There is more than one method for treating blemishes. The Cosmelan-Dermamelan mask method stands out especially for the face, neck, hands, arms and legs, and décolleté area. This method reduces the amount of melanin in the skin thanks to its ingredients. In this way, the skin is purified from blemishes and gains a smooth structure. Cosmelan-Dermamelan provides color integrity, allowing patients to achieve both a healthier and more aesthetic appearance. So, what is the Cosmelan-Dermamelan treatment? What are the ingredients of the Cosmelan-Dermamelan mask?

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What is the Cosmelan-Dermamelan Treatment?

Cosmelan – Dermamelan treatment is a method used for the removal of blemishes. It contains azeleic acid, kojic acid, glycolic acid, phytic acid and salicic acid to ensure that the result is effective. Cosmelan-Dermamelan, applied as a mask, reduces the amount of melanin in the skin. In this way, melanin, which gives the skin its color, is prevented from forming more in certain areas.

Cosmelan-Dermamelan, which prevents stain formation, brings the skin tone to an equal point. It gives very effective results for the face, neck, hands, arms and legs, décolleté area. Especially the spots caused by sun rays are removed with Cosmelan-Dermamelan method. In this way, the patient has a more vibrant and aesthetic skin.

What Does Cosmelan-Dermamelan Mask Consist of?

The content of Cosmelan-Dermamelan mask consists of more than one component. These components, which have effective properties, provide the removal of blemishes.

At the same time, it makes the skin look more aesthetic. So, what does Cosmelan-Dermamelan mask consist of?


What are the Benefits of Cosmelan-Dermamelan Procedure?

Cosmelan-Dermamelan procedure has many beneficial features for the removal of blemishes. This method, which produces effective results with its rich content, is especially critical for problems occurring in prominent areas. The benefits of the Cosmelan-Dermamelan process can be stated as follows:
  • Cosmelan-Dermamelan procedure can be applied in all seasons.
  • This method, which is applied to remove blemishes, does not have any side effects.
  • It provides a firmer structure of the skin.
  • There are no harmful components in it.
  • It is a reliable procedure.
  • Gives the skin a bright appearance.
  • Renews the skin in detail.
  • It removes deep spots in the area.
  • It can be preferred for every skin type.
  • There is no scar after the procedure.
  • The skin softens approximately 1 month after the Cosmelan-Dermamelan procedure.
  • Provides color integrity of the skin.

On Which Stains is Cosmelan-Dermamelan Effective?

Cosmelan-Dermamelan is applied for many types of stains. Thanks to being both a practical and effective method, it provides the removal of stains in a short time. It stands out especially on spots that occur in prominent areas. In this way, the skin of the patients becomes smoother and radiant. Here are the spots where Cosmelan-Dermamelan process is effective:
  • It is effective on spots such as acne and acne.
  • Cosmelan-Dermamelan is effective on sun spots.
  • It is effective on chloasma-melasma spots.
  • It is effective on spots caused by aging.
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Cosmelan-Dermamelan Cream

Cosmelan-Dermamelan is an effective method used to remove blemishes on the skin. This method, which makes the skin look brighter and smoother by correcting melanin production, is usually applied in two stages. In the first stage, the melanin production of the patient to whom the mask is applied is balanced. In this way, stain formation decreases and the skin gains a smoother appearance. In the second stage, Cosmelan-Dermamelan cream comes into play.

Cosmelan-Dermamelan cream, which makes the result more effective and permanent, should be applied to the area regularly. This situation, which is very important for the success of the treatment, increases the effect of the cream on the area. In this way, the formation of new spots on the skin surface is also prevented.

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At the same time, skin resolution and lightening also occur. As a result, Cosmelan-Dermamelan cream, which is determined according to the patient's skin type and needs, should be used regularly.

Cosmelan-Dermamelan Peeling

Cosmelan-Dermamelan peeling is one of the most ideal methods to equalize skin tone and increase its brightness. This method, which is applied for many types of blemishes, can also be preferred for stubborn melasma spots. Cosmelan-Dermamelan peeling, which is a highly effective and reliable method, is good for pigmentation disorders on the skin. Cosmelan-Dermamelan, a kind of chemical peeling application, creates an even skin tone.

This method, which makes the skin brighter and smoother, is applied according to skin types. In this way, different plans are made for each person and successful results are achieved. Cosmelan-Dermamelan peeling does not cause scars on the skin, relieving patients with doubts.

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Peeling After Cosmelan-Dermamelan Treatment

Peeling may occur after Cosmelan-Dermamelan treatment. This condition, which should not cause any concern, may continue for 4-7 days. Therefore, the doctor may recommend follow-up creams for peeling after Cosmelan-Dermamelan treatment. In addition, redness and sensitivity of the skin can also be expected after treatment.
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Before and After Cosmelan-Dermamelan

The change before and after Cosmelan-Dermamelan is easily noticeable. Especially the mask applied to the skin balances the melanin production and ensures the color integrity of the skin. In this way, the skin gains a smoother and more aesthetic appearance. The elimination of skin problems in the treatment, which is completed in a short time, also affects the patients psychologically.

As a result, the removal of blemishes before and after Cosmelan-Dermamelan contributes to a healthier and brighter skin appearance. If you want to get more detailed information on the subject, you can contact the expert team of Lygos Clinic.

Cosmelan-Dermamelan Costs

Cosmelan-Dermamelan costs vary according to the needs of the patient and the area to be treated. At the same time, how many sessions the treatment will last also affects the costs. The quality and equipment of the hospital where the procedure will be performed is another factor that causes the costs to increase. However, Cosmelan-Dermamelan costs also vary depending on the experience of the doctor who performs the treatment. Therefore, giving a clear price range about the procedure may mislead patients.

If you want to get the most accurate information about Cosmelan-Dermamelan costs, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team. The teams that you can consult any question you want about the subject serve you 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmelan-Dermamelan

All symptoms improve within the first 2 to 7 days after Cosmelan-Dermamelan treatment. Therefore, Cosmelan-Dermamelan does not affect social life.
Cosmelan-Dermamelan shows its effect within 1 week. The full effect occurs approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment.
There is no scar on the skin after Cosmelan-Dermamelan. The skin softens and the spots disappear 1 month after the treatment.
Cosmelan-Dermamelan treatment is decided according to the level of stains on the skin of the patients. This method may be preferred for patients with high melanin content.
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