also affects the costs. The fact that injections are applied to many regions and each region offers solutions to different needs also determines the costs of permanent botox. In addition, the quality of the botox brand, the equipment of the doctor who will perform the procedure and the quality of the hospital can also cause the costs to increase or decrease. You can consult Lygos Clinic's expert team to get the most accurate information about current costs.

Before and After Botox

A person looking at the pictures before and after botox will clearly see the difference. Especially the solution of problems that cause psychological effects gives patients a separate happiness.

However, if a patient does not pay attention to the things to be considered before and after botox, they may not get the desired result.

If you suffer from migraine, facial deformity, wrinkles, excessive sweating, you can apply to Lygos Clinic. You can reach a clear decision by asking your questions to Lygos, which aims to provide the best service with its expert team.

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A: The time it takes to see results may vary depending on the treatment you receive. Some treatments, such as chemical peels or laser hair removal, may require more than one session to achieve the best results. During your consultation, our specialists will discuss the expected timeline for your specific treatment and answer any questions you may have.

A: Treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers should only be performed in a clean, safe, and appropriate clinical setting to prevent infection and permanent physical damage. While some treatments are suitable for use at home, many are best done by trained professionals in a controlled clinical setting.



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