The under-eye area can be affected for many reasons. Especially bruising, bagging and wrinkles in this area can cause an undesirable appearance. The appearance of a dull appearance can be considered disturbing. These symptoms, which usually lead to a more tired and sleepless appearance, are corrected with electri treatment. One of the most effective methods, electri gives effective results thanks to its ingredients. This method, which renews the skin, also compensates for moisture loss. Improving the dark circles under the eyes, electri provides a brighter and more vibrant appearance of the skin. In this way, an aesthetically young appearance is achieved. So, what is electri? How is Electri applied?

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What is Electri?

Electri is generally preferred for problems around the eyes. It is one of the first methods that come to mind to treat the problems in this area. Electri, which gives radiance and enlightenment especially around the eyes, also improves the bad appearance such as wrinkles, bruises and dullness.

Apart from treating the eye area, it also eliminates the problem of pale skin. This pallor, which occurs due to reasons such as smoking, sun rays, chronic fatigue, unhealthy diet, makes the person look older.

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Thanks to its hyaluronic and succinic acid components, electri, which gives a natural result, corrects both tired and sleepless appearance of the person. In this way, the patient achieves an aesthetic, vibrant and youthful appearance. Before choosing the Electri method, do not forget to consult a specialist and get the necessary information for treatment.

How is Electri Applied?

Before Electri is applied, there is a meeting between the patient and the doctor. In this meeting where the patient’s demands are listened to, some recommendations may be given by the doctor. Since each person’s needs are different from each other, there may be personalized differences in planning. Therefore, people who have discomfort in the interviews before electri treatment should definitely tell their doctor.

After the interview, anesthesia may be applied to the patient undergoing the procedure. It is aimed to feel the pain at a lower level. After numbness is achieved, electri is injected into the designated area with the help of a fine-tipped needle or cannula.

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In this method, no surgery is performed and there is no incision, which eliminates the risk of scarring on the skin. Therefore, electri treatment shows its effect shortly after completion. This method, which starts to show its effect after about 4 hours, provides a brighter and moisturized skin within a few days.

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electri kimler için uygundur?

Who is Electri Suitable for?

Electri is suitable for everyone who has completed their development and is healthy. Generally, people who experience symptoms such as bruises, wrinkles and dullness under the eyes prefer this method. However, those who want to have a more aesthetic and vibrant skin structure also have the electri method.

Electri is also suitable for people who look too much at technological devices such as phones, computers and televisions. These people may experience problems under the eyes because they are too interested in technological devices. It should also be kept in mind that sleeping too little and not getting enough rest can also cause problems.

Those who experience problems such as stress are also suitable for electri. These situations, which cause the body to wear out, can cause the skin to lose its vitality.

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People who want to eliminate scars such as acne and acne can also achieve the desired appearance with electri treatment. The practical healing of these scars on the body attracts the attention of patients. In addition, the absence of any risk of scarring during the procedure plays a critical role.

People who eat an unhealthy diet and smoke may have a pale expression on their faces. Electri treatment is used to correct this expression.

As a result, electri is suitable for the above-mentioned people and everyone who has completed their development. However, you may need to get information about the ingredients of electri by consulting a specialist before applying it. Otherwise, this may trigger allergic reactions.

Who is Electri not Suitable for?

Electri is suitable for many people. However, it may not be recommended for people who have not completed their body development. In particular, people whose skin structure is not established may not get the desired result from this method.

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers may also not be recommended to undergo electri treatment. Therefore, patients must be examined before undergoing treatment. In particular, people who are allergic to the substances used in the treatment should be careful. Otherwise, electri may cause some complications.

electri kimler için uygun değildir
Electri Tedavisinde Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler

Things to Consider in Electri Treatment

Adjusting the correct amount of the substance to be administered in Electri treatment is critical. It should be kept in mind that since each patient’s needs are different, the amount will not be the same. Therefore, the amount of injection has an important place among the things to be considered in electri treatment.

Choosing the right doctor is also an important detail for determining the correct amount of injection to be applied to the skin. The treatment applied by a specialist doctor is both more practical and gives better results. Therefore, another important consideration in electri treatment is to choose the right doctor.

Care should also be taken to ensure that the substances to be applied in electri treatment do not pose any risk to the patient. Therefore, the necessary examinations should be performed on the patient before the procedure.

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It should be ensured that the materials that will be used during the treatment and that will come into contact with the skin are sterile. While a hygienic environment should be created for the treatment, the area to be treated should also be cleaned. As a result, the things to be considered in electri treatment provide the patient with a young and aesthetic appearance.

Electri Advantages

In electri treatments where surgery and incisions are not applied, there is no scar on the skin. The application, which is usually completed in a short time, shows its effect in a short time. It minimizes the risk of allergy, especially thanks to the substances it contains. So, what are the advantages of electri?
  • It improves the quality of the skin by correcting the problems around the eyes.
  • It slows down signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging.
  • It shows its effect quickly.
  • Prevents damage to dermis cells from antioxidants.
  • Improves fine wrinkles and pigmentation disorders on the skin.
  • It normalizes the microcirculation around the eyes.
  • It eliminates scars such as acne and acne.
The above-mentioned electri advantages continue their effect for a long time, allowing people to have a younger and more vibrant skin.
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Before and After Electri

The problems that occur under the eyes and on the skin before electri cause people to look older and tired. Therefore, the change that occurs before and after electri is easily noticeable. Especially after the treatment, the skin looks brighter and more vibrant, allowing people to get rid of tired and old expressions.

Scars such as acne, acne, under-eye bruises and bagging on the skin before electri are also improved. In this way, the skin gains an aesthetic appearance after electri. A person who is hesitant about being treated can decide by examining the changes before and after electri.

Electri Costs

Since each person’s needs are different, electri costs may not be the same. Therefore, it can be misleading to give a price without listening to the patient’s demands and determining the amount of electri to be applied. In addition, the equipment of the hospital where the procedure will take place also affects the costs.

It is unlikely that a metropolitan hospital with high quality and state-of-the-art equipment will be able to provide treatment at the same cost as a hospital in a rural area. Electri costs are also determined by the experience of the doctor administering the injection.

As a result, electri costs vary depending on multiple factors. It is recommended that you call the hospital where you will be treated to get the most accurate information about costs. If you want to learn more about electri treatment and costs, you can contact the expert team at Lygos Clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electri Moisture Vaccine

Electi procedure does not cause pain. In the method where no surgery or incision is applied, some patients may be anesthetized before the procedure. In addition, getting help from fine-tipped needles during the procedure minimizes the possibility of pain.
Electri application frequency varies from patient to patient. The frequency of electri application, which lasts for about 8 to 10 months, should be paid attention to this situation.
Electri shows its effect approximately 4 hours after treatment. Within a few days, the moisture and brightness under the eyes become more noticeable.
Electri is good for bruises under the eyes. At the same time, this method, which improves symptoms such as wrinkles, bagging and dullness, provides the person with a more vivid and aesthetic appearance.
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