Nose Tip Aesthetics

What Is Nose Tip Surgery

Medical Rhinoplasty, also known as nasal tip aesthetics; It is an intervention performed only on the nasal tip cartilage and tissue without intervening in the nasal bone as a result of not having an arched and bony appearance in the anatomical nose structure of the person. This method is preferred for deformations such as nasal tip curvature, drooping and asymmetry.

Nasal tip aesthetics is an aesthetic surgical operation applied for people with deformity in the nose, not arch or bone. It is applied to people between the ages of 16-18 who have completed their bone structure and whose nasal tip is longer, wider, or lower than normal. With the nose tip operation, deformations and deformities at the tip of the nose are corrected and an aesthetically beautiful appearance is obtained. With nose tip surgery;

- The width of the wings of the nose is narrowed.
- The deformity of the nostrils is eliminated.
- The tip of the nose is lifted and thinned.
- Asymmetrical appearance is obtained by changing the angle of the tip of the nose.

Who Can Have Nose Tip Aesthhetics

Tipplasty, that is, nasal tip aesthetics, can be applied to anyone who does not have any problems in the nasal bone, nasal dorsum, septum area, whose nose is not flattened or wider than it should be, but who has a problem only at the tip of the nose, and whose general health condition is favorable. Considering the information that the bone structure of the nose sits at the age of 17 in women and 18 in men, the age limit for surgery is 17 in men and 18 in women.

Things to Consider Before Nose Tip Aesthetics

– Before the operation, the use of substances that will adversely affect the healing process such as smoking and alcohol should be stopped.

– Since blood thinners will adversely affect the process of nasal tip aesthetic surgery, they should be discontinued approximately 2-3 weeks before the operation.

– On the day of the operation, clothes with buttons or zips that can be worn and removed easily should be preferred.

– Patients should give complete information about their general health status to the plastic surgeon who will perform the operation.

Nose Tip surgery

How is nose tip aesthetics performed in Turkey?

In nasal tip (tip plasty) surgery, only the deformations and deformities at the tip of the nose are removed without interfering with the cartilage and bone in the nose under local anesthesia. It is an operation performed on cartilage and soft tissue. A closed technique is used. Surgical incisions are made from the inside. Thus, there are no postoperative stitches and scars. This is a situation that positively affects the short recovery period. It is a form of treatment that takes approximately 45 minutes and 1 hour. In type plastic surgery, edema, swelling, and bruising are not very likely complications compared to rhinoplasty.

Recovery Process After Nose Tip Surgery

Patients undergoing nasal tip surgery are discharged at the end of the operation. It is not a heavy operation that requires hospitalization. After the operation, a special medical tape is attached to the nose of the patient for the first 5 to 7 days. Afterward, patients can continue their work and daily routine life within 1-2 days. It is normal to see a small amount of edema and swelling in the first few days. Again, the loss of sensation at the tip of the nose may continue for 1-2 months. It takes 6 months to 1 year for the nose to fit completely. During the healing process, patients should avoid heavy, light, or heavy exercise for the first 2 weeks. During the healing process, care should be taken not to enter the sea or pool for the first 1 month, and harmful sun rays should be protected. On the 2nd day, you can take a bath provided that you do not wet and damage the nasal bands.

Are There Risks And Complications In Nose Tip Surgery

As in every aesthetic surgery procedure, there are complications and risks that may be encountered in nose surgery. At this point, it is very important that the surgeon informs the patient in advance against complications such as bleeding and infection during the detailed examination process before the nose surgery. Complications and risks that may occur are usually seen within 1-3 hours after the operation. In such cases, patients should contact the surgeon directly without worrying.

Is There A Scar After Type Plasty Surgery

Surgical incisions and stitches in type plasty surgery are placed in invisible places in the nose. The stitches disappear over time and become invisible

Is Nose Tip Surgery Painful

In type plasty surgery, no intervention is made to the nasal bone. Only the deformation at the tip of the nose is corrected. Therefore, there is no pain and soreness. Even if there is, it can be controlled with mild painkillers.

How Long After Nose Tip Surgery Can Go Home

After type plasty surgery, patients are hospitalized in the hospital for 1 day depending on their general health status in order to prevent possible complications and to be kept under observation. After 1 day under the supervision of a doctor, they can go home.

Nose Tip Aesthetics Results in Turkey

Nasal tip aesthetics produces solutions to respiratory problems as well as correcting the aesthetic appearance. By solving the respiratory problem, the snoring problem ends and sleep quality improves. Heart, diabetes and vascular diseases that develop due to sleep interruption are prevented. Nasal tip aesthetic operation has not only physical but also mental benefits. People become more self-confident and more active individuals in social life with their new appearance.


Nose Tip Aesthetics Price in Turkey

Nasal tip aesthetic prices are determined by factors such as the size of the problem in the nasal structure of the person, whether other aesthetic surgical procedures will be performed simultaneously, the equipment to be used in the operation and the price policy of the clinic where the operation will be performed. In order to get the most accurate information about the prices of nasal tip aesthetics, it is best for people to have a detailed examination in the clinics they deem appropriate for themselves. You can learn everything you wonder about the process of nasal tip aesthetics in Turkey and 2023 nasal tip aesthetics prices by contacting Lygos Clinic.

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