Nose Filling

Patients who want to achieve an aesthetic structure without going under the knife by preserving their natural appearance may prefer the nose filling procedure. It is also very critical that the filling, which has many advantages, completes the healing process in a short time. The question of what is nose filling that does not interfere with the daily life flow is frequently asked. You can continue reading the article to find more detailed answers on the subject.

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What is Nose Filling?

Nose filling, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, achieves a better aesthetic appearance. The filler, which corrects the deformities in the nose, is produced from special materials. The subcutaneous procedure, which is performed in the appropriate areas in the nose area, is performed through a needle.

With the injection of the filler, the nose is expected to have a more symmetrical appearance. The filling process, which also prevents the collapse of the nasal arch, does not require surgery as it is not a short-term application. Pain and soreness are not felt in the filling procedure, which is a simple and practical treatment method.

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Only a slight pain may be felt during the injection. Since the healing process of this method, which should not be confused with nose surgery procedures, is short, it is possible to see the results immediately.

Nose filling, which has a temporary effect, maintains its permanence in case of repetition. The risk of developing complications is low, but for some reasons, a negative situation may occur. In this case, you should act in consultation with a specialist doctor.

How is Nose Filling Performed?

Although nose filling is a practical procedure, a detailed examination should be performed before the procedure. This process, which should be carried out by a specialist doctor in the field, is very critical for the detection of possible problems.

If a patient's health condition does not pose a problem for filling, the operation can be decided. Before the procedure, the patient tells the doctor his/her demands and ensures the emergence of a specific plan.

After the complained parts are specified, the right areas for injection are determined. After the patient's expectations and the doctor's preferences are clearly decided, the treatment phase begins.

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In some cases, anesthetic cream may be applied before nose filling. This cream, which is applied to prevent mild pain and pain expected to occur in the area, is cleaned by applying antiseptic solution after providing numbness.

The filler used in the procedure is determined from more than one option. The determined filler is injected under the skin in the areas expected to be corrected. It is normal to see slight redness and swelling after the nose filling is completed.

Redness and swelling that heal spontaneously after a while should not cause any concern. The healing process is completed quickly. The filling procedure is one of the most ideal methods by allowing an immediate return to daily life.

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In Which Situations Is Nose Filling Applied?

Nose filling has effective privileges in terms of both aesthetics and health. The filling procedure, which corrects the deformities in the nose, can be preferred for all individuals with good general health. However, some situations may make it necessary to apply nasal filling. Here are the situations where nose filling will be applied:


Minor aesthetic defects that occur after rhinoplasty surgery can be solved with nose filling.


The health structure of each patient is different. Therefore, some patients may have depressions in the bridge of the nose. In this case, nose filling can also be performed.


People who have problems due to the low tip of the nose can also have the appearance they desire after filler injection.


People with asymmetries in the structure of the nose, even those with one side of the nose more sunken than the other side, can also apply for nose filling.


This treatment, which also meets the needs of patients with small indentations in the nose, stands out in many areas.

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Who Nose Fillers Are Not Suitable For

Nose filling is suitable for all people in good general health. However, some situations may pose a problem for patients.

If the patient has any health problems that may pose a problem for the procedure, they may not prefer the treatment.

In addition, there may be a situation where the problem in the nose cannot be corrected with filling.

Therefore, other procedures come to the fore instead of nose filling. People who are not suitable for nasal filling, which can be performed regardless of gender, are as follows:

  • Some people with serious chronic diseases may not be suitable candidates for nose filling procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to act according to the general health status of the patients who should undergo an examination before the procedure.
  • It is very difficult to solve the problems solved with rhinoplasty surgery with nose filling. Therefore, people with severe curvature in the nose bridge should also act according to their health status.
  • People who want to reduce their nose with nose surgery should take the right step to achieve the appearance they desire. Therefore, they should definitely consult their doctor for filling.
  • Finally, it is not recommended for pregnant women to have nose filling. However, it should not be forgotten that all these situations will be determined after passing the doctor's control.
  • It will be the right decision to make the injection by looking at the condition of patients with herpes.
  • If a patient has problems with breathing, he/she should resort to different techniques for a solution.
  • The material used when injecting nose fillers may cause allergic reactions in some people.
  • Subcutaneous injection may cause problems for individuals with skin diseases.

What is Nose Tip Filling?

Nose tip filling is a procedure included in nose filling. This method, which is generally preferred by patients who complain of low nose tip, is also preferred by people with deformities. These disorders that occur while laughing can be solved with nose tip filling.

The area deemed suitable for the procedure is injected under the skin. In this way, the tip of the nose can have a desired appearance.

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Things to Consider After Nose Filling

There is more than one thing to be considered after nose filling. Especially following the recommendations given by the doctor plays a very critical role. After the procedure is completed, the nose should not be touched for a certain period of time. Although the healing process takes a short time, heavy movements should be avoided. Otherwise, strains may occur in the area. Sports that are likely to damage the nose should be suspended.

It would be the best decision for the process not to take a hot shower until you get approval from the doctor. Consuming foods and beverages that have a negative effect on nose filling such as coffee, alcohol, caffeine may prolong the healing period.

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It is also important not to expose the nose to direct sunlight. Especially the patient who needs to go out immediately after the procedure is recommended to move by wearing a hat. In addition, both hot and humid environments such as steam rooms and saunas should be avoided.

The patient who correctly applies the things to be considered after nose filling can achieve a successful treatment result. Otherwise, it is among the possibilities that the healing process after filling will be prolonged and even an unsuccessful result may occur. Therefore, the doctor's recommendations should be strictly followed and regular check-ups should be made.

Advantages of Nose Fillers

The advantages of nose filling come to the fore with being a practical and simple procedure. The advantages of filling treatment, which offers many privileges, are as follows:

  • If a patient is afraid of rhinoplasty surgery and does not want to go under the knife, he/she can choose the nose filling procedure with peace of mind. However, it should not be forgotten that each aesthetic operation has different aspects.
  • Injecting the filler with the help of a needle without incisions in the area or areas deemed necessary in the treatment makes it a painless and painless method.
  • The aesthetic effects of the filler applied in the procedure are also quite high.
  • If a patient wants to try himself before rhinoplasty and be sure of his decision, he may prefer the nose filling method. The fact that the filling is not a permanent procedure also eliminates the situation of regret.
  • Since the filler injected under the skin does not require any surgical incision, it is not a procedure that requires stitches. In this way, the risk of suture scarring is reduced to zero.
  • If a person who will undergo the operation is allergic to substances such as sedation and local anesthesia, he/she can have the nose filling procedure.
  • The effect is noticed immediately after the treatment is completed.
  • One of the most striking points among the advantages of nose filling is the healing process. It is critical to return to daily life immediately after the injection procedure. Therefore, people who should not stay behind from their social and business life can have the filling procedure.

Nose Filling Costs

There are multiple factors affecting the nose filling costs. First of all, the amount of filler to be used in the procedure is determined according to the examination performed on the patient and the patient's demands.

In addition, the fact that there are more than one type of material to be used directly affects the costs. If a patient wants to use quality filling materials, he/she should keep in mind that the costs will vary accordingly. The application of the procedure by a specialist doctor and the preference of hospitals with quality equipment also shape the costs. Especially every year, determining new cost ranges for certain reasons may mislead the patient.

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By contacting Lygos Clinic, you can get the clearest information about nose filling costs and ask anything you want about the subject. Lygos, which continues to serve with its expert team in the field, attracts attention by continuing its support at every moment of the process.

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What are the Side Effects of Nose Filling?

There are no side effects of nose filling. However, it should be known that the effect does not have a permanent life. In addition, rhinoplasty surgery should not be confused with nose filling. It is very difficult for the filler to offer a single solution for nose reduction and advanced curvatures.

For people who do not want to go under the knife and have concerns about a permanent nose structure, nose filling is an ideal solution.

Nose filling comes to the fore for patients with concerns. However, some risks may arise if a well-equipped doctor is not preferred.

Side effects of nose filling are as follows:

  • Nose filling procedure that is not performed in sterile and appropriate environments may pose a risk of infection.
  • Incorrect determination of the area to be filled or disproportionate amount of filling may also reveal asymmetric results.
  • Subcutaneous application of the procedure may cause swelling and lumps due to some conditions.
  • Pain and discomfort may occur during or after the treatment is completed.
  • Swelling and bruising in the application area.
  • Patients who are allergic to the injected substance may have adverse reactions.
  • Improper nose filling may cause problems in breathing.
  • Changes in skin color may occur.

Side effects of nose filling are rarely encountered. Many patients who have the procedure do not experience any discomfort. The most important point to avoid side effects is to choose a specialist doctor. In this way, the risk of any complications is minimized.

What is the Age Limit for Nose Filling?

The most critical point in the age limit for nose filling is the completion of body development. This method, which can be applied for every adult individual, is generally recommended for people over the age of eighteen. It will be the most accurate and healthiest decision to take the person whose age and development is completed after the doctor's examination. Therefore, the decision should be made together with the doctor.

How Permanent Is Nose Filling?

How permanent is the nose filling, which can be applied in a practical way without the need for surgery? The question is wondered by many people. Filling without incision and stitches is known as a temporary procedure. Therefore, nose filling is not a permanent procedure.

The duration of the nose filling varies depending on both the health status of the patient and the quality of the filling material. Therefore, the duration of permanence extends from a few months to several years.

The fact that the nose filling procedure is repeated continuously and does not lose its effect is called permanent nose filling. It plays a very critical role that the procedure can be performed again immediately after the effect of the procedure is lost. If a patient does not like his/her appearance after the nose filling procedure or cannot adapt, he/she can easily give up.

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