Thulium Laser

Thulium laser is an effective method that eliminates problems in many areas. This laser method, which improves problems such as stains and scars, makes the skin more aesthetic. Thulium laser treatment gives a positive result and shows that it is an up-to-date method by going down to a depth of 1 mm under the skin. It is also used in prostate surgery procedures. It is an effective choice especially against benign prostate enlargement, one of the biggest problems of men. So, what is Thulium laser? How is Thulium laser treatment done? You can find the details in our article.

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What is Thulium Laser?

Thulium laser is a method that aims to renew the skin and make it look younger. This procedure, which can be applied to more than one area, penetrates 1 mm under the skin. Thulium laser, which is generally used in anti-aging applications, produces very successful results.

Thulium laser also stands out in spot treatments. This method, which makes the skin look smooth and bright, creates a fractional laser and erbium effect on the skin. It is aimed to prevent any side effects on the top layer of the skin during or after the procedure.

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The treatment is completed in a very short time and the healing process is completed just as fast. The materials used in the treatment have antioxidant properties as they have nano-molecular structure. These properties, which enable the cells to heal especially in diseases such as rheumatism and cancer, ensure the regeneration of tissues.

How is Thulium Laser Treatment Done?

Before the Thulium laser treatment is done, a meeting is held between the patient and the doctor. In this meeting, a personalized treatment plan is created. The area where the procedure will be applied is decided and the needs of the patient are taken into consideration. Then the application phase begins.

During Thulium laser treatment, anesthesia can be applied so that the patient does not feel any pain. The area to be treated is also cleaned and the risk of infection is prevented. After the necessary precautions are taken, thulium laser application is performed. The laser application, which must be applied carefully, is completed in a short time.

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During thulium laser application, the laser intensity and proximity of the device must be adjusted correctly. Improper application of laser beams transmitted to the lower layers of the skin may cause some problems. Therefore, it is a very critical detail that a specialized and experienced doctor performs the procedure.
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Who is Thulium Laser Therapy Suitable for?

Thulium laser treatment is suitable for everyone who has completed body development. Especially people with problems such as blemishes and scars have a more aesthetic skin thanks to this method. Thulium laser treatment, which eliminates multiple problems, usually produces effective results by going 1 mm below the skin. Thulium laser treatment, which provides skin regeneration, does not cause any damage to the tissues. This method, which allows patients to recover in a short time, is also used in prostate surgery. Thulium laser treatment is also applied against benign prostate enlargement, which is more common in men.

Things to Consider During Thulium Laser Treatment

The things to be considered during thulium laser treatment ensure a better result. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the recommendations given by the doctor before the procedure. In particular, habits and medications that should be stopped before the treatment directly affect the process. Therefore, the doctor’s warnings should be taken into account to make the procedure more practical and comfortable.

Before the procedure, the materials to be used and the area to be treated should be cleaned. Sterilization ensures that the patient is not infected and possible problems are prevented. In this way, the patient recovers faster after the procedure.

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When Thulium laser treatment is performed, the area where the procedure will be applied is also a very important detail. Misidentifying the problem and performing the procedure incorrectly may cause undesirable results. In addition, the intensity of the laser device and its proximity to the treated area should also be carefully adjusted.

These details, which should be taken into consideration during Thulium laser treatment, are important to prevent damage to the skin. Incorrectly applied procedure has the risk of causing permanent scars in the area. Therefore, thulium laser treatment should be performed by a specialized and experienced doctor and the patient should follow the recommendations given.

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Linerase Kolajen Aşısı yapılırken dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

Before and After Thulium Laser

The skin before and after Thulium laser changes 180 degrees. The skin, which gains a more aesthetic appearance, becomes smooth and vibrant. A person who sees that the problems he/she experienced before the treatment are gone, reflects this situation in the photographs. A person who looks at the photos to get information before the procedure can easily understand this situation.

Elimination of problems such as blemishes and scars before and after Thulium laser also affects people psychologically. People who are afraid to even look in the mirror regain their self-confidence after laser treatment and live their social lives more comfortably and happily. In addition, successful results are generally obtained in procedures performed without damaging the tissues. Therefore, interest in thulium laser treatment is increasing day by day.

Thulium Laser Costs

Thulium laser costs are determined according to the needs of the patient. The size of the area to be treated and how many sessions the treatment will continue affect the costs. Therefore, it would not be correct and ethical to give any figures about thulium laser costs. At the same time, the quality of the hospital where the procedure will be applied is also reflected in the costs. Especially in a hospital with the latest technological products, costs can be expected to be higher. However, the experience and specialization of the doctor who will perform the procedure may also increase the costs.If you want to get the most accurate information about thulium laser costs, you can contact Lygos Clinic’s expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thulium Laser

Thulium laser gives results between 1 and 4 sessions depending on the needs of the patient.
Thulium laser procedure does not hurt. The anesthesia applied before the procedure minimizes the pain level of the patients.
Prostate is treated with Thulium laser. The properties of the laser ensure less tissue and cell damage. In this way, complaints of prostate enlargement do not recur for many years.
Thulium laser spot treatment is effective on sun spots. This method, which is applied for many areas, provides skin renewal, especially by removing spots.
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