Mole Removal

Many people may have moles on their skin. In case of discomfort or malignancy, mole removal can be performed safely with dermatologic methods. This treatment method, which can be applied for both aesthetic concerns and health, can be performed with more than one technique. However, it plays a critical role that this whole process is planned by a specialist doctor. A person who applies the things to be considered before and after mole removal can achieve the desired appearance without a trace.

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What is Mole Removal?

Mole removal, which is a dermatological operation, is the removal of moles that are located on the body and cause discomfort. Moles, which are not only uncomfortable but also have the risk of being malignant, have both aesthetic and health effects. The melanin cells that give the skin its color work more than necessary and cause dark formations are called moles.

The mole, which has a darker color than the skin, can also be blue, pink and colorless. It is a critical detail that unexpected skin formation occurs at any time. This random skin formation can cause discomfort to the person. Apart from its appearance, the fact that their number is uncertain may cause them to increase over time. Especially; it is noticed that the number and size of moles increase during periods such as pregnancy, old age, sun exposure, puberty and illness.

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The mole, which has an oval-looking physical structure, can also be raised, misshapen, scattered or round. Depending on structural changes, hair may also grow on it. These situations cause many people to resort to mole removal. Interventions for harmless formations should be performed by a specialist doctor. The same applies to malignant formations. Malignant moles may also become medically mandatory.

Is Mole Removal Dangerous?

Before the mole removal procedure, the patient undergoes a detailed examination. During this examination, the location of the mole, the structure and depth of the formation are examined. At the same time, it is evaluated whether its removal poses any risk.

The skin type of the person who wants to have a mole removal procedure is also examined. Whether the wound will have a healing disorder and the risk of any problems occurring are taken into consideration. After examining these details, mole removal is not dangerous for patients who do not pose any risk.

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How is Mole Removal Operation Performed?

Mole removal treatment is a method that should be performed by specialist physicians. Therefore, you should share the problem you are experiencing with your doctor and state why you want to have the moles removed. It should not be forgotten that a healthy communication will produce a healthy result. Thanks to your communication with the doctor, the most appropriate mole removal treatment method is determined.

After a detailed examination before the procedure, mole removal treatment is started by applying anesthesia method. The patient is prevented from feeling pain and pain, making the procedure more comfortable. After the necessary numbness is achieved, the doctor makes surgical incisions with the help of a scalpel. Thanks to these incisions, the mole is removed. After the removal of the mole, the remaining skin tissue is sewn together and the procedure is completed.

In the shaving process of the mole removal operation, which has more than one method, the area is shaved using a scalpel. This method is generally applied to moles that do not show signs of skin cancer.

Is Mole Removal Harmful?

The answer to the question “Is mole removal harmful?”, which is wondered by many people, is quite clear. Moles removed by surgical intervention are not likely to turn into cancer. In addition, if cancer suspicion is detected in moles formed in the body, they should be removed.

The idea that mole removal is harmful is a misconception. As a result, mole removal is not harmful, but some problems may occur. These are the infection or scarring seen in the area after mole removal. To avoid these problems, you should make sure that you choose a specialist doctor.

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How to Recognize Benign Moles?

Any abnormal development on the skin is called a skin lesion. These lesions, which carry the risk of turning from benign to malignant, may need to be followed by a doctor. Therefore, consulting a specialist physician plays a critical role in understanding benign moles and ending possible suspicions.

Benign moles should be differentiated from malignant moles. Moles removed by surgical intervention may also need to be examined pathologically. It is also necessary to pay attention to the following points in understanding benign moles:


The shape of the benign mole is symmetrical.


The borders of the mole are smooth.


The benign mole is the same color as the body.


The size of the mole is generally small.


The size and color of the mole remains the same in case of any problems.

As a result, it is necessary to look at the details above to understand benign moles. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, it should be known that the best decision will be made after being examined by a doctor.

How to Recognize Malignant Moles?

Changes may occur in some moles in the human body over time. These changes may vary as benign and malignant moles. Generally benign moles are found in small numbers at birth. Later hormonal effects, periods such as puberty and pregnancy can cause the number of moles to increase. Situations such as more exposure to sunlight also have an effect. However, it is a very critical detail that these changes are seen in a short period of time such as 1 to 2 months.

In malignant moles, the sudden size of an asymmetrical structure may attract attention. These formations, which also change in color and shape, may require consultation with a specialist physician. In addition, the moles that turn into an asymmetric structure should also be checked if they turn into different colors such as dark brown, black, light red, larger than 5 millimeters.

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Apart from the details mentioned above, problems such as bleeding, crusting, irritation and delayed healing on the mole are also important for understanding malignant moles. If you have a spot on your body that was not there before and a mole that looks different, you should go for an early check-up.

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How to Recognize a Cancerous Mole?

In order to detect a cancerous mole, the person should go for regular examinations. These checks should not be neglected, especially since some types of moles have a higher risk of turning into malignant. So, how to recognize a cancerous mole?
  • An asymmetrical appearance of a mole on the body carries the risk of cancerous moles.
  • The mole has regular borders under normal conditions. However, in patients with cancer risk, these regular borders turn into an irregular structure.
  • It is also known that moles with the same color structure as the body are formed in different colors in people with cancer.
  • While moles are usually small in size, cancerous moles have a larger structure.
  • In some cases, the mole may remain the same, but changes and growths occur in melanoma.

In order to understand the cancerous mole, you should remember that the best decision will be the doctor’s controls and you should take care to go to the examination regularly.

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What are Sking Tags?

A skin lesion that occurs in one out of every four adults and is usually harmless is called a skin tag. These skin tags, which do not cause complaints, are not expected to cause pain unless they are traumatized. skin tags, which can occur in different sizes, may vary from person to person. They can also occur in different sizes in the same area.

Skin tag, which usually starts to form after the age of 20, has the possibility of growing over time. It can also increase in number. Skin tags that do not cause pain and soreness do not carry cancer risk. Skin tags, which are more common in the neck and armpit areas, are more common in people with a family history of skin tags. This type of mole, which is similar to skin color, has no root under the skin.

Skin tags, which do not cause any medical problems, can be aesthetically disturbing. Skin tags, which can be treated both with and without surgery, does not affect the daily life of the person.

Skin Tags Treatment

Surgical intervention is usually used to remove a mole. sking tags, which can be treated with many methods, can be easily removed with these methods:

Surgery: The person who will have the skin tag is anesthetized and is prevented from feeling pain and soreness. Then, it is removed by surgical intervention.

Electrosurgery: Another method to remove skin tag is electrosurgery. In this method, high frequency electrical energy devices are used. The treated area is consciously damaged and the mole is removed.

Ligation: In the ligation method preferred for the fall of the mole, the area is strangled with surgical thread.

Cryotherapy: In this method, the skin tag is reduced by freezing with liquid nitrogen.

Natural Method: Apart from sking tag removal procedures, natural treatment methods are also used. However, there is no scientific study of these methods.

Facial Moles Removal

The face is one of the most striking parts of the person. Diseases, blemishes and moles that occur here can cause many health and psychological problems. In particular, moles that cause aesthetic concerns may want to be removed. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialized surgeon. Before the procedure, the patient is examined by the doctor and after the necessary warnings are made, the stage of the facial moles removal is started.
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The edges and lower part of the moles on the face, which are usually removed by the surgical method called ecision, are anesthetized. Then the tissue is cut and removed completely. In this method, which is one of the most reliable and successful methods, we act according to the size of the mole. After the mole is removed, small stitches are applied to bring the remaining tissue together and complete the healing quickly.

The stitches are removed approximately 1 week after the facial moles removal. In order to avoid any scarring in the area, the care phase begins. At this stage, the patient should pay attention to the recommendations given by his/her doctor and the medications he/she should use.

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Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal attracts attention as it is both painless and a fast method. However, as with any method, there may be some risks in laser. Therefore, the patient undergoes a detailed examination before the procedure. If there is no problem, the patient is taken into operation. Many nevus structures are removed in a single session. It is an important detail that there is no scarring after the procedure. After laser mole removal is completed, the area is protected with a bandage. It is quite normal to see slight redness.

After Mole Removal

It is necessary to pay attention to wound care after mole removal and take precautions to prevent scarring in the area. Care procedures vary according to the health profile of the patient, who should listen to the advice of experts. Since mole removal is performed with or without stitches, their care also differs. In general, the things to be considered after mole removal can be listed as follows:
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  • The care to be applied to the scars and stitch marks formed in the area after mole removal should be applied according to the instructions given by the doctor. It is also necessary to pay attention to general skin care and sterilization conditions.
  • The area stitched with surgical operation in the mole removal operation should be protected from sunlight for about 6 months.
  • It is recommended to apply sunscreens to protect the treated area in sunny weather after mole removal.
  • Protecting the scar tissue after mole removal plays a critical role. Therefore, movements that will stretch the skin should be avoided. Also, risky movements should be avoided to prevent bleeding in the treated area.
  • Finally, a healthy diet should be followed to increase blood circulation and cell renewal. You can also support the area with light massages.
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Mole Removal Healing Process

The mole removal healing process varies according to more than one situation. The skin characteristics of the person, general health status and the technique applied are at the top of these details. The healing process of mole removal takes place depending on 3 stages such as inflammatory, proliferation (cell proliferation) and maturation.

Healing in the inflammatory process, which is the first stage, starts within the first 12 hours after the operation. It continues for about 5 days. Proliferation occurs during the inflammation phase of the scar tissue. This stage usually starts within the first 24 hours and continues for 7 days. The last process is maturation. This stage, which occurs after surgical application, can continue for up to 1 year.

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The stitches in mole removal operations are removed between 1 and 2 weeks. The healing process may differ from person to person. In general, a visible improvement is expected to occur within a period of 4 weeks. The shaping of the scar tissue and the completion of the whole process takes approximately 1 year.

Laser Mole Removal Costs

Laser mole removal costs vary according to the equipment of the hospital. A hospital serving with the latest technological equipment cannot be expected to offer the same costs as places with ordinary equipment. In addition, the experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure also affects the cost.

Another factor affecting laser mole removal costs is the size of the mole. The number, color and shape of the mole also determine the costs.

Laser mole removal costs in Turkey vary between 750 TL and 3000 TL per session. You can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team to get the most accurate information about the subject and to ask what you wonder about mole removal.

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Mole Removal Costs

The mole removal costs will vary depending on which procedure will be applied, the size and number of moles and where they are located on your body. Apart from these, the experience of the doctor who will remove the moles, the city where the hospital is located and its equipment also directly affect the costs.

Whether the mole is benign or malignant also determines the mole removal costs. As a result, it can be misleading to give a clear range for mole removal costs. Therefore, it would be the best decision to call the hospitals and get information about the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mole Removal

Anesthesia method is applied so that the patient does not feel any pain and ache during the procedure. Therefore, mole removal does not hurt.
While malignant moles should be removed, benign moles can also have negative aesthetic effects. It affects both health and psychological aspects. Therefore, mole removal is not a sin.
No scarring is expected after mole removal performed by an expert surgeon. However, unwanted results may occur after the procedure if the area is not paid attention, the appropriate method is not preferred and the wrong doctor is chosen.
The best mole removal method is the method that is right for the patient. If a patient’s mole is malignant, laser treatment may not be recommended for that area. However, the same is not true for benign moles. As a result, it is necessary to be examined before the procedure to determine the best mole removal method.
Yes, cancerous moles are removed. It is necessary to be careful during the removal of these moles that harm the patient’s body.