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The skin is weakened due to aging, the effect of gravity and various other factors. Therefore, sagging and wrinkles appear on the face. This situation affects the person both aesthetically and psychologically and makes them look older. A person who wants to eliminate these problems occurring on the skin prefers the thread lift procedure, which is one of the non-surgical rejuvenation methods. Thanks to this method, it is easier to get rid of sagging and wrinkles in the face and neck area. At the same time, a younger and smoother facial appearance is achieved. So, what is thread lift? How is a thread lift done? You can find the details and what you wonder in our article.

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What is Thread Face Lift?

The face and neck are the parts of the body that show aging most clearly. Due to aging, the effect of gravity and various factors, sagging and wrinkles occur in the face and neck area. This causes the person to look older. Patients who want to remove sagging and wrinkles without surgery usually prefer thread lift treatment.

In thread lift treatment, cog threads are used during the thread lift procedure in people with excessive facial sagging. Unlike their old awned structure, these threads in polydioxanone structure create more effect thanks to their molded shapes. This method provides a longer lifespan and renewal effect. In addition, these threads, which can be applied with ready-made cannulas, provide a more practical completion of the procedure for both the patient and the doctor.

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Thread lift tightens and rejuvenates the skin in a non-surgical way. It is one of the most ideal options for those who want to get rid of sagging and wrinkles in the face and neck area. With this modern technique, it is possible to achieve a younger, firmer and more vibrant facial appearance and to eliminate aesthetic concerns.

How is Thread Lift Done?

Before the thread lift treatment is done, a meeting is held between the patient and the doctor. A detailed examination is performed to determine the patient’s problem. The treatment process, which should be planned by a specialist doctor, directly affects the result. Therefore, it should be ensured that the person who will perform thread lift treatment is an expert.

After the details above are completed, the thread lift treatment is started. Anesthesia can be applied so that the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. It is also very important to sterilize the materials to be used. In this way, the treatment is completed in a more practical and comfortable way. After the points where the threads will enter and exit are numb, the threads are placed under the skin.

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In the thread lift treatment, which is carefully applied to the determined points, the patient is seated in an upright position. This ensures that the lifting process takes place. During thread facelift, if there is asymmetry on the person's face, it is corrected. At the same time, excess thread is removed. After the procedure is successfully performed, the patient's face is cleaned. Entry and exit points are covered with tapes to prevent bad appearance.

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Who is the French Strap Suitable for?

The French Strap method is one of the most ideal options for those who seek aesthetic improvements but want to avoid major surgical operations. Patients who want to regain the skin firmness and contour that naturally decreases with the advancement of age can easily prefer this method.

People who want to correct sagging on the face, neck and other body parts are also suitable for the French sling. This method, which allows patients to recover quickly, produces aesthetically satisfying results. At the same time, it attracts attention among those who want to increase self-confidence and achieve a younger appearance. The French sling provides a natural rejuvenation by tightening the skin.

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Being a non-surgical solution also prevents possible problems. Those who prefer this method return to their daily lives free from aesthetic concerns. As a result, the French sling stands out as a safe, comfortable and effective option.

Which Areas Is French Strap Done?

French strap is applied to many parts of the body. It is applied to correct sagging and skin laxity in the regions. It is a very effective method. It has a wide usage area especially in the face area. Forehead, eyebrows, eye contour, cheeks, jaw line and neck are among the most preferred areas of the French hanger.

Sagging on the forehead is corrected to provide a more open and youthful expression, while a tired or sad appearance is eliminated with the brow lift. The removal of fine lines and sagging around the eyes gives the person a more lively and vigorous look.

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Elimination of sagging and laxity in the cheeks clarifies the facial contours. This creates a younger appearance in general. A sharper jawline and a tighter neck profile are obtained in French lift procedures performed on the jawline and neck area. In this way, an effective solution is offered against signs of aging.

İşlem sırasında kullanılan ipliklerin türü ve miktarı, elde edilmek istenen sonuca göre doktor tarafından belirlenmektedir. Uzman bir doktor tarafından uygulanması gereken Fransız askısı tedavisi, kişiye özgü ve doğal görünümlü sonuçlar ortaya çıkarmaktadır.

The type and amount of threads used during the procedure are determined by the doctor according to the desired result. French lift treatment, which should be applied by a specialist doctor, produces personalized and natural-looking results.

It should not be forgotten that each person has different needs and expectations in French lift treatments. Therefore, before deciding on the procedure, it is of great importance to have a detailed preliminary interview with an experienced plastic surgeon, to obtain comprehensive information about the procedure and to share personal expectations with the doctor. This approach helps to achieve the best results and increases patient satisfaction.

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What are the Stages of Thread Lift Treatment?

The stages of the thread lift treatment are determined according to the needs of the patient. First, the structure of the skin and underlying support tissues are analyzed in detail. After the markings are made, anesthesia is applied and the entry and exit points of the threads are numbed.

After the necessary sterilization conditions are met, the threads are placed at the targeted points under the skin. After these carefully completed stages, the person is placed in an upright position. At this stage, the lifting procedure is performed. If there is asymmetry on the person’s face, it is corrected at this stage. Also, the excess threads are removed. Finally, the person’s face is cleaned and the entry and exit points are closed with tapes.

The Difference Between Fusible and Permanent Threads

Two different options are offered in the thread lift method. These are: fusible and permanent threads. The difference between fusible and permanent threads makes patients think. However, this technique aims to eliminate sagging in the neck and face area through threads placed under the skin.

Permanent threads are preferred for a long-lasting effect. However, the patient can also choose fusible threads, whose effect lasts between 6 months and 2 years. Thanks to this flexibility, we act according to the needs and expectations of each person. Thus, it becomes easier to achieve the aesthetic results that everyone wants.

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Cog Thread Lift

Cog thread lift is one of the most ideal methods especially for problems such as sagging face, cheeks, chin area or neck. This method, which is generally preferred by people over the age of 25, is applied for both men and women. Cog thread lift treatment is done by many people thanks to its application in all seasons.

In addition, Cog lift is also applied for problems such as abdominal and arm sagging. However, this method may not be recommended for some people. It is very critical for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to consult a specialist doctor before having a facelift procedure.

Thread Lift

The skin is weakened for many reasons. Therefore, the patient searches for the most accurate and effective method for himself/herself. Thread lift treatment, which comes into play here, attracts attention both because it is performed without surgery and because it produces successful results.

Therefore, those who have a thread lift are mostly satisfied. This method practically eliminates the effects of aging, problems caused by gravity and various other factors. In this way, the change that occurs after the procedure affects those who have a thread lift. Those who have a thread lift have a younger appearance. Thanks to this method, it is easier to get rid of sagging and wrinkles in the face and neck area. At the same time, the skin gains a smooth appearance. As a result, those who have a thread lift experience positive changes both aesthetically and psychologically.

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Before and After Thread Lift

The face and neck are the parts of the body that show aging most clearly. Therefore, the change that occurs before and after thread lift is clearly noticeable. Especially the practical removal of sagging and wrinkles in the region also affects the perspective on the method. At the same time, the fact that these problems are eliminated without surgery and no problems occur increases the interest in thread lift treatment.

The differences experienced before and after thread lift can also be understood from the photographs. Before the procedure, it is realized that skin problems affect people both aesthetically and psychologically. However, a person who undergoes treatment regains a younger and smoother appearance. In this way, he/she can be a more active person in his/her social life by preventing loss of self-confidence.

Thread Lift Costs

Thread lift costs are determined according to the needs of the patient. Especially the size of the area to be treated directly affects the costs. Therefore, it may be misleading to say any cost for the patient before the examination. Apart from the details above, thread lift costs also vary depending on the quality of the hospital. Costs can be expected to be high in a well-equipped hospital with the latest technological equipment.

However, the experience and specialization of the doctor who will perform the procedure also increases the costs of thread lift. As a result, thread lift costs vary depending on factors such as doctor, hospital and patient. If you want to learn the most accurate information about the subject and ask what you are curious about, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thread Face Lift

Dynamic threads cannot stop aging, but they can remove sagging and wrinkles. Therefore, the person gains a younger appearance.

Cog thread lift does not carry any risk. Therefore, cog thread lift is safe.

There are no side effects of thread lift procedure. However, it is recommended to consult a specialist before the procedure.

Threads that are dermatologically compatible with the skin have no harm to human health.

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