Excessive Sweating Treatments

Sweating in excess of physiological needs is called excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating, which is divided into two classes as primary and secondary, can reach quite disturbing dimensions. Excessive sweating in healthy people without any cause is called primary. Excessive sweating caused by different diseases such as obesity, alcoholism, menopause, respiratory and heart failure, thyroid, diabetes is called secondary.

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What is Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)?

The reaction of the body to control the temperature is called sweating. Excessive experience of this physiological event is called excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Hyperhidrosis, which occurs independently of the body’s temperature control, occurs despite not moving. Sweat may drip from the hands of these people without moving.

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can occur for more than one reason. Primary, medication or a medical condition can cause excessive sweating. Localized hyperhidrosis can also occur. This is usually experienced in the palms, soles of the feet, armpits, head and neck. Hyperhidrosis can also occur when consuming basic necessities such as food. Consumption of foods that cause excessive salivation, called Frey syndrome, can also cause excessive sweating.

In conclusion, hyperhidrosis can occur for many reasons. A critical detail is that localized sweating is more common than other sweating disorders. This situation, which indicates that the nervous system is not working properly and is the root cause of the disease, should be shown to specialists.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), which directly affects daily life, can become unbearable after a while. The patient may therefore seek treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). During the hyperhidrosis treatment, research is carried out to find out whether the body in general or any particular area sweats excessively. As a result of the research, treatment is planned and applied according to the needs of the patient.

There are surgical and non-surgical treatment options for people with primary localized sweating. If a person is likely to recover with non-surgical intervention, this can be achieved with oral medication. Depending on the needs of the patient, regional treatment may also be preferred. There may also be another underlying disease, as seen in secondary excessive sweating. So, how to treat hyperhidrosis?

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In the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), simple methods such as creams and deodorants are among the first preferred options. These products, which temporarily block sweat pores, stop sweating. Cream and deodorant, which show their effect according to the level of excessive sweating, usually give results in mild excessive sweating. It should not be forgotten that creams and deodorants with a short effect of a few hours are an alternative solution. Therefore, in moderate or advanced hyperhidrosis, different methods may need to be applied.

Botox can also be applied in the hyperhidrosis treatment. Botox, which stands out in the aesthetic field, can stop sweating by injecting it into the sweating area. Botox, which stops the receptors that cause hyperhidrosis, prevents sweating.

The effect of this method, which varies according to the regions, can continue for 3 months in the hand and 6 months in the armpit. There is no need for anesthesia in this treatment performed by a specialist.

Pain may be experienced during Botox application. However, this pain is not at a level to cause concern. In addition, Botox applied for the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) must be applied at regular intervals for life. Therefore, many people resort to permanent solutions.

Surgical intervention may be required for excessive sweating, especially in the armpit. Sweat glands can be removed by surgical procedure. It is a critical detail that excessive sweating treatments are also performed endoscopically.

With the development of technology, modern devices that destroy sweat glands are also used in treatments. These devices, which increase the success rate, may bring side effects such as edema, redness and loss of sensation. Therefore, the treatment process should be planned under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

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Who is Suitable for Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

Hyperhidrosis treatment can be applied for many problems. Excessive sweating without a specific cause is called primary hyperhidrosis. Sweating due to other diseases is called secondary. Excessive sweating, which is seen equally in both men and women regardless of gender, usually starts at the age of 25. Problems such as hand and foot sweating can start earlier. In order for a person to be diagnosed with primary regional hyperhidrosis, disorders such as regional and excessive sweating should continue for at least 6 months. Also, these answers can be given to the question “Who is suitable for hyperhidrosis treatment?”:

What are the Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis ?

Symptoms of hyperhidrosis may vary from person to person. The symptoms of excessive sweating, called primary and secondary, determine both the cause of the patient’s discomfort and the treatment process. Secondary symptoms of excessive sweating are caused by another underlying disease. The biggest symptom of excessive sweating is sweating of the whole body.

Primary regional hyperhidrosis can occur in different ways. Especially sweating in the hands and armpits is one of the most common problems. Regional excessive sweating, which usually occurs when the body is dry, can also be seen on the feet and face in some cases. It is possible for all areas to sweat at the same time, or it is possible to experience hyperhidrosis separately.

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Symptoms of excessive sweating include sweating during sleep. Night sweats, which are more common in secondary excessive sweating, directly affect the quality of life of the person. The fact that the complaint is experienced at least once a week makes the conditions even more difficult.

Hyperhidrosis, which differs according to age group, can be experienced due to reasons such as excessive keyboard use in children. Conditions such as wetting the paper while writing or slipping while playing an instrument can be among the symptoms of hyperhidrosis.

In adults, the symptoms of excessive sweating can directly affect social life. People who avoid shaking hands in business or social life can make this a big problem. People with this problem may continue to experience the same problem shortly after washing their hands. Sweating like raindrops on the palms of the hands, which are symptoms of advanced excessive sweating, can be solved by a specialist doctor.

In addition, discoloration and exfoliation starting from the wrists are also among the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. Before the age of 25, people who are exposed to excessive sweating, patients with a family history and those who sweat bilaterally may need to apply for hyperhidnosis treatment.

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What are the Hyperhidrosis Treatment Methods?

Since the cause of secondary excessive sweating is different, the hyperhidrosis treatment method will also be different. In this problem, diseases that cause sweating such as diabetes and thyroid are treated. In primary regional hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating treatment methods are determined according to the needs of the patient. Cream and deodorant come first among excessive sweating treatment methods.

These products, which are the simplest application for patients, temporarily close the sweat pores. Thanks to the closure of the pores, sweating stops and the problem disappears, albeit for a short time. It should be noted that this method will not be beneficial for moderate and severe hyperhidrosis patients.

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Botox is among the methods of treatment for excessive sweating. Botox injected into the sweating area stops hyperhidrosis disease. Botox treatment, which lasts between 3 months and 12 months, should be applied by a specialist doctor.

Botox treatment method, which is one of the most ideal options for moderate sweating, should be repeated at regular intervals. People who are looking for a permanent solution as a hyperhidrosis treatment for excessive sweating can achieve a definitive and permanent solution through surgery.

What are the most sweating diseases?

The most sweating diseases are classified as primary regional hyperhidrosis and secondary. Excessive sweating without any health problem is called primary, while sweating due to general health problems is called secondary. Especially, night sweats are more common in secondary hyperhidosis diseases. So, what are the most sweating diseases?
In addition to the above-mentioned diseases, a person may also suffer from primary regional excessive sweating of unknown origin at the same time. Therefore, it is very important to consult a specialist doctor for the correct treatment and to get the best results.
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Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Botox

Hyperhidrosis treatment with Botox, which has recently become more popular, is one of the most ideal options for people with moderate problems. In this method, botox injections are usually injected into the armpits, palms and soles of the feet.

After the treatment of excessive sweating with Botox, there is a pause in hyperhidrosis for a certain period of time. However, it should be known that the botox method is not permanent and should be acted accordingly. This method, which prevents excessive sweating for an average of 4 months to 12 months, should be applied by a specialist doctor.

Botox, which takes place in a 10-minute session, can be repeated at regular intervals and maintain its effect for a lifetime. In addition, the ease of application makes the treatment more attractive.

Things to Consider in the Treatment of Excessive Sweating

People who experience excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) are treated depending on the problem they are experiencing. Since the first method that a patient will prefer will be creams, gels and sprays, its effect may decrease over time. Therefore, regular and correct use is among the things to be considered in the treatment of excessive sweating. Improper use has the risk of causing irritation in the area over time.

There are also points to be considered in iontopheresis, which is applied as a treatment for excessive sweating. This method, which requires special equipment, should be applied in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. In addition, patients with metal prostheses and pacemakers are not recommended to have this method.

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Patients who find a solution to the problem of excessive sweating between 4 and 12 months as Botox treatment should decide by looking at the content of the injection. People with allergic reactions to any substance may have unwanted reactions in their bodies. Therefore, the doctor should be consulted before the treatment and the decision should be made afterwards.

Another thing to be considered in the treatment of excessive sweating is the correct adjustment of the injection amount. If too much or too little is applied to the body without taking into account the injection needed by the patient, the desired result may not be achieved.

People who want to have hyperhidrosis surgery to find a permanent solution to excessive sweating can achieve the desired result by choosing the right method. However, choosing the wrong method and ignoring the doctor's warnings before the procedure may damage the hyperhidrosis surgery.

As a result, a person who applies the things to be considered in the treatment of excessive sweating can feel the result in a short time and return to his normal life.

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What to do Before Hyperhidosis Treatment

A person who goes for an examination before hyperhidosis treatment should follow the advice given by his/her doctor. Otherwise, some problems may occur during and after the treatment process.

Before the treatment of excessive sweating, it may be necessary to stop habits that trigger sweating such as alcohol and smoking. These habits, which cause health problems other than regional sweating, can cause diseases such as alcoholism, respiratory and heart failure.

Secondary hyperhidosis, which occurs due to other diseases, cannot be solved with excessive sweating treatment. Therefore, it is a very critical detail to carefully apply what needs to be done before hyperhidosis treatment.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight and intense heat can also trigger excessive sweating, so caution may be needed. As a result, a person who follows the pre-treatment considerations for hyperhidosis can recover faster.

What to do After Hyperhidosis Treatment

What needs to be done after hyperhidosis treatment is just like before. It may be recommended to quit habits that trigger sweating such as smoking and alcohol for a certain period of time. Therefore, acting in line with the recommendations and medications given by the specialist doctor will be the most accurate and healthy decision.

Since hyperhidrosis treatment is a very practical procedure, return to normal life can be realized immediately. It may be recommended to do light sports other than heavy sports for a certain period of time. Many activities other than sports can also be done without any problems.

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Hyperhidosis Before and After Treatment

A person who undergoes hyperhidosis surgery can make a new start in life. In particular, the social life of people who avoid shaking hands due to excessive sweating of the palms and patients who are worried about traveling due to excessive sweating under the arms can change positively.

It is known that people who feel a negative impact on their quality of life by experiencing hyperhidosis before treatment are also psychologically affected. Patients who resort to treatment methods to correct many problems they experience directly feel the difference before and after excessive sweating treatment in terms of both health and psychological aspects.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Cost

Hyperhidrosis treatment costs may vary depending on the region. The treatment process of sweating on the face, hands and armpits may not be the same. Therefore, their costs may differ. In addition, how the treatment will be done also affects the costs. If a patient starts with cream and medication and does not want to have permanent surgery, he does not have to allocate the same budget.

A person who undergoes Botox treatment at certain intervals may also have changes in treatment costs. As a result, excessive sweating treatment costs may vary depending on the patient’s demands, the doctor’s expertise and the hospital’s equipment. You can call Lygos Clinic’s expert team to learn the costs of excessive sweating treatment and to get information about the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Excessive Sweating

Botox sweating treatment works by blocking the communication of the nerves that cause excessive sweating of the sweat glands with botulinum toxin. In this way, sweat production is reduced.
Botox sweating treatment is usually effective for 3 to 6 months, but may vary from person to person.
Some side effects may rarely occur after Botox sweating treatment, including temporary pain at the injection site, bruising or risk of infection.
Botox sweating treatment is usually associated with minimal discomfort. However, a slight pain or tenderness may be felt at the injection site.