Fotona 4D Laser

Fotona 4D laser is an application that makes the skin look more aesthetic. It is one of the most ideal options especially for the face area. Fotona 4D laser, which tightens the skin both from the outside and from the inner oral cavity, adds volume to the area. This laser method applied to all layers of the skin triggers collagen production. In this way, the patient obtains a healthier and more vibrant skin structure. Thanks to being an effective laser treatment, it is preferred by many people.
Two laser wavelengths are applied in Fotona 4D laser treatments. With 4 treatment modes, this method, which creates an anti-aging effect, removes skin imperfections. Thanks to its comprehensive and detailed procedure, it usually produces effective results. Fotona 4D laser application, which is preferred for multiple problems, does not harm the natural appearance of the skin. So, what is fotona 4D laser? How is Fotona 4D laser performed?

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What is Fotona 4D Laser?

Fotona 4D laser is a method that makes the skin look vibrant and smooth. This method, applied with today’s technology, works on four different dimensions. This method, which works on tightening, toning, filling and renewal, produces effective results. Photona 4D laser, which affects all layers of the skin, triggers collagen production. In this way, the skin becomes more aesthetic after its dry and dull appearance. At the same time, it provides a natural healing of the skin.

Fotona 4D laser aims at long-term tightening and volumization of the skin. In procedures where two laser wavelengths are applied, patients are helped with 4 treatment modes. Fotona 4D laser, an anti-aging method, eliminates skin problems in a practical way. It works comprehensively at 4 different levels. It especially treats problems such as spots, redness and sagging without damaging the skin.

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There is no need for any rest after the Fotona 4D laser method. In this way, patients can easily continue their daily life from where they left off. You can learn what you wonder about the treatment process by consulting a specialist about Fotona 4D laser, which is a non-invasive method.

How is Fotona 4D Laser Performed?

Before the Fotona 4D laser is performed, a meeting is held between the patient and the doctor. Since the needs of each patient are not the same, personalized planning is made. In this planning, the area where the procedure will be performed, the patient’s expectations and health status are evaluated. After the decisions are taken, the procedure is started.

Anesthesia can be administered so that the patient does not feel any pain during the application. Sterilization of the materials to be used in photona 4D laser treatment, which is performed from both the outer surface and the inner oral cavity, is performed. In this way, the risk of infection of the patient is eliminated.

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Photona 4D laser procedure, which provides tightening and volume for a long time, can be started from inside the mouth. At this stage, where the jaw line and perioral area are tightened, symptoms such as nasolabial folds and wrinkles are also reduced. After the intraoral treatment is completed, a general tightening effect is created. Fotona 4D laser aims to create a firmer and lifted skin.

Finally, the Fotona 4D laser treatment improves the appearance of the skin. The laser procedure is applied to remove imperfections on the surface. In this way, the skin gets a more vivid and bright appearance.

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Who is Suitable for Fotona 4D Laser?

Fotona 4D laser is suitable for many people. Especially people who have completed their body development and do not have any problems for the procedure can easily prefer it. At the same time, people who have unwanted images on their skin can eliminate the problems with this method. So, who is suitable for fotona 4D laser?
  • It is suitable for patients who want to treat signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging and rejuvenate their skin.
  • It is suitable for people who want to equalize their skin tone.
  • It is suitable for patients with loss of elasticity.
  • Suitable for people who want to renew their skin.
  • Fotona 4D laser is suitable for those who want to remove blemishes such as acne and acne.

Which Areas is Fotona 4D Laser Applied to?

Fotona 4D laser is applied to many areas. This method, which is applied for more than one problem, comes to the forefront thanks to being both practical and effective. In particular, it eliminates problems such as wrinkles and sagging on the skin, allowing patients to gain a youthful appearance. Therefore, it is preferred more and more every day. The areas where Fotona 4D laser treatment is applied are as follows:

What are the Side Effects of Fotona 4D Laser?

Fotona 4D laser treatment does not cause any harm. The procedure, which is completed in a short time, does not affect daily life. However, as with every method, some side effects may occur in the Fotona 4D laser procedure. These reactions of the body should not cause any concern. After the laser treatment, side effects such as redness and mild edema may occur in the area. These effects, which heal in a short time, usually disappear spontaneously.

Fotona 4D Laser Advantages

Fotona 4D laser treatment has many advantages. This application, which enables patients to gain a more aesthetic appearance thanks to its skin renewal, is both an effective and practical method. Especially with the developing technology, more successful results are emerging. So, what are the advantages of photona 4D laser?
  • It is a method that does not require surgery.
  • It does not require methods such as injection or surgical intervention.
  • There is no scar in the treated area.
  • Treatment results are noticed in a short time.
  • It has a long-lasting effect.
  • No pain is felt during and after the procedure.
  • Different planning is made for each patient. In this way, the effect is more pronounced.
  • The patient can continue his/her daily life immediately after the procedure.
  • It makes the skin look brighter and smoother.
  • It removes wrinkles on the skin.
  • Recovers the sagging of the skin.
  • Gives the skin a young appearance.

Before and After Fotona 4D Laser

The change that occurs before and after Fotona 4D laser is considered impressive by many people. In particular, the fact that the change in the skin has both aesthetic and health benefits attracts attention. This method, which removes signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging, enables people to gain a younger appearance. It also aims to make the skin shiny and smooth.

These differences that occur before and after Fotona 4D laser also affect patients psychologically. People who are afraid of looking in the mirror regain their loss of self-confidence for a short time after the procedure. Therefore, the change before and after photona 4D laser treatment is easily noticeable. If you want to get more detailed information about the subject, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team.

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Fotona 4D Laser Costs

Fotona 4D laser costs vary according to the needs of the patient. Since the needs of each patient are not the same, personalized planning is made. Costs can also be expected to increase, especially for patients who need more than one session. Therefore, it would not be both ethical and correct to give a clear figure about Fotona 4D laser costs.

Apart from the details above, fotona 4D laser prices are also determined according to the quality of the hospital. It is expected that the cost of the procedure to be performed in a quality hospital with the latest technological equipment will be higher. At the same time, the experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure also affects the costs. As a result, fotona 4D laser costs vary depending on factors such as patient, hospital and doctor.

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To learn the most accurate prices, it is recommended to contact the hospital. If you want to get more detailed information about fotona 4D costs and ask what you are curious about, you can contact Lygos Clinic's expert team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fotona 4D Laser

Fotona StarWalker is a laser device that reaches the lower layers of the skin and destroys various pigments. This device rejuvenates the skin and corrects different skin tones.
Fotona 4D laser creates a long-term permanent effect. This method, which eliminates problems such as wrinkles, sagging and blemishes, ensures that the results appear in a short time.
Fotona 4D laser procedure is applied between 2 and 4 sessions depending on the needs of the patient.
Facial rejuvenation with Fotona 4D laser is applied to the inner parts of the cheek mucosa and lips through the mouth. This procedure, which is performed in a controlled manner, triggers collagen production. In this way, the patient achieves a more vibrant and younger skin structure.
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