Keloid Treatment

The scar formed due to excessive tissue growth in the skin is called keloid. This scar, which occurs due to cell increase; It has an irregular, raised, hard and smooth appearance. Keloid scar, which can occur in different colors such as tan, red or purple, occurs during the healing phase of the wound. This scar, which can occur in many parts of the body, is usually seen on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. Keloid, which can reach aesthetically disturbing dimensions, can also cause psychological problems.

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Keloid nedir ?

What is Keloid?

Exaggerated scars formed on the skin surface are called keloids. Keloid scar, which occurs for more than one reason, is more noticeable especially after surgical intervention or injury. Not to be confused with normal scars, keloid has a larger, thicker, red or purple, raised appearance. Keloids, which occur due to excessive activity of cells called fibroblasts, can cause both aesthetic and physical problems.

These scars, which have the risk of becoming permanent, may need to be treated. Keloids, which can be easily solved with many medical methods, may occur due to reasons such as skin type, genetic predisposition, severity of injury.

What is Keloid Scar?

Keloid scar; It occurs due to reasons such as injury, skin infection, surgical intervention. It should be noted that such scars have a prominent appearance on the skin. Keloid scar, which should not be confused with other scars, may have a red or brown color. Such scars, which cause itching at certain time intervals, can also cause pain.

The skin does not always heal perfectly. The scars of some injuries may remain on the body. These scars are called scars. Apart from skin injuries, scars can also occur as a result of the healing process of trauma. Overproduction of collagen can cause a scar to form on the skin.

Keloid scarring can vary depending on the severity and depth of the injury and the speed at which the skin heals. Mild injuries may result in fewer and smaller scars. Deeper injuries may result in more prominent and larger scars.

Keloid skar nedir ?

What Causes Keloid Scars?

There may be more than one cause for this type of scarring. Therefore, there is no clear answer to the question “what causes keloid scars?” Keloid, which occurs at the end of several basic processes, can usually occur due to the following:
  • Some inflammatory skin conditions in the body can cause keloid. Inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and eczema are examples of this condition.
  • People with dark skin color have a higher risk of developing keloids. However, it should not be forgotten that such scars can be seen on all skin types.
  • Any wound, cut, tissue damage or burn on the skin can lead to keloids. These conditions, which cause excessive production of collagen, can affect the formation of keloid scars.
  • As with many diseases, genetic factors have an effect on the formation of keloid scars. A person with a family history of keloids has a higher risk of developing such scars.
  • The severity of the wound also affects keloid. It is known that deep, infected or large wounds that increase the risk of scarring on the body lead to keloid formation.

Keloid Scar Treatment Methods

Keloid scar treatment methods are determined according to the cases. Keloid has a complex treatment process. Among the treatment methods determined according to the general health status of the patient, the size and location of the keloid are the following:
  • Natural remedies such as aloe vera gel, honey and vinegar can be used. These methods applied at home can be applied to relieve symptoms and moisturize. However, it should be known that this condition is not permanent.

  • You can use electrocautery or laser treatment to reduce the tissue on the keloid.

  • You can also shrink the keloid by changing the response of the immune system. This treatment method is called Immune.

  • To prevent the keloid from growing again, you can opt for radiotherapy. There is also a risk of side effects.

  • The method to use liquid nitrogen is called cryotherapy. In this procedure where the keloid is frozen, the scar is minimized.

  • Compression therapy may be recommended for keloid formed after burns on the skin. This treatment process, which is usually combined with other keloid treatment methods, is based on the condition and severity of the symptom.

  • One of the most common keloid scar treatment methods is intralesional streoid application. This method, which helps to shrink and correct the scars, can be applied both alone and in combination with other methods.

  • Corticosteroid drugs affect the shrinkage and improvement of the scar.

  • Finally, surgical intervention comes last among keloid treatment methods. In this method, which is used to cut and remove the keloid, the appearance is improved. However, there is also a risk of scarring.

Piercing keloid tedavisi

Piercing Keloid Scar Treatment

Piercing, which appeals to the eye as a decorative jewelry, is worn by piercing certain parts of the body. In order to wear a piercing, some parts of the body; tissues such as skin, cartilage or mucous membrane need to be pierced. However, piercing can cause abnormal tissue growth in some people. These tissue growths are called keloid scars. If this condition, which causes a bad appearance in the area, is not treated, it can have both health and psychological effects. So, how is piercing keloid scar treatment?

Different methods can be used in piercing keloid scar treatment. Since the needs and general health status of each patient are different, choosing the right method plays a critical role. One of the most commonly used methods is cryotherapy. In this treatment method, the keloid is frozen.

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In laser piercing keloid scar treatment, the size of the scar is reduced. It provides reshaping of the skin. Silicone treatment, which solves similar problems with laser treatment, is applied over the area.

The most preferred method in piercing keloid treatment is surgical intervention. In treatments where keloid is removed, anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel pain and pain.

Laser Keloid Scar Treatment

Laser keloid scar treatment allows the scar formed in the area to be reduced. Since the needs of each patient are different, this treatment method should be preferred by the appropriate people. The patient, who is examined by a specialist doctor, is treated after being deemed suitable for laser treatment.

In laser treatment, it is aimed to reduce the size of keloid and provide the patient with a healthy structure in terms of aesthetics and health. In addition, laser keloid treatment, which reshapes the skin, is usually applied under anesthesia.

Laser beams are applied slowly and carefully to the upper layers of the keloid and skin. The duration of the procedure varies depending on the size and location of the keloid. Choosing the right physician for the treatment, which is expected to take several sessions, is a very critical detail.

Lazerle keloid tedavisi
Keloid kremleri

Keloid Scar Creams

In some cases, creams may be recommended for keloid scar. The size of the scar and the area where it occurs may affect the use of cream. Therefore, before using keloid creams, a specialist physician should be consulted and acted accordingly.

Creams used under drug treatment usually contain retinoids, imuquimod or silicone. These products used as keloid scar creams should be taken with the approval of a doctor. Otherwise, undesirable results may occur in the area.

Things to Consider in Keloid Scar Treatment

The things to consider in keloid scar treatment may differ according to the methods. In drug treatment, the patient should use the medications prescribed by the doctor regularly. Medications should be used regularly for the scar to shrink.

It should not be forgotten that medications that continue to be used outside the specified period may cause undesirable results. Therefore, a person who disrupts the things to be considered in keloid treatment may not experience a reduction in the scar.

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Other treatment methods also require caution. Since methods such as immunotherapy, compression, laser, cryotherapy, radiotherapy aim to reduce the scar, the patient must follow the rules. It may be requested to quit some habits before the treatments, which are usually performed by applying anesthesia.

Making decisions according to the patient's health status and genetic structure may also affect the things to be considered. In addition, surgical intervention may also be required for keloid formation on the patient's body.

As a result, a person who applies the things to be considered in keloid treatment can achieve the desired appearance as soon as possible.

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Keloid tedavisi öncesi sonrası

Before - After Keloid Scar Treatment

To understand the difference between before and after keloid scar treatment, it will be enough to look at the area where the scar is located. Keloid, which is more common especially on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back, can affect the person both in terms of health and aesthetics.

Therefore, a person with keloid treatment not only regains his/her health, but is also psychologically affected. This image, which disappears before and after keloid treatment, which has an irregular, raised, hard and smooth appearance, also affects social life.

Keloid Scar Treatment Costs

Keloid scar treatment costs vary depending on which method will be applied. Since each person’s needs are different, many methods can be applied. However, in keloid treatments, it is not possible to cover surgical intervention and drug treatments at the same costs. Therefore, keloid scar treatment costs are determined according to the needs of the patient.

The size of the keloid and the area where it occurs also affect the costs. In particular, the equipment of the doctor who will perform the procedure and the city in which the hospital is located can also cause differences in keloid scar treatment costs.

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Since more than one condition affects treatment costs, giving a clear cost range may mislead the patient. If you want to get more detailed information about the process and if you are looking for answers to your questions, you can contact Lygos Clinic's expert team.

Keloid tedavisi fiyatları

Frequently Asked Questions About Keloid Treatment

Keloid scar is experienced as a result of the healing process of skin injuries and traumas. Overproduction of collagen can cause keloid scar growth on the skin.
Keloid scar can occur in pregnant women, people with a family history of keloid, adolescents, people under the age of 30 and people with dark skin color.
In the majority of patients, keloid scars do not turn into cancer. However, constant scratching of the area can cause the lesion to become infected. This can lead to irritation and cancerization of the wound.
Dermatology, general surgery or plastic surgery departments can be visited for keloid scar treatment.
Keloid scar, which causes itching, may start to cause discomfort after a while. Therefore, keloid may cause pain and discomfort in some people.