Genital Wart

Genital warts are a type of sexually transmitted infection. Genital warts, one of the most common types of infection, are caused by the transmission of the HPV virus. People who have an active sexual life are very likely to encounter this virus for a certain period of time.

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What are Genital Warts?

It is a critical detail that the virus, which is seen in both men and women, causes cervical cancer in women as well as genital warts. Genital warts are too small to be seen with the eye.

However, this is not the case for everyone. Genital warts can also appear in larger forms, such as small blisters or sunflowers.

What are the Symptoms of Genital Warts?

Since genital warts are sexually transmitted, their symptoms are also recognized in this way. In women; It occurs on the lips of the vagina, in the area between the anus and vagina, in the canal and cervix (cervix). In men, it occurs in the penis, scrotum and anus.

Having oral sex with a person infected with the HPV virus can also cause warts in the mouth, tongue and throat. Warts that occur more often in the genital areas are also likely to be accompanied by vaginal discharge, itching, burning sensation and bleeding. As a result, the symptoms of genital warts can be summarized as follows:

Genital Siğil Belirtileri Nelerdir?
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse is rarely a symptom of genital warts.
  • Puffy lesions that are the same color as the skin can also be a sign of genital warts.
  • Pain experienced with the lesions that occur can also be shown among the symptoms of warts.
  • Among the symptoms of genital warts in men is the bifurcation of normal urine.
  • Itching and discomfort in the genital area are also among the symptoms.
  • Another symptom of genital warts is the formation of cauliflower-like blisters in people with low immune system.
Genital Siğil Nasıl Bulaşır?

How are Genital Warts Transmitted?

Genital warts caused by the HPV virus are transmitted both sexually and by contact. In particular, there are more than 40 subtypes of HPV that affect the genital area. Some of these types cause wart formation.

Since it is a virus that spreads through contact, the infected person may not show any symptoms. A person who does not have symptoms of the virus can sexually transmit it to their partner. In many people, the virus disappears spontaneously over time without showing any symptoms, while in some patients it causes wart formation.

For genital warts to be transmitted, it will be sufficient for the sexual areas to come into contact. Since it is a small virus, it can easily take place in the body. This situation is more common especially in bodies with small abrasions and cracks.

How are Genital Warts Treated?

In genital warts treatment, the cause of the wart is determined. Then the feeling of discomfort is eliminated. In addition, the size of the wart is reduced, providing a more comfortable environment. Meanwhile, patients who do not feel discomfort from warts may not need treatment. Warts caused by the HPV virus may recur after treatment.

The most commonly used method in the genital warts treatment is cream. Genital wart creams show their effect in different ways. Therefore, choosing the right one among different types of creams plays a critical role. Especially creams containing imiquimod strengthen the immune system.

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These creams, which make the body more effective against warts, are recommended not to have sexual intercourse after applying to the genital area. Creams may have side effects for some patients. The most common side effect is skin rashes.

Creams containing podophyllin and podofilox can also be used in the treatment of genital siğit. These creams, which should not be applied to the inside of the genital areas, are not recommended for use during pregnancy. Many creams can be used in the genital warts treatment.

However, since not everyone's needs will be the same, it may not be correct to use the same cream. Therefore, it would be the best decision to decide on the cream to be used by consulting a specialist physician.

In some cases, cream is not preferred because it may cause problems during delivery in pregnant women and the treatment will not be sufficient. For these reasons, surgical methods may come into play. Warts, which are usually burned with laser, can be burned by freezing, surgical incision or electrocautery with the help of electric current.

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What Happens If Genital Warts Are Not Treated?

Genital warts, which occur as a result of the HPV virus, usually disappear on their own. Although they are usually harmless, they can sometimes cause unwanted consequences. Warts that appear in the genital areas and many parts of the body can grow over time.

Warts, which also have the risk of reproduction, can cause discomfort, itching and pain in some cases. The occurrence of these discomforts, especially in genital warts, can affect the patient.

In women affected by the HPV virus, the effects of the disease can reach even different dimensions. This virus can cause diseases such as cervical cancer, anal cancer, penile cancer and oropharyngeal cancer. Therefore, you should consult a specialist doctor at any sign of genital warts and take care to get the most accurate information about the process.

Can Genital Warts Cause Cancer?

The short answer is that genital warts do not cause cancer. Warts caused by the HPV virus are generally known to be harmless. Sexually transmitted genital warts can cause many problems such as redness, itching, pain and discomfort, but cancer is not one of these conditions.

However, just because a patient has the HPV virus does not mean that they will not get cancer. There are many subtypes of HPV. Some of them cause genital warts, while others cause cancer. In particular, cancers such as cervix, mouth, penis and anus are cancers closely related to HPV infection.

It should be kept in mind that these cancers (such as cervical cancer), which occur more frequently in women, are highly associated with HPV. Therefore, it is recommended that women undergo Pap smear tests at regular intervals after the age of 30. Early detection is of great importance for women who need to be screened for cervical cancer.

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What are the Differences Between Genital Warts and HPV?

Genital warts are caused by the Human Pailloma virus (HPV). There are more than 200 types of HPV and only 40 of them cause HPV-type genital warts. The most common types of genital warts are HPV 6 and HPV 11. The difference between genital warts and HPV is that HPV is usually the cause of the wart.

Therefore, genital warts are very unlikely to be found in HPV-free bodies. The majority of women carry the HPV virus, which is one of these interrelated diseases. However, this virus does not always cause genital warts. These are the differences between genital warts and HPV in general.

Laser Genital Warts Treatment

Many methods are applied in the treatment of genital warts. While methods such as electrocautery and cryotherapy are used in warts treatments, the laser method has become more popular with the advancement of technology. Especially the fact that patients with laser genital warts treatment get more efficient results increases the demand for this method day by day. So, how is laser genital wart treatment performed?

The laser, which aims to destroy the vessels that feed the wart, is a mechanism that must be applied carefully. Before laser genital warts treatment, the patient is informed about the procedure. The patient is examined in detail and creams containing anesthesia can be used before the treatment.

Then the treatment phase is started. In laser genital wart treatment, point shots are made on the wart. It is aimed to burn the warts to disappear and the immune system is also activated. After this method, which is applied in a very practical way, you should take care to use the medications prescribed by the doctor and come to the controls.

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Genital Warts Cream

More than one cream is recommended for the treatment of genital warts. However, you should be careful about the use of these products and decide according to the discomfort you experience. The formation of lesions in different locations requires different creams to be preferred. Use of the wrong product as genital warts cream; It may cause unwanted reactions, irritation and even permanent scars on the skin. Therefore, you should go to the doctor’s control before treatment and act according to his recommendations.

Genital warts cream is applied to reduce or eliminate warts. The use of creams containing ingredients such as salicylic acid, lactic acid and podophyllin should be done in a planned manner. The creams, which are recommended to be used regularly every day, soften the wart over time, allowing it to peel from the skin. The creams used according to the type of wart, the area where it occurs, and the immune system of the person are as follows:

Types of Genital Warts

Genital warts are usually caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) strains. The prominent types of this disease, which has more than one type, are as follows:

Plan Warts: Plan warts, which occur on the vulva or the head of the penis, usually have a flat structure.

Internal Warts: Internal warts, which are frequently seen in areas such as the vagina, cervix and anal canal, have a painless structure. This type of wart may not be recognized without a specialist doctor’s control.

Condyloma acuminata: The most common type of genital wart is condyloma acuminata. This type of wart, which has a flat or cauliflower-like appearance, is usually caused by HPV 6 and 11 types.

Keratotic Warts: Keratotic warts, which have a hard and thick structure, look like cauliflower. These wart types are more common around the anus or on the penis.

Papular Warts: Papular warts, which are flesh or white in color, are usually seen collectively. Papular, which has a flat surface; It occurs on the penis, at the entrance of the vagina or around the anus.

Things to Consider in Genital Warts Treatment

Genital warts can cause skepticism towards treatment. However, treating this disease without wasting time eliminates the risk of serious problems. It is expected that any person who applies the things to be considered in the treatment of genital warts will get the desired result.

Therefore, it may be necessary to contact the hospital to get information about the treatment method. It is also very important that the doctor checks the patient and uses the medication recommended by the doctor.

Warts, which are usually benign, can rarely be malignant. The first method to be considered in the treatment of genital warts will be drugs containing salicylic acid or lactic acid. This method is usually recommended before any surgical intervention.

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The medicines should be used regularly on the genital area where the wart is located. After a few weeks of use, the warts are expected to disappear on their own.

Another thing to be considered in the treatment of genital warts is the cooling process. This method, which allows the wart to leave the body, should be applied to suitable patients. Otherwise, side effects such as irritation and redness may occur in the area.

Both of the above methods may not be effective for some patients. In such cases, surgical intervention may be required. The patient is told the things to be considered in the treatment of genital warts and the procedure is started.

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Genital Warts Treatment Costs

Genital warts treatment costs are determined according to the method. First of all, the treatment cost of people who want to cure their disease with drug treatment will be different compared to other stages. It should be known that the costs that differ according to the level of the disease and the treatment method will differ in surgical intervention. In addition, the equipment of the doctor who will perform the procedure and the quality of the hospital also affect the costs of genital wart treatment.

As a result, costs are determined by paying attention to many points. It would be misleading to give the patient any cost range. Therefore, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert consultants to get the most accurate information and ask your questions about the treatment process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Genital Warts

Yes, genital warts are sexually transmitted.

Genital warts are likely to recur. HPV infection is not completely cleared from the body and can occur again.

To prevent the spread of genital warts, it is important to use condoms during sexual contact and to communicate between sexual partners. HPV vaccination can also help prevent genital warts and HPV infections.

The HPV vaccine can help prevent genital warts and HPV infections. This vaccine is usually given during adolescence or young adulthood and protects against certain types of HPV.