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Lip filler, which provides a more beautiful appearance in the face area, attracts attention by being applied quickly and painlessly. It stands out especially for people who want a plump lip structure. This method, which does not require surgery, allows the lips to have a plump, prominent and aesthetic shape. In this method, which creates a great effect with small touches, the patient can find the points they desire both psychologically and in terms of beauty. So, what is lip filler? Here is the answer...

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What is Lip Filler?

Lip filler is one of the leading aesthetic filling procedures. Thanks to being a non-surgical method, it attracts the attention of many patients. It has a temporary effect, but it plays a critical role in completing the treatment in a short time, not feeling any pain and pain, and being long-lasting by repeating it. This method is one of the most ideal options for the lips to become fuller, more prominent and have a more symmetrical structure.

People who are worried about losing their natural appearance and looking for the right method may prefer lip filler. After the procedure is completed, it is an important detail that the lips gain volume and a natural result emerges.

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Therefore, it is noticed that people who have the procedure are more confident and happier. With the advancement of age, it is known that the lips lose volume, become thinner and lose moisture. The filling procedure eliminates these problems and provides a youthful appearance. At the same time, it is noticed that patients who undergo the filling method have an effective appearance in terms of smile aesthetics.

How is Lip Filler Done?

In lip filler procedure, the patient is first examined. At this stage, where possible complications are evaluated, the patient's demands are also taken into consideration. If filling the patient does not cause any problems, the treatment phase is started.

At the time of treatment, creams containing local anesthesia can be applied, as the sensation of pain and pain is different in some patients. In this way, the lips are numb and the sensation of pain is eliminated. After the numbness is complete, a fine-tipped needle or non-stinging needles are preferred. Filler is injected into the points that are seen as suitable on the lips with the help of a needle.

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The filler, which shows its effect quickly, should be performed by a specialist doctor. Otherwise, some risks can be expected. Generally, cold treatment is applied to the lips during the procedure. In this way, bruising and swelling expected to occur after treatment can be minimized. Since lip filler is not a surgical procedure, it takes a short time. The amount of filler used during the procedure determines the fullness of the lips. In addition, following the recommendations given by the doctor after the treatment also affects the fullness.

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Advantages of Lip Filler?

The advantages of lip filler attract attention in many ways. The advantages of the filling procedure, which is more and more demanded by patients with concerns thanks to its non-surgical procedure, are as follows:
  • Thanks to the quality of the materials used in lip filler, lips can be enlarged to the desired size. In this way, it achieves a plump and aesthetic appearance.
  • Some problems such as asymmetry in the lips are eliminated.
  • The risk of complications or side effects such as pain, bruising and bruising is very low in patients undergoing the filling procedure.
  • Improvements are seen as the problems experienced by patients with speech problems in the lip area are eliminated.
  • Lip filler procedure, which also has a psychological effect, increases self-confidence.
  • The volume gained by the lips contributes to the increase in moisture. In this way, scars that are signs of aging are reduced.
  • In filling treatment, which is not a surgical procedure, bandage, dressing and stitches are not applied. Therefore, the risk of scarring in the treated area is eliminated.
  • Injection of the filler is completed in a short time. In addition, the procedure is performed in a practical way.
  • Thanks to the content of the filler, the lips have a brighter and more vibrant appearance.
  • The fact that the results are not permanent does not mean that the effect will be short-lived. Therefore, the procedure has a long-term effect.
  • After the nasal filling is finished, the appearance may not be liked. The enzyme that comes into play here dissolves the injected fillers and returns the area to its former state.
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Things to Consider Before Lip Filler

One of the most important things to be considered before lip filler is the use of medication. If a patient is taking blood thinners such as aspirin, he/she may need to stop two weeks before the application. However, patients who have to use medication should definitely consult their doctor about this issue.

Care should be taken not to consume products such as green tea, garlic, fish oil, ginseng, alcoholic beverages and vitamin E, which have lan diluting properties before lip filler. Consumption of these products may prevent the clotting of the area and cause bleeding and bruising. Therefore, it should be stopped before at least one week.

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Another point to be considered is the diseases that may pose a risk in the area. If the patient to be filled has infections such as active herpes, the procedure may need to be postponed. A different method is followed especially for people who constantly suffer from herpes infections.

Things to Consider
After Lip Filler

After lip filler, the treated area should be treated sensitively. Especially the advice given by the doctor plays a critical role. People who go through this whole process carelessly risk damaging their lip fillers. It may even result in a failed result.

Food is among the things to be considered after lip filling. Immediately after the filler is injected, extremely hot food and drinks should not be consumed. In addition, movements that can damage the area such as hard chewing should be avoided. Behaviors such as rubbing should be avoided by minimizing contact with the lips. Applying lipstick, contact with another body and excessive facial expressions can affect lip filling. Therefore, habits should be interrupted for a certain period of time.

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How Permanent is Lip Filler?

The substances used in lip augmentation lose their effect over time. It is not possible to use these substances, which are absorbed and lost by the body, for a lifetime. Therefore, the procedure must be repeated. Lip filler, which usually lasts for 12 months; Depending on the structure of the lip, the moisture content and the quality of the filler, it may last longer in some patients.

What are Lip Fillers Techniques?

Lip filler is applied with more than one technique. In each technique, needles and non-piercing cannulas are used. The material of the fillers made in a practical way is the same in every technique. However, the area and angle where the filling is applied differ according to the techniques. The most well-known of these methods are French and Russian lip fillers.
What is French Lip Filler?

In French lip filler, attention is paid to the upper and lower lip golden ratio. It aims to bring the upper lip and lower lip to an impressive line. Therefore, a cannula is used instead of a needle. Filling is performed with this non-penetrating tool. The cannula, which minimizes the possibility of bleeding and bruising during the procedure, plays a very critical role. In this method, which should be applied very meticulously, the filling is not placed inside the mustache area and into the lip muscle. Otherwise, unnatural images called duck lips may appear. Therefore, a specialist doctor should perform French lip filler.

What is Russian Lip Filler?

Russian lip filler is applied just like other methods. If some patients have a high pain threshold, measures such as local anesthesia can be taken. Unlike this filling procedure, thin needles are used. The doctor, who prepares more than one entry focus to the lip, makes a vertical injection with the help of a needle. The filler is not administered from the mustache area, but from above the lip muscle. In this way, it is aimed to open and curl the upper and lower lip line outward.

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Lip Filler Costs

Lip filler costs may vary depending on the filler brand, filler technique and the level of the amount to be applied. The demands of the patient and the decisions to be taken by the doctor before the application also affect the costs.

Lip filler costs also vary according to the preferred physician and the hospital where the procedure will be performed. A doctor who is an expert in the field and a physician with no experience cannot be expected to charge the same cost.

If you want to get detailed information about lip filler costs and ask questions about the subject, you can contact Lygos Clinic. Lygos, which serves with its expert team in the field, serves for the most accurate answers.

Is Lip Filler Harmful?

Lip filler is not harmful. There is no risk thanks to the use of natural substances that exist in the body.

However, it may be harmful to perform this process in a hospital under the stairs with a second-class filler. Especially the application of an inexperienced doctor can also pose many other risks.

The formation of shapeless, large and unnatural fillings are just a few of these risks. While the filler is injected, a short-term redness may occur.

These symptoms, which are quite normal, should not cause concern. A patient who experiences serious conditions such as prolonged swelling, redness and infection should consult his/her doctor.

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1 Ml. Dudak Dolgusu Nedir

What Is 1 ml. Lip Filler?

1 ml lip filler is used for first time patients. However, it is not a valid rule for every patient. In some cases and in subsequent sessions, 0.5 ml fillers can be applied. In addition, procedures such as addition and correction can also be applied. The main goal of 1 ml lip filler and all techniques is to prevent the appearance of overly swollen and unnatural lips.

1 ml. Lip Filler Costs?

1 ml lip filler costs may vary according to the quality of the material used. Especially the different features of each brand may cause the cost to increase. The experience and specialization of the doctor who will perform the filling procedure also directly affects the costs. Since the demands of each patient are not the same, it is not possible for the costs to be the same. You can contact Lygos Clinic to get the clearest and healthiest information about costs.

What are Lip Filler Brands?

There are many lip filler brands, but the application of some of these brands may pose a risk. Therefore, products containing substances that may cause health problems should be avoided. In order to achieve the closest result and the most natural appearance, the following brands are generally preferred:

Lip filler brands accepted by the FDA are as follows:

What is Permanent Lip Filler?

Permanent lip filler is not possible in terms of the properties of the substance applied. The treatment, which gives fullness and volume to the lips, is expected to be absorbed by the lips after a certain period of time and disappear spontaneously.

Those who think that the effect will last a lifetime should know that the procedure must be repeated continuously and will maintain its permanence accordingly.

In addition, people who want to have fillers again can perform the procedure immediately after the effect disappears, without the need for any waiting.

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