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Our skin can be affected by many conditions. In particular, constant exposure to sunlight can lead to undesirable consequences. Problems caused by harmful UVA and UVB types can be prevented with sunscreen. The cream, which protects the skin against these types, acts as a shield against radiation.

Skin health can be in danger during the hot seasons when the sun comes at a steeper angle. Therefore, sunscreen is preferred. Sunscreen, which is recommended to be used not only in summer but also in winter, should be selected in accordance with the skin type. In this way, you can feel the effective results of a long-term use. So, what is the importance of sunscreen use? What are the types of sunscreen? How to use sunscreen? You can find the details in our article.

What is the Importance of Using Sunscreen?

What is the Importance of Using Sunscreen?

The importance of using sunscreen emerges at more than one point. In particular, the cream, which protects from the effects of harmful UVA and UVB types, also prevents the formation of spots on the skin. In this way, unwanted appearance is prevented. This situation is felt more in the summer seasons when the weather is hotter and the sun hits more overhead. Therefore, the importance of using sunscreen is more critical than thought.

The same negative situations can also be experienced in the winter season. Therefore, cream should be used regularly and skin health should be protected. People who need to choose a sunscreen suitable for their skin type can continue to use it all year round. In this way, negative situations that may occur on the skin are minimized.

It should not be forgotten that people who are exposed to sun rays for a long time; weakness, fatigue, fatigue, decreased desire to work, muscle cramps and fainting are seen. It is even known that serious problems such as sunstroke, sudden loss of consciousness, stroke, heart attack and death can occur. Therefore, the importance of using sunscreen is critical for both health and aesthetics.

What are the Types of Sunscreen?

What are the Types of Sunscreen?

It is very important for each person to choose the type of sunscreen suitable for their skin. Otherwise, problems such as allergic reactions or ineffectiveness of the cream may occur. However, without knowing the types of sunscreen, how can we decide which one is right for us? Here are the types of sunscreen:

Sunscreen types; It is offered in 3 options: physical, chemical and hybrid. Each has its own advantages.

Physical protective sunscreen types include minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc dioxide. These creams, which do not penetrate the lower layer of the skin, protect UVA / UVB rays by reflecting them off the skin. Physical protective sunscreen, which can cause sweating in the areas where it is applied, can flow if interfered with with other liquids. Therefore, it is recommended to renew it for a short time. These creams, which do not cause clogging in the pores, can be used in case of rapid exposure to the sun.

In sunscreen types with chemical protective properties, molecules that reflect UVA / UVB rays are absorbed under the skin. These creams containing substances such as avobenzone, oxybenzone, benzophenone-3, diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate act under the skin. Therefore, it should be applied to the skin 20-30 minutes before exposure to sunlight. Chemical protective sunscreen types with a homogeneous structure are easily dispersed and give a feeling of smoothness.

Hybrid sunscreen types have both chemical and physical protective properties. It contains many substances with these properties. These substances, which are carefully added during formulation, determine the type of cream according to the rate of addition.

How to Use Sunscreen?

How to Use Sunscreen?

Before using sunscreen, you should make sure that it has the right properties for your skin. It is also very critical that you are not allergic to the substances it contains. After the necessary checks are made, sunscreen can be used.

When applying sunscreen to the skin, it is recommended to apply a small amount as a thin film. However, different types of sunscreen can also be used for face and body. In this way, people with facial sensitivity can get more effective results.

As a result, the sunscreen is applied to the skin in the right amount. These creams, which protect from many problems caused by sunlight, may need to be used 20-30 minutes in advance depending on their properties.

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Sunscreen FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Among the benefits of using sunscreen is the protection of the skin from sunlight. Sunscreen, which prevents the skin from wearing out, makes the person look younger.
The harms of not using sunscreen are realized both in terms of health and aesthetics. Skin exposed to UVA/UVB radiation can lose its bright, luminous, vibrant and healthy appearance. In addition, serious diseases such as eczema, vitiligo, redness, skin sensitivity, wrinkles, edema, inflammation, skin cancer can also occur.
Sunscreen use can be started at any age. However, for children under 4 years of age, it is recommended to choose products suitable for the pH of their skin.
Sunscreen, which protects from the harmful radiation of the sun’s rays, should be used both in summer and winter.
Sunscreen types with oil-free and light formula are generally recommended for combination, oily or acne-prone skin. Sunscreens that do not contain allergic substances are recommended for individuals with atopy-prone, rosacea-prone and rash-prone skin types.

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