Chin Filling (Jawline)

One of the factors that make women and men more attractive is the golden ratio. This ratio, which provides symmetry on the face, also provides facial beauty. Therefore, jaw aesthetics can be applied. Especially people who do not want to have surgery prefer non-surgical aesthetic methods more. Jawline filler treatment is also a kind of aesthetic method. In jawline treatments that make the jaw line more prominent, a very remarkable area emerges. It is an important detail that no stitches and incisions are applied. In this way, the procedure is completed in a simple way.

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What is Jawline Filler?

This line starts from the tips of the chin and extends to both ears. The shape of the jawline is determined by more than one situation. These situations can be listed as the fat ratio in the body, the shape of the bone structure and heredity. Today, distinct and clear jaw lines are considered aesthetic.

In order to achieve this aesthetic appearance, people apply for jawline filler treatment. This method, which makes the jawline more protruding, also gives a sharp appearance.

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After the jawline filler is completed, it is noticed that the facial features are proportional, symmetrical and more beautiful. Thanks to being a non-surgical method, there is no scarring on the body. Jawline filler, which can be applied to both men and women, is generally preferred more by men. Recently, the fact that famous women have also had chin fillers has made this treatment even more popular. In addition, a person who complains of jowl sagging can also apply for jawline treatment.

Who is Jawline Filler Suitable For?

Jawline filler, which can be applied to men and women regardless of gender, is applied to the lower face area of the chin. Especially people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of the region resort to the chin filling method. So, who is jawline filler suitable for?
  • People with a round face line are suitable for treatment.
  • People with sagging in the jowl area can apply for the procedure.
  • People with wrinkles on the neck skin can have jawline treatment.
  • People who are uncomfortable with a short jaw line may prefer chin filling.
  • It can also be recommended for people with a narrow chin tip.
  • People who experience volume loss in the jaw line can have fillers.
  • Lower jaws that are not in the position they should be, but behind, can be corrected with jawline.
  • People with asymmetrical jawline are suitable for jawline fillers.
  • People who experience sagging in the cheek area with the advancement of age can have fillers.
  • Jawline treatment can be recommended for people whose lips and chin are disproportionate.
  • The chin tip with a short and soft line can also be treated with filling.

How is Jawline Filler Treated?

Some decisions are made before starting the jawline procedure. It is determined to which region or regions the treatment will be applied. Regions are selected together with the patient’s demands. Anesthesia can be applied to avoid any pain during jawline filler treatment.

After these steps are completed, the appropriate filler is selected. The filler injected under the skin does not affect the daily life of the person. The patient, who can continue his/her normal life immediately after the treatment, should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.

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After jawline filler, it may be necessary to protect from sunlight for a certain period of time. Intense exercises should also be interrupted in order not to deteriorate the injected filler. It should also be kept in mind that weight gain and loss can affect the filling. Therefore, straining the body should be avoided and the creams recommended by the doctor should be used regularly. Otherwise, the shape of the filling may be damaged and the result may even fail.

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Is Jaw Filler Permanent?

The permanence of the jaw filler is determined by the quality of the material used. In addition, the health status of the patient also affects the permanence. Using a large amount of filler can increase the duration of permanence. However, since the dissolution time of each filling material in the body is different, excessive application of the filling may not be right for every patient.

The structure of each person’s chin tissue is different from each other. Therefore, changes may also occur in the melting time of the jaw filler. As a result, the answer to the question “Is jaw filler permanent?” is no. However, the lifespan of the jawline filler may extend for several years depending on certain factors.

If the patient is not satisfied with the image created by the filling, he/she may request that the filling be dissolved quickly by using special substances. It should not be forgotten that jaw fillers applied regularly will create a permanent effect.

Jawline Filler for Men

Jawline, which is one of the most basic jaw filling methods, is also applied for men. The jaw, which is one of the most important complements of facial aesthetics, directly affects facial expression. People who want an oval face line and are uncomfortable with their chin apply for jawline treatment. Especially the fact that famous names have an impressive facial expression affects many people. For all these reasons, men have jaw fillers.

Hyaluronic acid is generally preferred as jaw filler material in men. Thanks to this natural substance found in the skin, the result can be more impressive. Jaw filler, which is one of the most ideal options for those who do not want to have surgery, gives both a natural and aesthetic appearance.

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Jaw filler for men is very important, especially for a person who pays attention to the golden ratio. In this way, not only famous names, but also you can have an impressive appearance.

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Chin Tip Filler

The harmony of the chin with the face, which directly affects a person’s beautiful appearance, makes the face look proportional and aesthetic. Situations such as the chin being behind the chin cause other areas to be seen differently. The chin, which affects the symmetry of the whole face, can be corrected with several alternative methods. One of the most preferred of these methods is chin tip filler. Filler material is injected under the skin to give the area an aesthetic appearance and to correct the proportion of the face.
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This procedure is called chin tip filler. In the procedures performed, the chin and jaw line are made prominent. Regular application of the chin tip filler, which has a permanence of approximately 12 to 18 months, increases its lifespan. In addition, the quality of the material used and the patient's health structure can extend the life of the filling up to 2 to 3 years.

Risks of Jawline Filler

There are no side effects in jawline treatments where surgery and incision procedures are not applied. It is an important detail that the injected filler materials are produced from substances naturally found in the body. In this way, allergic reactions are prevented.

Jawline filler damages are almost negligible. The filler injected under the skin through a needle can be expected to cause slight redness. Swelling and stiffness may also be observed. However, all these conditions improve in a short time. The patient can continue his/her daily life immediately after the treatment.

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Before and After Jawline Filler

The difference in aesthetic appearance and proportion before and after jawline filler can be easily understood. Before the treatment, situations such as sagging in the jowl area and the chin being behind the chin come to an end afterwards.

Thanks to this method applied without surgery and incision procedures, an impressive appearance emerges in a short time. As a result, the change experienced before and after jawline filler affects the person both aesthetically and psychologically.

Permanent Jawline Filler Costs

Jawline filler is not a permanent procedure. Regular application of the treatment, which shows its effect between 1 and 4 years on average, makes its effect permanent. Therefore, permanent jawline filler costs vary from patient to patient. If a person’s filling melts in a short time, he/she may need to be treated more strictly.

However, a person who uses jawline filler for a long time continues his treatments more rarely. Therefore, permanent jawline filler costs are determined according to both the quality of the materials used and the number of sessions.

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Jawline Filler Costs

More than one situation affects jawline filler costs. The amount of filler to be injected may differ from person to person. If a person’s condition will be solved with a small amount of filler, he/she cannot be expected to pay the same costs as a patient with more fillers. Therefore, the resulting cost will not be the same. In addition, the quality of the material to be used for filling also affects the costs. It can be expected that the costs of quality materials will be higher.

Another situation that affects jawline filler costs is the experience of the doctor. The procedure performed by a specialist doctor usually gives better results. Therefore, costs are also likely to increase. In addition, the city in which the hospital where the filling treatment is applied also determines the costs. As a result, saying a clear figure about jawline filler costs may mislead the patient. If you want to get more detailed information about the subject, you can contact the expert team of Lygos Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jawline Filling

There is no scarring after jawline filler applied without surgery and incision. The filler injected under the skin with a needle may cause redness, swelling and stiffness for a short time.
The CC applied for jawline varies from person to person. However, 4 to 5 cc filling amount can be applied for jawline from the first sessions.
Jawline filler, which provides a more aesthetic appearance of the facial area, does not affect the smile. In fact, it makes the smile look more aesthetic and beautiful.
Among the advantages of jawline filler, the proportion and symmetry of the face are corrected. Patients who have an aesthetically impressive appearance have an oval face. Among the disadvantages of jawline filler is the appearance that occurs as a result of the wrong procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in choosing a doctor.
The duration of jawline filler varies from patient to patient. Especially the quality of the injected material and the health status of the patient affect the life of the jawline filler. As a result, the jawline filler lasts for about 1 to 4 years.