Chemical Peel

One of the methods applied to make the skin look brighter and more vibrant is chemical peel. This process, which is preferred by many people, renews the skin. In this way, skin problems are eliminated and the person is provided with a more aesthetic appearance. At the same time, chemical peel, which removes dead cells from the skin surface, gives a smooth appearance. So, what is chemical peel? How is chemical peel done?

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What is Chemical Peel?

Chemical peel is a procedure applied to make the skin look aesthetic. This method, which has become more popular recently, creates controlled damage to the skin. In this way, the skin starts to revitalize and rejuvenate. Creating the desired level of damage to the skin is a critical detail. This damage, which creates a regeneration effect, reveals collagen and elastin production.

Chemical peels treat the lesions. This method, which is applied to the upper, middle or deep layer of the skin, may cause peeling on the upper layer due to the chemical acid. This peeling, which should not cause any concern, allows the skin to regenerate. It also creates a healthier and more beautiful skin appearance.

In chemical peeling procedures; options such as alpha hydroxy acids, salicic acid, trichloroacetic acid, jessner solution are preferred.

How is Chemical Peel Done?

Chemical peel can be performed on 3 different areas: the surface, the middle and the depth of the skin. This situation, which is determined according to the level of the patient’s problem, emerges after the examination. In this way, the most accurate procedure is applied for the patient and the best result is obtained. So, how is chemical peel done?

1. Superficial Chemical Peel

Chemical peel can be applied to the top layer of the skin (epidermis). The area is cleaned before this procedure called superficial chemical peel. After preventing the risk of possible infection, the procedure is started. During the procedure; mild burning, redness or stinging may occur. These temporary effects disappear after a while. Superficial chemical peel generally treats complaints such as acne, dry skin, skin tone equalization. This method, which is mostly applied between 4 to 8 sessions, continues at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks.

2. Medium Depth Chemical Peel

The process in which the top layer and the middle layer of the skin are treated is called medium depth chemical peel. Anesthesia can be applied before the procedure so that the patient does not feel pain. Then, a deep peeling effect may occur on the skin. After the procedure is completed, the reddened skin crusts and peels off. This method, which gives a healthy skin appearance, can be performed between 2 and 4 sessions.

3. Deep Chemical Peel

Deep chemical peel is applied to the top layer, middle layer and deep layer of the skin. Anesthesia can also be applied to the area cleaned before the procedure. It is aimed for the patient to feel minimal pain. In this procedure, the chemical peel applied to the bottom layer is usually applied as a single session.

Which Skin Problems Is Chemical Peel Applied For?

Chemical peel is applied for more than one skin problem. This method, which makes the skin more vibrant and bright, also gives people a youthful appearance. It also prevents problems caused by blemishes such as acne and acne. However, chemical peel may not be applied for every skin problem. So, in which skin problems is chemical peel applied?

Are There Side Effects of Chemical Peel?

As with all methods, there may be side effects in chemical peel. This situation, which should not cause any concern, passes spontaneously after a while. Chemical peeling side effects are as follows:
  • Skin color may lighten.
  • Redness may occur on the skin.
  • Peeling line may occur on the neck.
  • It may cause allergic reactions.
  • Chemical burns may occur.

Chemical Peel Damages

Chemical peel has no damage. However, the procedure not performed under the right conditions and by a specialist doctor may cause unwanted problems. In particular, chemical peeling that is not applied under sterile conditions can lead to infection of the patient. In addition, some problems may arise depending on the procedure performed.

Therefore, the procedure should be performed by a specialist doctor in the right hospital. Otherwise; damages such as spotting, acne aggravation, local skin infections, prolonged redness, allergic reactions, herpes triggering, permanent scars may occur.

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Chemical Peel Brands

Chemical peel brands are more than one. Since each patient’s skin structure is different, they should choose the right brand. Therefore, she should consult a specialist and learn the right one for her own health. Otherwise, unwanted results may occur on the skin. It is also necessary to pay attention to the components in chemical peel brands. Those who are allergic to the component or components in the brand are recommended to choose another brand.

Chemical peel brands should also be preferred according to the size of the problem. The procedure performed on 3 different areas may have different effects and methods. Therefore, it is important to choose the right brands for superficial, medium and deep chemical peel treatments. In this way, the patient’s skin gets a brighter and more vibrant appearance.

Skin Care After Chemical Peel

Skin care after chemical peel is very important. This care both shortens the healing process and makes the result look better. Moisturizing and soothing products that should be used especially in the first week should be continued regularly. Cleaning the skin, which has a sensitive structure, with cleansing products also prevents possible problems.

In skin care after chemical peel, sunscreen should also be used to protect from sunlight. In addition, cortisone creams may be recommended for conditions such as redness and burning that occur after the treatment. This is even more important for patients with dark skin color, as their skin is at risk of staining.

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In skin care after chemical peel, mineral-containing make-up materials can be used after the first 24 hours. It is recommended to wait at least two weeks for direct exposure to sunlight and to enter machines such as solarium.

Apart from the details above, the doctor's recommendations should be followed in skin care after chemical peel. Care should be taken to use the medications prescribed by the doctor. The patient, who should not disrupt the examinations, should go to the controls regularly. In this way, the desired appearance will be achieved as soon as possible.

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Crusting After Chemical Peel

Some conditions may occur on the skin after chemical peel. These symptoms, which usually disappear spontaneously, heal in a short time. Crusting after chemical peel can be shown as an example of this situation. Especially in patients with moderate peeling, crusting occurs more. Apart from this temporary condition, symptoms such as redness and peeling may also occur.

Crusting after chemical peel heals spontaneously in about 1 week. It should not be forgotten that crusting, which does not cause any harm, occurs as an effect of healing. Therefore, the crusts should never be plucked. Otherwise, there is a risk of scarring in the area.

After chemical peel, the crusting disappears spontaneously and the patient’s skin gains a healthier and more vibrant appearance. As a result of the ongoing sessions, the patient gains a young appearance and attracts attention aesthetically.

Before and After Chemical Peel

A person looking at the photos can easily understand the difference before and after chemical peel. Especially the change in the skin gives the patients a younger appearance. In this way, the patient, who has a more vibrant and brighter skin, regains his/her self-confidence.

During the procedure, collagen and elastin are produced by creating controlled damage to the skin. This situation, which enables the treatment of lesions, also affects the change that occurs before and after chemical peel. Patients who achieve an even more effective appearance at the end of each session are generally satisfied.

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It is also an important detail that a person who pays attention to the rules before and after chemical peel is not damaged by the procedure and has a healthy skin. This detail, which affects the perspective towards peeling treatment, allows patients to make a more comfortable decision.
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Chemical Peel Costs

Chemical peel costs vary depending on the needs of the patient. This method, which is applied to superficial, middle and deep layers, may also experience changes in costs as it is applied to 3 different areas. It is also important how many sessions the peel treatment to be applied to the patient will last. Therefore, it would be misleading to give a clear figure about chemical peel costs.

Apart from the details above, chemical peel costs are also affected by details such as hospital and doctor. The cost of the procedure performed by an experienced doctor in a hospital with equipped and state-of-the-art equipment will also be high. If you want to get the most accurate information about the subject and learn what you are curious about, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Peel

Peeling that occurs after chemical peel may continue for 7 to 10 days.
Chemical peels are recommended to be performed by a specialist in a hospital environment. However, there are also products that can be used for chemical peel at home.
Chemical peel can be applied to all areas where skin color is desired to be lightened. Therefore, chemical peeling whitens the skin.
It may not be recommended to use vitamin C after red peel. The fact that retinol and vitamin C are active ingredients may lead to undesirable situations.
Chemical peel is good for blackening. Especially peel of the upper layer of the skin lightens dark pigmentation.
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