Hand Sweating Botox

Excessive sweating of the hands can be caused by excitement, embarrassment, stress and some diseases. This causes problems in daily activities such as shaking hands, holding hands and holding pens. Hand sweating can cause some people to develop handshake phobia. This causes people to avoid socializing and become isolated. However, this problem is eliminated with hand sweating botox, which takes about 10 minutes. Thus, a more comfortable life can be provided.
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Hand sweating botox is a method that effectively treats these disturbing conditions. Botulinum toxin is injected into the sweat glands to temporarily stop sweat production. The procedure is short-term and the effect usually lasts for several months. In this way, people feel more comfortable in situations such as shaking hands and holding hands. So, what is hand sweating botox? Why do our hands and palms sweat? You can find the details and what you wonder in our article.

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What is Hand Sweating Botox?

Hand sweating botox offers an effective solution. This method stops the activity of sweat glands by applying it to the palm. In this way, palm sweating is eliminated. Patients feel more comfortable in social environments and improve psychologically. The effect of hand sweating botox usually lasts for 6 months.

This treatment method provides a great relief especially for those who have difficulty in their daily life due to palm sweating. When botulinum toxin is injected into the sweat glands, sweat production is temporarily stopped, resulting in dry palms. This provides great comfort in shaking hands, holding hands and various daily activities. Hand sweating botox, which is an average 10-minute procedure, has no effect on daily life.

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People who can continue their normal life from where they left off realize the effect of botox in a short time. Therefore, interest in the procedure is increasing day by day.

Why Do Our Hands and Palms Sweat?

There are two important reasons for excessive sweating of the hands and palms. The first is psychological sweating triggered by emotional factors such as embarrassment, excitement and stress. The second is sweating caused by some diseases and medications.

Sweating is the body’s self-cooling mechanism. When the body temperature rises, the nervous system activates the sweat glands. Especially when we feel tense and under pressure, palm sweating is common. The most common form of excessive sweating is primary focal hyperhidrosis. In these cases, the nerves that send signals to the sweat glands are overactive.

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This overactivity is exacerbated in situations of stress and tension. This type of hyperhidrosis usually affects the palms, face and soles of the feet and can be triggered by genetic factors. In these cases, there is usually no underlying medical cause.

When excessive sweating has a medical cause, it is called secondary hyperhidrosis. This type is rarer and sweating can occur in any part of the body. Conditions such as thyroid problems, heart attacks, diabetes, infections, menopause and cancer can cause this type of hyperhidrosis.

In summary, the problem of excessive sweating in the hand area can be caused by both psychological and medical reasons. Primary focal hyperhidrosis is usually due to genetics and stress, while secondary hyperhidrosis occurs as a symptom of underlying medical conditions. In both cases, excessive sweating can negatively affect a person's quality of daily life and should be treated.

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How is Hand Sweating Botox Done?

Before hand botox is done, anesthesia can be applied to avoid any pain. In this way, the procedure is more comfortable and practical. After the sterilization process is completed, botulinum toxin is injected into the determined areas using very fine-tipped needles. After this procedure, which takes about 10 minutes, the patient can easily continue his/her daily life.

This procedure offers an effective and practical solution for those suffering from excessive hand sweating. Botulinum toxin stops sweating by temporarily blocking the sweat glands, thus providing a dry and comfortable feeling in the palms. However, the doctor performing hand sweating botox should be specialized and experienced. Otherwise, unwanted results may occur.

Who is Hand Sweating Botox Suitable for?

Hand sweating botox is generally applied to people aged 18 and over. However, if deemed necessary in terms of health and if the doctor finds it appropriate, botox treatment can also be considered for individuals under the age of 18. Both women and men who suffer from excessive sweating or are uncomfortable with this condition can have Botox. Botox for hand sweating may not be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Botox is used to effectively solve the problem of excessive sweating. By stopping the excessive functioning of the sweat glands, it provides both physiological and psychological relief. This treatment offers an important solution especially for sweating problems that negatively affect social life. As a result, anyone in good health can benefit from Botox treatment with the approval of a doctor. In this way, it is aimed to control the sweating problem and enable individuals to live a more comfortable and self-confident life.

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What are the Side Effects of Hand Sweating Botox?

Botox for hand sweating does not have any serious side effects. After the procedure, mild redness and bruising may occur in the injection areas, but there is no need to worry about these temporary side effects. After a while, these effects disappear spontaneously.

Hand sweating botox is generally recognized as a safe procedure. The mild redness and bruising that occur after the application are normal reactions of the skin to the injection. These side effects are minor and do not have negative effects on the daily lives of patients.

Things to Consider Before Hand Sweating Botox

Before starting hand sweating Botox treatment, it is important to inform your doctor about the medications you take regularly. If your medications include blood thinners, muscle relaxants or antibiotics, you may need to stop taking these medications one week before the treatment in consultation with your doctor.

It is very important to follow the advice given by your doctor before hand sweating botox. This situation, which directly affects both the procedure and the post-treatment, ensures a better result. Therefore, by sharing any problems with your doctor, you will plan the treatment process in the safest way. In order for Botox treatment to be successful, it is very important to be open and honest about medication use and health status.

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Things to Consider After Hand Sweating Botox

The things to be considered after hand sweating botox directly affect the result. In particular, it is important not to wash your hands for the first 4-5 hours after the treatment. You should also avoid making fists and squeezing your hands during the first day of treatment. You should stay away from extremely hot and steamy environments such as baths and saunas and avoid hand massage. In this way, sensitive skin is protected after treatment.

Taking these precautions after treatment maximizes the effect of botox. It also minimizes possible side effects. The reason why you should not wash your hands for the first few hours is to allow the botox to settle in the injection sites. Avoiding making fists and squeezing your hands helps the botox to stay in the right areas.

Loss of Strength After Hand Sweating Botox

Hand sweating botox is an effective method used to stop the sweat production of sweat glands by paralyzing the sympathetic nerves that cause sweating. Anesthesia is applied to prevent pain during the procedure. Botox, known as botulinum toxin, is then injected under the skin and creates a temporary block in the nerve endings.

This application takes approximately 30 minutes. The effects of the treatment appear within a few hours or a few days and last for a long time. However, temporary loss of strength may occur after hand sweating botox. After the treatment, there may be pain in the injection area that may last for a few days. In some cases, the injection may affect the nerves, causing temporary loss of strength in the arm. Since these effects are temporary, the treatment may need to be repeated periodically.

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Before and After Hand Sweating Botox

The change that occurs before and after hand sweating botox is noticeable both in terms of health and aesthetics. People who have excessive sweating in their hands due to excitement, embarrassment, stress and some diseases now feel more comfortable. Thanks to this method, handshake phobia is eliminated. The effect that occurs before and after hand sweating botox also improves the patients psychologically.

Hand sweating problem may have negative effects on daily life. Thanks to this method, people feel more comfortable in situations such as shaking hands and holding hands. As a result, multiple problems are eliminated before and after mesobotox. However, the procedure must be performed by a specialist. This ensures that the problem is solved in a practical way and no problem occurs.

Hand Sweating Botox Costs

Hand sweating botox costs are determined according to the needs of the patient. Details such as the area where the procedure will be performed and at what level affect the costs. Therefore, it would not be correct and ethical to give any cost. In addition, hand sweating botox costs vary depending on the quality of the hospital.

Costs can be expected to be higher in a hospital with equipped and state-of-the-art technological products. However, the experience and specialization of the doctor who will perform the procedure may also increase the costs of hand sweating botox. As a result, hand sweating botox costs vary depending on factors such as doctor, hospital and patient. If you want to get more detailed information about the subject, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Botox

Hand botox usually works within a week. This method, which lasts between 6 and 12 months, can increase its effect if it is applied again.

Hand sweating botox is usually done after the age of 18. However, if deemed necessary in terms of health and if the doctor finds it appropriate, botox treatment can also be considered for individuals under the age of 18.

For sweating botox, a dermatologist or a thoracic surgery doctor is visited.

It is important not to take a bath for the first 24 hours after Botox. While no friction and pressure should be applied to the treated area, bathing can be done carefully after the first 24 hours.

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