Cryotherapy is generally used for warts and skin conditions affecting the skin. Cryotherapy, which is also preferred for conditions such as prostate, cervix and liver cancer, is applied to freeze and remove abnormal tissue in the body. You can find what you are curious about this treatment method, known as cryoablation in some areas, in our article.

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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the freezing of the skin lesion with the help of liquid nitrogen. In addition, argon gas is also used in the treatment method and the lesion is cured by freezing. Cryotherapy can be used in many areas; warts, precancerosis, skin lesions, joint surgeries and early stage skin cancers.

In procedures using the cryo device, gas under pressure is applied to the area. Damaged tissue dies in the area where high pressure temperature change is applied. This method, which provides new tissue formation in the body, plays a critical role in cancer diseases. When cryotherapy is used for cancer diseases, an incision is usually made in the skin.

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This invasive method is also used in diseases such as HPV-induced warts, flesh moles, precancerous skin lesions, retinoblastoma, early stage skin cancer, cervical cancer and bone cancer. Cryotherapy, which offers a different solution instead of cutting the damaged tissue, is also advantageous in terms of healing time and the risk of inflammation.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

The patient is examined before cryotherapy is applied. It is examined whether the patient is suitable for anesthesia and whether there is any problem for the procedure. The patient who has the necessary conversations with the specialist doctor can be taken into the procedure.

Cryotherapy is applied extremely cold to the area where the abnormal tissue is located. The cells in the area cannot withstand the extreme cold and die after a while. More than one substance can be used to create the extreme cold used in cryotherapy treatment. The prominent ones among these substances are as follows:

Liquid nitrous oxide

Argon gas

Liquid nitrogen

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Cryotherapy can be performed in two ways, depending on the location of the tissue. A spray device is generally preferred to apply a freezing agent to the tissue outside the skin. It should be noted that the doctor will make the best decision for these tissues where cotton swabs are also used. Anesthesia may also be administered to ensure that the patient has a comfortable procedure. A tool called cryoprobe can also be used for diseases such as precancerous cells and tumors. Anesthesia can be applied to prevent any pain and ache during the probe procedure, which is performed by making a small incision in the skin.

Who is Cryotherapy Suitable for?

Cryotherapy is applied for many diseases. These can be listed as many dermatological diseases, cancer diseases and pain methods. Cryotherapy, which is a highly effective method, stands out especially for formations that can cause discomfort on the skin such as moles and warts. So, who is cryotherapy suitable for?
Cryotherapy is a procedure carried out in short sessions for some diseases. However, it is a method used as an aid to reduce pain in diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, arthritis. This method, which destroys the damaged tissue in skin lesions, is also very effective in genital warts.
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Wart Freezing

Wart freezing is also called cryotherapy. In the wart freezing process, where different methods are used, treatment is applied with special devices or apparatus such as cotton swabs.

Warts are skin lesions caused by the HPV virus. Warts, which cause a bad aesthetic appearance, are usually harmless. Warts, which have both health and psychological effects, may require treatment. Therefore, wart freezing is one of the most ideal options. In treatments where freezing and burning processes are applied, all warts on the body, especially genital warts, can be treated.

Wart freezing, which can be easily applied for areas where there is a risk of scarring, can give better results than classical electrocauterization treatment. Warts are expected to fall off some time after the procedure, not during the treatment. In addition, the size of the wart and wart groups may increase the number of sessions.

Cryotherapy Device

The cryotherapy device is highly effective for warts and skin conditions affecting the skin. In addition, this device, which is also used for diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, arthritis, helps to destroy damaged tissue in skin lesions. However, it should not be forgotten that this device is used to reduce pain in diseases such as cancer.

The cryotherapy device, which is preferred in genital wart treatments, minimizes the risk of scarring in the area. The quality of the cryotherapy device is also very important. A high quality and latest model device can give more effective results. Therefore, patients applying to hospitals for cryotherapy treatment should pay attention to the quality of the device.

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Types of Cryotherapy

The types of cryotherapy, which include more than one type of cold therapy, can concern the whole body. Therefore, we can explain the types as follows:
  • Nitrogen can be used to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue. The use of extreme cold in treatments where argon gas is also preferred is called cryoblation or cryosurgery. Warts and pre-cancerous skin growths are treated in cryosurgery treatment, which should be performed by a specialist doctor.
  • Another type of cryotherapy is cold water therapy. This type includes ice baths or cold showers. In the treatment method in which the body is immersed in cold water, the coldness of the water is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. The procedure, which lasts for an average of 15 minutes, is usually performed after exercise. In this way, pain is reduced.
  • Ice application for sprains, fractures or injuries is also among the types of cryotherapy. This treatment method, which helps reduce pain, also reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Among the types of cryotherapy, there is also a method that covers the whole body. During whole body cryotherapy, a process that takes about 5 minutes takes place. Liquid nitrogen vapors are used in this treatment method, which is applied in a room cooled to minus -129 to -184 degrees Celsius. The head remains outside the room, while the rest of the body is subjected to extreme cooling. It is critical to take the necessary precautions with this type of cryotherapy.
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Home Cryotherapy

Home cryotherapy can be used for conditions such as warts, skin lesions and moles, usually on the arms or hands. Diseases such as warts and cancer in the genital area should not be treated outside the hospital. Otherwise, undesirable consequences may occur.

Portable devices are produced for cryotherapy treatment at home. These devices, which are both economical and useful, should be used carefully. Although effective results occur in home cryotherapy application, it has also been noticed that it has side effects. Therefore, after the application is completed, it should be checked whether there are any side effects in the area.

Before and After Cryotherapy

The effect before and after cryotherapy is noticeable both in terms of aesthetics and health. Cryotherapy, which treats ailments that reach painful dimensions after a while, such as genital warts, without leaving scars, prevents possible problems.

In this way, the discomfort experienced before treatment is replaced by comfort. Cryotherapy, which also reduces the pain experienced before treatment in diseases such as cancer, makes patients happy with its many advantages.

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Black Skin After Cryotherapy

Spots can occur in many parts of the body, especially on the hands and face. These spots, which occur especially under the influence of the sun, are usually dark in color. This situation, which is caused by not using protective substances such as sunscreen, can be solved after cryotherapy treatment.

During the procedure, the spots are aimed to freeze and fall off. Black skin after cryotherapy disappears after an average of 1 to 2 weeks. These blacks, which should not cause any concern, may also need to be checked by a specialist doctor.

Cryotherapy Costs

Cryotherapy costs vary according to the procedure to be performed. If a patient needs wart treatment, the costs are determined accordingly. In addition, the health status of the patient being treated, the size and number of warts also affect the costs. Patients who need more than one session may experience an increase in costs. It can be expected that there will be changes in the costs of cryotherapy, which is preferred for conditions such as cancer.

The expertise of the doctor who will perform the treatment and the city in which the hospital is located may also cause changes in cryotherapy costs. If you want to get the most accurate information on the subject, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy treatment performed by a specialist doctor is a reliable method because it is both practical and effective.
Cryotherapy risks; Pain or cramping after application to the cervix area, Infection, Short-term numbness, Edema, crust formation.
The cryotherapy session may vary depending on the patient’s health condition. Although it is not a long-term procedure, it is expected to be completed in an average time interval.
The most important side effects of cryotherapy treatment are pain, swelling and fluid accumulation in the treated area. Therefore, care should be taken to use the medications prescribed by the doctor regularly after the procedure.
Since it is not a surgical intervention, scarring after cryotherapy is unlikely. People who are constantly exposed to sunlight and situations such as contact with boiling water increase the risk of scarring.