Pimple (Acne)

One of the most striking parts of people is their faces. . Therefore, any discomfort that occurs here can have negative effects. Disorders such as acne, which occur especially in certain periods such as adolescence, can cause serious problems both in social life and psychological sense. Pimple (acne), which can cause disconnection from the outside and damage people who are at peace with themselves, can be easily solved. With the development of laser technology, the effects of acne can be controlled in a more practical and healthy way. However, during this process, any situation that may damage the area should not be experienced. Therefore, questions such as "what is pimple (acne)?", "what are the symptoms of pimple (acne)?" are frequently asked.

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Sivilce (Akne) Nedir?

What is Pimple (Acne)?

Pimple (acne) are inflammatory swellings that appear on the skin. This reddish-colored discomfort can occur for many reasons. One of these reasons is hormonal imbalances. In particular, acne is more common in certain processes such as adolescence. In addition, situations such as unbalanced and unhealthy nutrition and the use of certain medications can also lead to acne formation.

It is known that pimples (acne) that occur during adolescence disappear spontaneously after a while. However, there may be more than one reason for acne that does not heal even after this period has passed. Problems such as hormonal disorders, excessive oiliness, cysts, goiter may cause acne not to heal.

It is recommended that the person who encounters such a situation should consult a specialist doctor. In this way, the underlying problem of acne can be determined more easily and the most efficient results can be obtained from the treatment.

What are the Symptoms of Acne?

Among the symptoms of pimple (acne), the condition of the symptoms usually comes to the fore. The symptoms of acne that occur depending on the severity of the symptoms are as follows:
  • If the tips of the pimples on the body are white, it can be shown among the symptoms of acne.
  • The formation of lumps or nodules under the surface of the skin can also cause acne to appear. This is especially the case with large, solid, painful lumps.
  • Acne can also be caused by lumps or cystic lesions that form under the surface of the skin and can be painful. These lumps are usually filled with pus.
  • Tender bumps that are red in color and small in size are one of the symptoms of acne.
  • Finally, blackheads are also known to have an effect on the formation of acne.
Sivilce Akne Belirtileri Nedir

Acne inflammation in the body causes general redness and tenderness. If acne progresses, additional symptoms may include dark spots and scars. As a result, doctors provide the most accurate solution to the answers to the question “What are the symptoms of acne?”. A person who communicates the symptoms to their doctor early is expected to recover sooner.

Sivilce Akne Tedavi Edilebilir Mi?

Can Pimple (Acne) Be Treated?

Pimple (acne) can occur for some reasons. Therefore, it is known that people who should pay attention to what they eat and their health are known to investigate the question “Can pimple (acne) be treated?” in case of acne on their bodies. In particular, it is wondered whether there is a solution to acne that reaches unwanted dimensions.

Today, with the developing technology, pimple (acne) treatment is done in a very practical and easy way. In procedures with many methods, the most appropriate method is determined for the person.

Generally, it starts with medication and continues according to its effects. Another effective method in acne treatment is laser. Laser, which is a modern technique, treats acne on the skin and prevents possible formations.

How to Treat Pimple (Acne)?

Pimple (acne) treatment varies according to the severity and type of acne. For mild acne, medicines and skin care products are generally used. For moderate and severe acne, more detailed treatment methods such as prescription drugs and laser treatment are applied. Acne creams can also be preferred to regulate the oil balance of the skin and reduce the inflammation in the area and reduce its effect.

Things to Consider in Acne (Pimple) Treatment

It is necessary to apply the things to be considered in the treatment of pimple (acne) regularly. People who need to be careful against acne should not forget the sensitivity in the area, should not squeeze and touch the pimples. If they make these mistakes, it may cause more bacteria to settle and acne to remain on the skin as a scar in the later stages.

Large pimples can cause serious discomfort. It is recommended that the aching pimples be cleaned by a specialist physician. It is strongly discouraged for the patient to intervene himself/herself.

Care should be taken to use moisturizing and cleansing products to create oil balance in the skin. The use of these products plays a critical role, especially during periods when acne is actively present. However, completely degreasing and drying the skin may not always lead to positive results. People who consume fatty and salty foods in an unhealthy way have more acne on their skin. In addition, existing acne becomes larger.

Sivilce Akne Tedavisinde Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler
Lazerle Akne Sivilce Tedavisi

Laser Pimple (Acne) Treatment

How is pimple (acne) treatment done? There is more than one answer to the question. Laser is one of the most frequently used methods in acne treatment, which has recently become popular.

Acne (pumple) treatment with laser, which has become more prominent with the developing technology, is applied on acne and acne skin. Thanks to the feature provided by the laser, acne dries up. In addition, pores are tightened by controlling the oiliness that causes acne.

Laser acne treatment, which also prevents acne formation, shows more effect with the increase in the number of sessions. In this way, a person who complains of acne can have an acne-free and bright skin appearance.

What are the Foods Good for Pimple and Acne?

Preferring foods that are good for acne and acne helps the process to be completed faster. In particular, this is more common in foods with Omega-3, vitamin E and zinc content. These nutrients, which provide the removal of damage, also prevent skin aging.

The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in fish among the foods that also provide cell regeneration makes this product an ideal option. The same applies to more than one seafood. 100 grams of sardines contain 1.5 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids, which can break inflammation, one of the main causes of acne. Therefore, it is important to eat a healthy and proper diet.

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Apart from seafood, foods that are good for acne and acne include foods containing probiotics. Products such as yogurt, cheese, kefir and buttermilk contain probiotics and are among the most preferred products. Green tea is recommended to reduce the amount of oil on the skin.

Apart from these products that are good for acne, blood sugar is regulated with turmeric. Turmeric, which increases insulin sensitivity, prevents the growth of bacteria that cause acne. Foods containing vitamins A, D and E play the same role. These foods that help prevent acne should be consumed correctly and carefully.

Sivilce Ve Aknelere İyi Gelen Besinler
Akne Tedavisi Öncesi ve Sonrası

Pimple (Acne) Treatment Before - After

Before – after pimple (acne) treatment, the resulting image is clearly noticeable. Apart from the discomfort it causes on the skin, the treatment of acne, which has effects on the self-confidence of the person, results positively in many respects.

A person who sees that the acne on his/her skin disappears or heals improves both psychologically and in terms of health. However, the right doctor should be preferred to see the before-after effects. It should not be forgotten that a wrong choice and improper technique will also have negative effects afterwards.

Acne Treatment Costs

Pimple (acne) treatment prices are determined according to the size of the inflammation on the skin. Creams and medicines are generally used in bodies with mild effects. Therefore, pimple (acne) treatment costs can be realized with a more affordable budget.

However, the same costs are not expected to occur in moderate and high severity acne. Although creams and medicines are used in some cases, costs increase especially in laser acne treatment. It is also important in which hospital and by which doctor the treatment will be performed.

If a specialist doctor of a well-equipped hospital is preferred, it should be noted that the costs will be different compared to other options. As a result, acne treatment prices vary according to both the size of the inflammation and the preferred treatment methods.

Sivilce Ve Akne Tedavisi Fiyatları

Do medicines cause acne?

Some medicines used are known to cause acne. The most effective drugs in the emergence of acne are those taken orally for a long time. Steroids generally used by athletes, long-term use of vitamin B and a few medications can also cause acne. This can also lead to exacerbation of existing acne.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pimple (Acne)

Although the appearance of acne on the body is disturbing, it would be a wrong move to squeeze or have such an idea. The biggest reason for this is the increased likelihood of the infection spreading. The growth of the problem also causes delayed healing. In addition, squeezing a pimple hard may affect the formation of unwanted scars on the skin.
According to the effect of acne on the body, it is possible for acne to pass with natural methods. However, there is also a risk that this situation will be insufficient. Under expert control, a smooth result is more likely to occur. Therefore, acne spot treatment, skin cleansing and skin care with natural methods may not always give the desired result.
There are multiple methods to eliminate acne (acne) scars. Especially some laser methods make it practical for acne to pass. Apart from laser treatments that vary according to the skin color and blemishes of the person, the use of appropriate creams can also make acne go away.
It is necessary to pay attention to certain points for acne (acne) to pass. Acne, which usually has a treatment process of several months, should not be exposed to any harsh contact. Therefore, it is recommended to be patient in acne treatment, to follow the treatment regularly and to listen to the recommendations of the doctors.