Prominent Ear (Otoplasty) Surgery

Prominent ear, popularly known as sail ear, is one of the most common deformities seen in the ear and at the same time, it is one of the conditions that have the most impact on people’s psychology due to its aesthetic appearance. Prominent ear does not pose any health hazard. However, due to its aesthetic appearance, especially school children are often bullied by their peers, which leads them to depression and insecurity. For a better social life, it is beneficial to be treated using the possibilities of modern medicine.

Otoplasty surgery

What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear, also known as sail ear among the people, is a condition in which the auricle is more prominent and curved than its normal appearance due to the weakness of the cartilages in the ear area and insufficient development of the ear folds. It is a condition caused by genetic predisposition. While this condition is seen in one ear of some people, it is mostly seen in both ears.

While women have the opportunity to hide the appearance of prominent ears thanks to their long hair, unfortunately this is not possible for men. For this reason, there are more men who apply for prominent ear surgery at a percentage rate. The process of correcting prominent ear deformity with surgical operations is called ‘otoplasty’ in medicine.

Prominent Ear Causes

Prominent ear is a condition seen due to genetic carriage. In other words, the presence of prominent ears in one of the family members, especially the parents, increases the likelihood of this problem. It does not develop later or under the influence of external factors. Genetically transmitted prominent ear problem:

It causes problems such as weak and loose cartilage structure in the ear, a wider angle width than it should be between the bone behind the ear and the prominence, and finally, underdevelopment of the folds on the upper part.
Although it has not yet been theoretically proven, according to some expert opinions, the hormone estrogen in the womb triggers cartilage softening and pulls the muscles in the ear forward, causing the appearance of prominent ears.

Problems Caused by Prominent Ear

Prominent ear appearance is not a threat to human health. Prominent ear appearance creates serious psychological pressure especially on children. School-age children are often subjected to peer bullying in this regard. Sometimes they are subjected to mocking jokes not only by their peers but also by adults. This situation, especially in western societies, affects children’s personal development and causes problems such as low self-esteem and depression. The fact that the formation of the auricle is completed between the ages of 4-6 is a very advantageous situation in terms of not wasting time for surgery.

Who Can Have Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear surgery can be performed on anyone who is uncomfortable with the large or prominent ear shape and whose general health condition is appropriate. Children’s ear development is completed until the age of 4-6. They can have prominent ear surgery from this age.

Prominent Ear Surgery Process?

In addition to adult people, the prominent ear problem, which closely affects the social life of children, is easily treated thanks to the technological possibilities that have developed today. It is a simple aesthetic surgery procedure that does not carry great risks. According to the structure and problem of the ear, a treatment plan is drawn up specifically for each patient and the operation is performed according to this plan.

In prominent ear surgery, the deformity in the cartilage part of the ear is corrected with small surgical incisions and the ear is positioned backwards and shaped as it should be. Although it varies depending on the size of the problem in the ear, it is an operation that usually lasts between 1, 1-5 hours. It is performed under sedation, local or general anesthesia depending on the age and health status of the patient. Such plastic surgery operations should be performed by specialist plastic surgeons in sterile hospitals and clinics.

Recovery Process After Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear surgery is a risk-free aesthetic surgery operation that ends in a short time. Patients who are not under general anesthesia after surgery can be discharged on the day of the operation. The incisions made in the operation do not require stitches most of the time. Therefore, no suture scar is formed.

Although it varies from person to person, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks to complete the healing period. Patients can take a shower 2-3 days after the operation. In this process, protecting the ears from possible impacts and wearing an ear band for 1-2 weeks without interruption will positively affect the healing time. Any pain that may occur is relieved with mild painkillers.

Prominent Ear Surgery Results

At the end of prominent ear surgery, people have ears that are natural and have the proportion they should have. The prominent ear appearance is completely eliminated. The best result of prominent ear surgery is that the self-confidence of people with the problem increases and they become more active in social life.

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Prominent Ear Surgery in Children

When prominent ear problems are encountered in babies, this problem can be prevented by wearing elastic bands for a while under the control of a doctor. In cases where the problem is recognized late, when the prominent ear surgery will be performed and which technique will be applied is decided by the specialist plastic surgeon after the necessary examination.

Prominent ear surgery can be performed in children from the age of 6. Although prominent ear surgery is performed at any age range for anyone whose ears are not in the proportion they should be, it is important to perform it at a younger age in order to have a healthy personal life in the following years. In children, the ear structure is established between the ages of 4-6. By performing prominent ear surgery on children at a young age, peer bullying that they may encounter when they reach school age is prevented. They become psychologically healthier individuals.

Prominent Ear Surgery Prices

There are many parameters that affect the prices of prominent ear surgery. First of all, the technique to be used for the operation, the fact that it will be applied to both ears, the size of the deformation in the ear, intervention to the existing problems in the earlobe, performing other aesthetic surgical procedures in combination with prominent ear surgery, which type of anesthesia will be applied in the operation affect the price scale.

In addition to these, the price policy of the clinic where the operation will be performed is also effective. You can learn everything you wonder about prominent ear surgery and 2023 prominent ear surgery by contacting the expert staff of Lygos Clinic.

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