Gastric Plication Surgery

Gastric fold surgery (Gastric Plication) is a procedure that allows the stomach to be reduced in size with stitches in order to reduce food intake. In this procedure, no incision is made and the stomach volume is reduced by approximately 75%. The surgery is performed laparoscopically and is usually completed within 40 minutes. First, the vascular connections at the wide edge of the stomach are released. The stomach tissue is then folded inwards and reduced in two layers with sutures. In this way, the patient loses weight by consuming less food. However, it is very important that the procedure is performed by a specialist doctor and regular follow-up after surgery.

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How is Gastric Fold (Gastric Plication) Surgery Performed?

Gastric Fold (Gastric Plication) surgery is a method using less material compared to sleeve gastrectomy. This reduces the cost and minimizes the risk of leakage. However, the effectiveness of gastric fold surgery is slightly lower than gastric sleeve surgery.

Since the stomach folds on itself, it is more difficult to adjust the remaining stomach. This method provides a looser reduction compared to gastric sleeve surgery. This may lead to less weight loss. Gastric Fold (Gastric Plication) surgery can be performed in two different ways:

1 - Anterior Wall Fold (Anterior Plication):

Anterior wall fold is not a prominent method. In this procedure, a large part of the back wall of the stomach may remain free. This may cause the stomach volume to increase over time. Therefore, this method is generally not preferred.

2 - Anterior-Posterior Wall Fold (Lateral Plication - Great Curvature Fold):

The greater curvature fold is the most widely practiced gastric fold method worldwide. In this technique, the anterior and posterior walls of the stomach are folded on themselves and sutured. The procedure is performed completely laparoscopically. Gastric fold surgery is performed with special instruments by making 4-5 incisions smaller than 1 cm in the patient’s abdomen. This operation, which takes an average of one hour, stands out with its ease of application and low material usage.

Although this surgery is offered as an alternative to gastric sleeve surgery, both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which method is preferred should be determined depending on the individual needs and health status of the patient.

Who is Suitable for Gastric Fold (Gastric Plication) Surgery?

Gastric Fold (Gastric Plication) surgery is offered as an option for patients with a body mass index (BMI) over 30. This surgery may not be applied for every type of obesity. Gastric folding (Gastric Plication) surgery is especially suitable for patients who have failed traditional obesity treatments such as diet and exercise.

Gastric plication offers an alternative way to combat obesity. With this procedure, the stomach is folded inward with surgical sutures to reduce its volume. In this way, patients feel full faster and reduce their food intake. However, the effectiveness of gastric folding surgery may be slightly lower than gastric sleeve surgery.

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What are the Risks of Gastric Fold Surgery?

Gastric Fold (Gastric Plication) surgery, like other obesity surgery methods, is a procedure that can be performed with low risks. Early complication rates vary between 1-9%, while the risk of death due to surgery has not been reported. Among the risks of gastric folding surgery, the likelihood of serious complications is less than 1%.

The most common problems in this surgery are nausea and vomiting. Side effects of gastric folding surgery, which usually subside with medication, return to normal one week after the procedure. There are also studies emphasizing the effect of the applied technique on these side effects.

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It is important for patients considering Gastric Plication surgery to work with a surgeon who is familiar with other methods. In cases requiring revision, it should be kept in mind that this surgery is one of the most difficult bariatric surgery revisions.

The risks of gastric fold surgery include opening of the plication sutures or herniation of the stomach section due to the patient not changing his/her eating habits and consuming too much food. In this case, inadequate weight loss, weight regain or vomiting due to herniation and dimping syndrome may occur. These adverse conditions may lead to revision surgery. It should be kept in mind that a second operation is technically more difficult and requires experience.

Harms of Gastric Fold Surgery

The harms of gastric fold surgery occur for more than one reason. These can occur both from the patient and from the wrong application of the method. So, what are the harms of gastric fold surgery?
  • The long-term consequences of gastric folding surgery are not fully known.
  • It is not an adjustable procedure like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Vomiting and nausea may occur after gastric folding surgery.
  • It is not suitable for use in patients with super morbid obesity.
  • It is usually not covered by insurance institutions.
  • The number of doctors performing stomach folding surgery is quite small.

Gastric Fold Surgery (Gastric Plication)

Those who have gastric fold surgery (Gastric Plication) live a healthier life. Protection of the digestive system also prevents possible problems. At the same time, patients who can perform basic functions comfortably start to live a healthy life. Especially people who get rid of situations that put health at risk, such as joint pain and difficulty breathing, can move more comfortably.

Apart from the details above, the change experienced after surgery also affects those who have gastric fold surgery (Gastric Plication) surgery psychologically. Patients who have a fit appearance play a more active role in their social lives as they improve both health and aesthetics.

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Nutrition After Gastric Fold Surgery

Advantages of gastric plication surgery include its less invasive nature, faster recovery, and lower risk of complications. Since the stomach’s anatomy is preserved, it does not adversely affect nutrient absorption. However, disadvantages include potential stomach expansion and weight regain in some patients. More research is needed on the long-term effects and complications of the surgery.
  • During the first two months, a gradual transition from liquid foods to solid foods is provided in the diet.
  • Immediately after the surgery, nutrition starts with liquid foods.
  • Vitamin and protein supplements, especially vitamin B12, are started in nutrition after stomach folding surgery.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the liquid foods consumed are not fatty and high in calories.
  • Calorie and fat ratios of the foods consumed should be carefully calculated so that your body does not gain weight again.
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Before and After Gastric Fold Surgery

The change that occurs before and after gastric fold surgery manifests itself in many respects. This procedure, which is one of the most ideal methods for the patient, generally does not cause any health problems if the doctor controls are regularly attended. It also protects the basic functions of the body.

This allows the patient to continue his/her life smoothly before and after the gastric fold surgery. People who complain of joint pain and cannot go out can get rid of their problems thanks to this method. The patient, who turns into different people before and after gastric fold surgery, gains a fitter and healthier structure. In this way, he also regains his self-confidence.

Gastric Fold Surgery Costs

Gastric fold surgery costs vary according to the needs of the patient. If the patient’s problem is treated with different methods, the costs are determined accordingly. At the same time, health problems experienced by the person can also affect the costs. Gastric fold surgery costs may also increase according to the size of the patient’s problem.

The cost of surgery performed by a specialist is higher. Therefore, it should be carefully decided which doctor will perform the procedure. Gastric fold surgery costs also vary depending on the quality of the hospital. Costs are usually higher in a hospital with high quality and state-of-the-art equipment. However, it should not be forgotten that the success rate will also be reflected in the costs.

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Therefore, gastric fold surgery costs can increase with the right choice of hospital and doctor. If you want to get more detailed information about the subject, you can contact Lygos Clinic's expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Plication Surgery

Complications of gastric fold are nausea and vomiting, gastric obstruction, bleeding, leakage and perforations.
Anterior wall fold (Anterior Plication) is the folding and suturing of the anterior and posterior wall of the stomach on itself. Anterior wall fold, which is usually performed laparoscopically, is both an economical and practical procedure.
The stomach can be folded in on itself, resulting in a looser reduction compared to sleeve gastrectomy, which may lead to less weight loss. Gastric plication (gastric placation) surgery can be performed in two different ways.
The risk of death in sleeve gastrectomy is 1 in 1000. This risk is higher than with gastric banding (lap band) but lower than with gastric bypass surgery. Minimizing the risk of death requires a professional surgical team, but no surgery is entirely without risk.
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