Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods to remove unwanted hair on the body. It is preferred by many people as it is both a definitive solution and an effective method. It is an important detail that no pain is felt during the procedure. In this way, laser hair removal treatment is applied in a more practical and comfortable way. Laser hair removal, which can be applied to men and women regardless of gender, is a reliable method. So, what is laser hair removal? How is laser hair removal done?

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Lazer epilasyon nedir?

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods to get rid of unwanted hair. It is a critical detail that this method, which should be applied by a specialist doctor, is both a permanent and effective procedure. In this way, the skin gains a more aesthetic and smooth appearance. In laser hair removal treatment, melanin pigment is targeted. The laser beams applied during the procedure are absorbed by the color cells in the hair.

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In this way, the laser light converted into heat energy destroys the hair root. The right devices should be used in laser hair removal method. This situation, which provides a better result, also prevents possible problems. This method, which shows its effect quickly, is completed in a short time.

In the examination before laser hair removal; the skin color and type of the area, hair structure, etc. are examined. After this examination, special planning is made for the patient and the number of sessions of the procedure is determined.

How is Laser Hair Removal Done?

Before laser epilation is done, a meeting is held between the patient and the doctor. Since the needs of each person are not the same, different plans are made. Therefore, the laser device suitable for the person is determined. It should not be forgotten that the wrong device and method may cause unwanted results.

After the necessary planning is done, the patient is processed. Anesthesia can be applied so that the patient does not feel any pain and ache during laser epilation.

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Then the area to be epilated is cleaned. In this way, the risk of infection is eliminated. During laser epilation, laser light is applied to the determined area. The applied lights are absorbed by the color cells in the hair. The laser light, which turns into heat energy and destroys the hair follicle, aims to eliminate the hair permanently. Laser hair removal treatment, which should be performed by a specialist doctor, is completed in a short time. While the number of sessions is determined according to the needs of the patient, the effect increases after each session.

Lazer epilasyon nasıl yapılır?

Which Areas is Laser Hair Removal Applied to?

Laser epilation is applied to more than one area. This method, which is preferred by many people thanks to being a highly effective method, has permanent effects. Laser epilation treatment applied in a short time should be done carefully. Otherwise, undesirable results may occur. Therefore, it is a critical detail that a specialist doctor performs the procedure. So, to which areas is laser hair removal applied?

Who is Laser Hair Removal Suitable for?

Laser hair removal is suitable for everyone who has completed body development. This method, which is usually performed by people over the age of 18, is one of the most ideal options for both men and women. However, it is recommended not to apply this method to pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with chronic skin diseases, patients with epilepsy or laser light reaction, open wounds or infections. Therefore, you should consult a specialist doctor before treatment and find out whether you are suitable for laser hair removal.
Erkeklerde lazer epilasyon

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods to get rid of unwanted hair. This method, which is applied for many regions, is preferred by both women and men. Laser hair removal for men is technically no different from the procedures applied to women. However, there may be differences in the treated areas. Especially laser hair removal in men; It eliminates unwanted hair in areas such as beard and mustache.

This method, which provides permanent hair removal, is applied more easily and practically today. Therefore, interest in the procedure is increasing day by day. The volume of men’s hair follicles is larger than that of women. Therefore, the laser beams are better absorbed and the hair follicle in the area is destroyed in a shorter time. In this way, laser hair removal in men shows its effect in a shorter time. When applying laser hair removal in men, the most suitable laser device should be determined for the patient. Otherwise, undesirable results may occur.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal types are determined according to the needs of the patient. Laser hair removal types applied according to the skin and hair color of the person are classified according to their wavelengths. There are more than one type of laser hair removal method. Laser hair removal types are as follows:
Alexandrite Lazer

Alexandrite Lazer, 755 nm dalga boyu içermektedir. Cilt rengi açık olan ve siyah tüyleri olan kişiler için bu lazer epilasyon çeşidi etkili olabilir.

Fotona ND-YAG Laser

Fotona ND-YAG laser has a wavelength of 1064 nm. It acts deeper than other laser types. Skin or hair color is not important in this type of laser epilation.

Q-Switch ND-YAG Laser

Q-Switch ND-YAG laser is used for light colored and fine hair where the effect of epilation is low. It is also preferred for fine hair after laser hair removal. This type of laser hair removal is one of the most ideal options for people with fine black hair on the face.

Diod Laser

In the diode laser method, melanin absorption may be less than other types. Therefore, it can be applied to people with light, dark or bronze skin. The diode laser, which has a wide range of applications, can be used with other laser devices.

IPL Laser

IPL contains a wavelength between 550 and 1200 nm. This non-laser method is concentrated light. This method, which cannot permanently treat the hair, may cause it to grow again after a while.

Ruby Laser

Ruby laser hair removal type has the wavelength most retained by melanin. However, this can lead to spot formation, white or brown spots on the skin.

Laser Hair Removal Harms

Laser hair removal is a safe and harmless procedure. Approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this method is easily preferred by many people. Thanks to being a practical procedure, it is not possible to talk about laser hair removal damages. However, improperly applied laser hair removal can cause unwanted results. These problems, which occur as temporary and superficial burns, should not cause any concern. Therefore, laser hair removal should be performed by a specialist doctor.

Laser Hair Removal Device

The procedure is performed thanks to the laser hair removal device. The laser hair removal device, which ensures that the result is permanent and effective, is applied according to the needs of the patient. Each person’s skin and hair color is different from each other. Therefore, there is more than one laser hair removal device. Laser hair removal devices that remove unwanted hair are as follows:

Alexandrite Laser

Q-Switch ND-YAG Laser
Fotona ND-YAG Laser

Before and After Laser Hair Removal

The change that occurs before and after laser hair removal is easily noticeable. Removal of unwanted hair makes the skin smoother and brighter. Therefore, patients have a more aesthetic and effective appearance. Laser epilation, which can be applied to many areas, is also applied to sensitive areas. In this way, it permanently eliminates many problems experienced by patients.

People who get rid of unwanted hair before and after laser hair removal show this situation in photographs. Patients who feel happier and more peaceful continue their social lives more actively. Knowing that the same problem will not occur again makes people who have laser hair removal feel more comfortable.

Lazer epilasyon öncesi ve sonrası
Lazer epilasyon fiyatları

Laser Hair Removal Costs

Laser hair removal costs vary depending on the patient. This method, which can be applied to many areas, is performed with different laser devices. This may cause costs to increase. At the same time, factors such as the patient’s skin and hair color, the size of the area to be treated lead to an increase in laser hair removal costs.

Apart from the details above, laser hair removal prices also vary depending on the quality of the hospital. A hospital with the latest technological products and a high success rate can be expected to reflect this situation to its costs.

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However, the specialization and experience of the doctor who performs laser hair removal treatment also increases the costs. As a result, it would not be correct and ethical to give any figures about laser hair removal costs. If you want to learn what you wonder about the subject and get more detailed information, you can contact Lygos Clinic's expert team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Laser epilation is not performed at home because home epilation devices are not laser devices. Hair removal at home is not permanent.
Darkening after laser epilation passes by using sunscreen. In this way, darkening and intensification of spots are prevented. In addition, sunscreen ensures that the darkening after laser epilation passes quickly.
Laser epilation device is used according to the needs of the patient. The epilation tool, which is determined according to skin and hair color, is carefully applied to the determined areas.
Sunscreen can be used after laser epilation. This cream, which prevents darkening of the skin, also prevents the spots from intensifying. At the same time, moisturizing creams suitable for skin type can also be used after laser epilation.
The hair is removed with a razor 1 day before laser epilation in the genital area. Then laser beams are applied to the area to be treated. Anesthesia can be applied so that the patient does not feel pain.
In the whole body laser epilation treatment, single shots are applied to the areas on the skin. This method, which is applied with the laser epilation device determined for the patient, destroys the hair follicles. In this way, a permanent and effective result emerges.
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